10/22 WWE Smackdown Report by Greg Parks

By Greg Parks, PWTorch columnist

Thursday night on Smackdown, it’s the final show before Hell in a Cell. Advertised in advance is the exciting (?!) return of Miz TV with special guests Dolph Ziggler and Summer Rae.

WWE Smackdown review
October 22, 2015
Taped 10/20/15 in Austin, Texas
Aired on SyFy
By Greg Parks, PWTorch Columnist (Twitter: @gregmparks)

– WWE Open.

– Seth Rollins was walking backstage with a smile on his face. He came upon Kane, and was unhappy, thinking Kane was suspended. Only for Raw, apparently. Rollins said this will be Kane’s last Smackdown as Director of Operations. Kane said it could be Seth’s last Smackdown as WWE World Champion. To honor that possibility, Kane said Rollins would be in a match to open the show. Kane threatened Rollins, saying he shouldn’t leave with a fake injury like Raw, because you never know who will stop you (said in his evil voice). Kane walked away and into New Day.Kofi Kingston and Big E. were upset. Xavier Woods was missing, Big E. said Woods was put through a table on Monday They blamed Kane for what happened on Raw, and Big E. called Kane “booty.” Kane played the world’s smallest trombone (not literally), just for New Day. Kane put them in a match to lighten their mood with Woods hurt. It would be New Day against Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose. Kane walked away while Big E. and Kofi were left to criticize Kane’s fake trombone.- Inside the arena, Seth Rollins came out to open the show. As he did so, they showed Rollins stepping up to join his former Shield brethren to face the Wyatt Family on Raw, at least, until he walked out on them. Cesaro was Seth’s mystery opponent.


Cesaro wrestled Rollins to the mat, then dead-lifted him up. Cesaro rode Rollins down again until Rollins escaped to the outside. The Stardust Section was out in full force with Stardust joined by The Ascension. Rollins took his title and began to walk out. He stopped before he reached the ramp though, almost waiting for Kane to greet him. He decided it was better to finish the match. Cesaro delivered a few European uppercuts and a dropkick. The fight went to the outside where Rollins gained the advantage by throwing Cesaro into the barricade, then into the ring steps. They cut to break at 2:23 of the match.

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Back at 5:15 with Rollins hitting a springboard knee to the side of the head of Cesaro for a two-count. Rollins’s trash talking came back to bite him, as Cesaro dropkicked Rollins from a seated position on the top rope, and to the floor. Running European uppercut outside the ring sent both Cesaro and Rollins over the barricade. In the ring, Cesaro came off the top with a cross-body for two. Cesaro attempted a swing, but Rollins got to the ropes. Superkick to Cesaro for two. Cesaro surprised Rollins by throwing him in the air and catching him with yet another European uppercut. He locked in a cross-face in mid-ring. Rollins countered a suplex back into the ring and tripped up his opponent. Pedigree by Rollins for the win.

WINNER: Rollins, at 9:54. Just a fun, well-worked athletic contest. This may be a slight exaggeration, but I could watch these two wrestle every week.

A few of the memorable moments of the match were replayed.

– Miz TV tonight features Dolph Ziggler & Summer Rae.

– Renee Young was backstage with The Miz. Miz said Summer Rae is going to drop a bombshell like never before on Miz TV tonight. He encouraged fans to get onto social media and to not miss this event. I vowed it would be “awesome.”

– Paige was walking backstage. She’ll be out next to address the rumors that she attacked Natalya last week.

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– Rich Brennan hyped the Susan G. Komen/WWE partnership.

– Paige was in the ring. They showed a clip of Charlotte beating Alicia Fox last week, followed by the Team Bella post-match beat-down. They also showed Becky Lynch and Charlotte blowing off Paige backstage, followed by them finding Natalya down in the locker room. Back in the ring, Paige called Natalya “sweet” and “nice,” and continued to deny that she carried out the attack. She called out Lynch and Charlotte, the only two people on the planet whom she wants to believe her.

Once in the ring, Paige explained that when Lynch and Charlotte first debuted, she told them she was excited for them and she meant it. Lynch threw a couple of Paige’s previous comments about them back in their faces. Paige admitted she was jealous of Natalya for tagging with Charlotte and Lynch, but said she’d never attack her. Charlotte interrupted and said Paige of all people should know how Charlotte felt to win her first Diva’s Title. She just wanted to share it with Paige and Lynch. Bottom line: She said Paige doesn’t respect her, and Paige can’t stand that it’s not about her. Charlotte really raised her voice as she noted she’s days away from her first title rematch and Paige has made it all about her again. The Bellas interrupted.

Nikki, Brie, and Alicia Fox walked down the aisle. Only Brie and Nikki had mics. That’s an “ouch” for Foxy. Brie asked if this was Smackdown or an episode of “Pretty Little Liars.” Nikki called Paige “Baby Beetlejuice,” and said Paige has distracted Charlotte while Nikki has been working hard to get her title back. Charlotte reminded Nikki that she’s the champion. She wanted to fight right there. Paige said the Bellas have to go through her to get to Charlotte. Nikki accepted Paige’s challenge. It’s next.

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Brennan noted that Corporate Kane approved this match before the break. Well that’s a relief to know. Face-buster by Nikki. Paige went on the offensive and caught Nikki with a running knee for two. Charlotte and Becky were looking on at ringside, but certainly not cheering Paige on. Single-arm DDT by Nikki, bringing Paige down off the second rope. The match went to break at 2:09.

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Back at 5:35 with Nikki in charge. Nikki worked over Paige’s arm by wrapping it around the ring-post. Back in the ring, Nikki continued the arm work. Nikki bodyslammed Paige right down on her injured arm. Cover got her a two-count at 7:41. Paige was finally able to create some separation and drove a few knees into Nikki’s face in the corner. Paige escaped a roll-up but fell victim to a spinebuster. Nikki began to get frustrated at her inability to put Paige away. Rack Attack was countered and Paige rolled her up (using the tights) for two. Fall-away slam by Paige. Inside cradle by Nikki for two. She caught Paige with an Alabama Slam. Nikki taunted Charlotte before going for the Rack Attack again. This time, she connected.

WINNER: Nikki, at 11:22. I had no problem with this. Matches like this show just how far Nikki has come as a worker. She’s not world-class or anything, but she’s holding her own and sometimes more in 10+ minute matches.

– Miz TV, with Dolph Ziggler and Summer Rae, is next.

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– Jerry Lawler plugged John Cena’s United States Championship Open Challenge at Hell in a Cell.

– The Miz was in the ring for Miz TV. Miz said he’s had his share of tabloid moments, but the WWE Universe has never seen anything like the love quadrangle we’re seeing. He cued up footage of Summer Rae dressing own Rusev from Raw two weeks ago. On Smackdown that week, Summer, as special ref, helped Ziggler win via her counting. However, Ziggler wasn’t interested in playing her games. Miz first brought out Ziggler. Miz said next to him, Ziggler is the heartthrob of WWE. He asked Ziggler how it felt to be tossed aside so publicly.

Ziggler said Lana is a grown woman who can do whatever she wants. He said Summer was using Rusev, and usually he’s interested in being used, but with Summer, not so much. That’s not much of an explanation. Miz then called out Summer. Fingers crossed she’s going back to Fandango. Miz said Summer had been treated the worst out of anyone in all of this. Miz called Ziggler a “homewrecker” who strung Summer along. Summer said both she and Ziggler had done things to each other they regret. Summer said she proposed to the wrong man. Ziggler interrupted and said he’s just not into her, “bro.”

Summer said she wasn’t coming out here to propose to Ziggler. She said she has moved on and found a new man: Tyler Breeze. She said she wanted Ziggler to see what a real man looks like and ironically, it’s someone who looks a lot like Ziggler. Breeze had his music, his selfie stick (which was wisely shown on the Titan Tron), and basically has kept everything from NXT. “NXT” chant greeted everyone when Breeze’s music died down. He said clearly he’s a man that needs no introduction.

Breeze made fun of Ziggler’s wardrobe, saying he refuses to move past 1985. Breeze listed his nicknames and told Ziggler he could call him Tyler Breeze. He called Ziggler an “uggo” and the fans chanted “Tyler’s gorgeous.” It was a light chant. Breeze said he flew in from his seasonal residence in Monte Carlo to be by Summer’s side. “Prince Pretty has arrived,” said Breeze. Ziggler said he’s seen a thousand of him come and go, and then was about to go off on lazy millennials like Breeze but Breeze attacked him. The beat-down went on until referees ran in to corral Breeze. Breeze delivered a Beauty Shot to end the assault. It was about time to fish or cut bait on Breeze, so I’m glad they’re giving him a shot.

– Tonight’s main event: Roman Reigns & Dean Ambrose vs. The New Day.

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– They replayed the attack we just saw on Dolph Ziggler, courtesy of Tyler Breeze.


No entrance for any of the teams. Rusev was at ringside cheering on the heels. Cara came out strong with some high-flying moves. Rolling senton by Sin Cara, followed by a flip of Kalisto onto Barrett. Cara was seated on the top rope, where Barrett shoved him off and to the floor. Sheamus tagged in and slammed Cara in the ring. The announcers talked about the heels as if their group was to be permanent. They’re like the anti-New Day. Running knee to Cara for a two-count. He then settled into a chin-lock. Cara broke free and downed Barrett, leaving both men on the mat. Sheamus tagged in, as did Kalisto. Springboard hurricanrana by Kalisto followed by a number of impressive kicks. Cara low-bridged Barrett out of the ring, but Rusev pushed Barrett out of the way of a suicide dive. Really nice timing on that. Kalisto then dove onto Rusev. Kalisto fended off Barrett but walked into a Brogue Kick for the win.

WINNERS: Barrett and Sheamus, at 4:22. Just a match to put over the heels heading into their six-man tag on the Hell in a Cell kickoff show. Everything in the match looked good though, including a couple of well-timed exchanges.

– The announcers were shown at ringside and again Lawler showed off the flashcards of PPV vs. WWE Network pricing.

– From Raw, they showed part of the segment with Roman Reigns and Bray Wyatt having a face-to-face sit-down that erupted into a battle of chairs.

– In the main event, Ambrose and Reigns team up to take on New Day.

[Commercial Break]

– Bo Dallas was in the ring out of break. Dallas talked about John Cena’s United States Title Open Challenge at Hell in a Cell. He accepted…for each and every fan, and all of his Bo-Mericans. That doesn’t even make sense. Dallas began to sing the National Anthem, beginning with “Bo say can you see,” until Ryback’s music interrupted and he came out.


Ryback shrugged off some of Bo’s early offense. Dallas clotheslined Ryback down as Kevin Owens was shown watching on a monitor backstage. Dallas tried a rest-hold, but Ryback picked him up and hit a backpack stunner on him. Meat Hook clothesline, followed up by the Shell Shock.

WINNER: Ryback, at 1:38. If Ryback was hungry, he got fed during this match.

The clothesline and finisher were replayed. Renee Young came up to Owens backstage and asked if what he just saw will change Owens’ strategy on Sunday. Owens didn’t answer the question, instead focusing on Renee’s wording of Ryback as a “former” Intercontinental Champion. Owens said he and Ryback are quite dissimilar, yet he’s the champion. Young made a comment about Owens being arrogant, but Owens said he’s simply better than Ryback. Owens said he’s not as respectful to those that came before him as champion as Ryback was because as far as he’s concerned, he’s the first champion. I wonder if that’ll come into play Sunday or down the line with Ryback disrespecting former I.C. Champions.

– A preview of Undertaker vs. Brock Lesnar is next.

[Commercial Break]

– Exterior shots were shown of the campus of the University of Texas.

– The announcers talked about the Lesnar vs. Undertaker rivalry. They threw it to a video package on the match.

– Roman Reigns was out first for the main event. Dean Ambrose followed. The match begins after the break.

[Commercial Break]

– New Day got their full entrance out of break. There was no Xavier Woods. As they came out, footage from Monday was shown of Woods being put through a table.


New Day wore arm-bands with “XW” written on them. Ambrose caught Kofi on a leap-frog attempt and delivered an atomic drop. Corner dropkick, then Reigns tagged in and hit Kofi with a flying clothesline. Big E tagged in to reset things. E back-dropped Reigns to the apron. Reigns fought off Kofi, but E ran into him, knocking him into the barricade at ringside. They went to break at 2:12 of the match.

[Commercial Break]

Back at 6:05 with Big E holding Reigns in an abdominal stretch. E charged at Reigns in the corner but Reigns moved, leading to Big E going shoulder-first into the ring-post. Ambrose tagged in at 6:38 and low-bridged E out of the ring. Ambrose dove on top of him. As Ambrose tried to get back into the ring, Big E distracted the ref and Kofi tripped up Ambrose. Kofi got a running start on the apron and kicked Ambrose in the face. Kofi pulled Ambrose down by the hair when Dean began to come back. After the “New Day Rocks Drop” (the former Boom Drop) according to Booker T., Kofi tried Trouble in Paradise. It was to no avail, and Ambrose tagged Reigns. Reigns clotheslined Kofi nine times in the corner. Tilt-a-whirl slam was next. Kingston rolled out of the ring, leading to both Big E and Kofi falling victim to Roman’s running dropkick. The babyfaces continued their roll, dumping New Day to ringside. New Day decided discretion was the better part of valor and quickly walked to the backstage area. The Dudley Boyz backed them back to ringside. Reigns took out Big E and Ambrose hit the suicide dive onto Kofi. Back in, more pain for New Day. Doomsday Device on Big E. Kofi came off the top and was pummeled with the Superman Punch. Strong reaction by the crowd to that, as it looked good. Spear to Kofi to finish the match.

WINNERS: Ambrose and Reigns, at 12:31.

The Superman punch and spear were replayed. Bray Wyatt showed up on the Titan Tron in a rocking chair, smoke enveloping him. Wyatt said no matter how hard Reigns tries, he can’t outrun his fear. “See you in hell, Roman,” said Wyatt. The screen flickered signaling the show’s end.

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