QOTD (Batch 1): Which WWE star should get a bigger push? Neville, Ambrose, Harper


We asked earlier today which wrestler you’d like to see get a bigger push in WWE. Here’s the first batch of your picks…

Tom C.: I’d love to see Dean Ambrose cement himself as a top-level act in WWE. The fans are already behind him; it came as a surprise to no-one when he delivered during his main event run earlier this year. On top of that, if Daniel Bryan’s runaway success has taught us anything, it’s that the appeal of the anti-authoritarian rebel has hardly waned since the Attitude Era. I think older fans who hear about this guy who’s “kind of like Stone Cold” will be intrigued at worst and glued to the screen at best.

Michael McGivern of Minneapolis, Minn.: The one guy I’d like to get a bigger push is Dean Ambrose. He has a different charisma than almost the entire roster; fans have naturally gravitated towards him, he can work, he can talk; while he has lost matches he is seen as Teflon by management thus avoiding yo-yo pushes like many of his peers. I don’t think many people couldn’t see him as a top-tier, WrestleMania main event player for years to come. With John Cena taking time off and Roman Reigns’s continued struggles, the next six months should be the time for Mr. Renee Young. 😉

Marcus J.: I’d say Cesaro should get the biggest push. If Daniel Bryan doesn’t return, he’s the guy who can give you high quality matches each week. I think with a good push, fans would rally behind Cesaro, Kevin Owens, Sami Zayn, or Bryan as Rumble winners, or as MITB winners.

Alistair of London U.K.: There’s so many to choose from!  Assuming Owens, Cesaro, and Ambrose all get a case made for them by other people (and goodness knows the Torch has had those conversations many times) I’m saying Luke Harper.  I don’t think his talent as an engaging wrestler needs to be laid out much past the following: he can work with the big, the small and the quick. It should be easy to always have fun watching Harper, and he’s believable. In this scenario, I’m picking him particularly because of how he is currently positioned. I’m aware that he’s only just returned to the group-fold – but his singles run was just so lackadaisical that it’s actually left him still well placed to eventually get a major push, in a compelling way for the fans to invest in. Because ultimately we’ve heard very little from him since his debut. This means he can be reintroduced and presented in a way that he/announcers/Paul Heyman (yay!) can dictate to viewers in a plausible way. I think he’d make a fascinating, frightening and violent heel who I’d pay money to have someone stop. Close runner-up, if I may: Neville. He’s so uniquely fast and strong, that I’d have just had him stay quiet and aggressive. Have him burn through opponents, and make him someone that heels fear having to face. His talking is poor, but play him smart and sudden – as he was in NXT – and he’d be devastating and compelling.

Ollie Brady of Ireland: I thought long and hard and I couldn’t come up with a single wrestler. I could only settle on “the midcard.” Instead of stories that last a week and are forgotten, mini-pushes that disappear in a set of three Raws, even-steven booking every week, how about they actually put some long term planning into it? Maybe then it will mean that the vast majority of Raw isn’t filler but actual viable watching material. Anyway, thanks for all the quality content I’ve been reading for years,

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2 Comments on QOTD (Batch 1): Which WWE star should get a bigger push? Neville, Ambrose, Harper

  1. If I could suggest anyone for a “major push”, it would be Luke Harper. He reminds me of Kane, a durable wrestler who never complains, gives 100% to whatever he is assigned and the crowd seems to be behind him (even though he is supposed to be a heel). I can see him being the one to “surprise” John Cena and take the U.S. Heavyweight belt for an extended run. There are so many possibilities of challengers for him and he can work well with them all. Maybe the WWE will see the potential of Luke Harper and give him the shot (and recognition) he deserves. Thank you.

  2. Out of the 3 listed here I’d go with Ambrose.
    He never really got his own title run but does deserve it.

    Let Neville make an run at the IC title and let Harper and the Wyatts reek
    havoc in the tag team division… Hell… I’d bring back the 6 man tag titles!

    Think of all the potential feuds!

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