VIP AUDIO 10/10 – The Fix w/Todd Martin – Mailbag (pt. 2 of 2): Is Triple H rep hurt by sagging NXT viewership against AEW? Women’s Wrestler Mock Draft? Sasha, Green Mist, Mexican wrestling, Brock’s schedule, Rock-Austin, more (76 min)

WADE KELLER PODCAST - Bruce Mitchell joins Wade with open phone lines talking Rumble, NXT, AEW, more
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NOTE: Some of the language on The Fix may be NSFW.

SHOW SUMMARY: In this episode of The Fix with PWTorch VIP analyst Todd Martin and host PWTorch editor Wade Keller, Todd tackles The Fix Mailbag covering these topics:

  • Can Smackdown be broken down into various identifiable eras?
  • Who would you pluck from WWE and add to AEW roster?
  • Are split-screen commercials a good thing in wrestling?
  • Is NXT’s reliance on smaller wrestlers a mistake, opening door for AEW?
  • What might Ted Turner think of AEW on his old TNT network?
  • Is AEW being dishonest pushing Jake Hager’s unimpressive MMA record like they are?
  • Are there any good Mexican wrestling books?
  • Todd and Wade have a women’s wrestlers draft!
  • What will Brock Lesnar’s schedule be now and who are top potential opponents?
  • Would Ted DiBiase Jr. have been a big star if he stuck around?
  • Isn’t Sasha Banks the top women’s star in wrestling, and thus underpushed?
  • If WWE top matches were consistently four stars instead of three stars, would it make a difference?
  • Is spraying green mist too Old School to work today?
  • Which wrestler would you want to talk to about a non-wrestling topic?
  • What do you think of Timothy Thatcher?
  • Why is EC3 not a more significant player in WWE?
  • Is the pace of NXT match-making being accelerated for the worse already?
  • Would Steve Austin have been as popular without The Rock? Could someone else have been an equal rival to Austin as Rock?
  • Are rave reviews for NXT being proven false by dropping ratings? Is the shine off of Triple H as Vince McMahon’s replacement?
  • Is there a possible way the Hell in a Cell finish actually ends up making sense, with a specific theory proposed?



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