VIP AUDIO 12/27 – 10 YRS AGO Real Deal with Pat McNeill (11-22-05): Should Flair’s promo have aired, Hot Five Stories, WWE rips off WCW idea (35 min)

December 28, 2015

SUMMARY: In this “Real Deal with Pat McNeill” VIP Audio Update, he talks about Ric Flair’s promo on Raw Unlimited which should have aired on USA Network, and the latest on Dusty Rhodes and…Bill Alfonso? Plus the Hot Five Stories including matches signed for Ring of Honor’s big Manhattan show, TNA’s plan to deal with sagging Impact ratings, WWE ripping off a WCW idea for use on Smackdown, and WWE’s new steroid testing policy. Also, the Indy Show Lineup of the Week as a former WCW World Champion meets a former ECW Champion in an unusual double shot, his TNA-themed Question of the Week and Listener Mail regarding Bret Hart and Randy Savage. […]