Hell in a Cell PPV Reader Reax #1

Undertaker (artist Travis Beaven © PWTorch)


The first batch of reader feedback for WWE’s Hell in a Cell PPV. Did you watch the Hell in a Cell PPV? We’re looking for your Reax, 0-10 Score, and Best/Worst Match to pwtorch@gmail.com.

WWE Hell in a Cell PPV Reax

– Mike Omansky, PWTorch correspondent (8.0): Best Match: Lesnar-Taker. Worst Match: Divas. Best Highlight: Del Rio returning and winning the U.S. Title quickly in a one-sided match.

Better than expected show. With Undertaker-Lesnar, they made it work and engaged the crowd. Bray Wyatt and Roman Reigns did a great job in their match as well.  Del Rio’s surprise return with a pretty easy and decisive win over Cena was also well done.

I could have lived without the Divas and New Day vs. Dudleys matches, but it was a solid show. The Bray Wyatt-led attack on Undertaker at the end of the show was interesting, giving Undertaker a potential “next step.”

– Shawn Rossi (6.5): Best Match: tie for Reigns-Wyatt and Lesnar-Taker. Everything else was just average at best. Taker vs. Lesnar was smart with a new twist with the ring mat being exposed and keeping it under 20 minutes. Reigns vs. Wyatt was exciting and a good match to elevate Reigns, but he still needs something more.

I took a point off for the horrible ending to the show. Seriously? Reigns and Ambrose – or even Lesnar, now in a sign of respect – can’t come to Undertaker’s aid? What about brother Kane? Speaking of which, nice to see Seth Rollins get a clean win, but Kane and Sting shouldn’t be wrestling for the title. Albert Del Rio’s return was a surprise, but I’m glad to see firings due to poor behavior never last. Credibility continues to be lost. And trust me some big surprise will happen tomorrow on Raw – for free – and not at the PPV.

– Derrick from Utah (7.0): One of my main WWE criticisms is the way they never really end feuds, rivalries, and angles with a climax and exclamation point. In stark contrast to Summerslam, I felt finality in the four major angles that served as the tent poles of the Hell in a Cell event.  Rollins soundly beat Kane, Cena cleanly ended his successful U.S. Title reign, Reigns decisively won his season-long rivalry with Wyatt, and most notably, the Taker vs. Lesnar saga ended in a climatic and fitting manner.  Furthermore, despite ending four major story arches, they established a new story branch at the conclusion of the event.


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  1. It seems to me that there are more and more missed spots over the past few years. Punches that clearly miss and kicks to mid sections that don’t come close, for example. At last night’s HIAC, the tombstone piledriver by the Undertaker was awful. There was enough room between Brock’s head and the mat to drive a truck through. So why do the wrestlers sell when they know (do they?) that the spot was botched?

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