S. Series Reax #1: Wide Range of Reaction to PPV ending


PWTorch readers checked in with a wide range of reaction to the Survivor Series PPV, which concluded with a new WWE World Hvt. champion, Sheamus, who lost in the First Round of the WWE Title tournament, but cashed in MITB two weeks later to leave the PPV as champion…

Survivor Series Reax #1

– Mike Omansky, PWTorch correspondent (6.0): Best Match: Reigns-Del Rio. Worst Match: Charlotte-Paige. Good, albeit not the best PPV. Both Reigns matches and Ambrose matches were quite good, as was the Wyatts tag with Undertaker.

The two “traditional”  Survivor Series matches were underwhelming, stacked with mostly undercard contenders – that’s not what these matches used to be. The crowd seemed dead for much of the night; they were comatose for the boring Divas encounter. Finally, I like the Sheamus MITB cash-in — well executed, albeit not unexpected.

– W.M. Noe (2.0): Best Match: Ambrose-Owens. Worst Match: Bros. of Destruction-Wyatts and Sheamus-Reigns (tie). Just an awful, predictable piece of crap PPV.

– Derrick in Utah (7.0): Going into the event WWE had two main objectives – crown a new champion and cement a #1 heel. When Sheamus cashed in MITB to defeat Reigns, he achieved the objectives and in doing so provided a needed change to the landscape of WWE. All of the tournament matches were meaningful, different, and enjoyable. After Reigns’s victory, the after-the-bell shenanigans, from the show of respect, to the confetti, followed by the spear to Triple H, and concluding with the MITB cash-in and Sheamus victory were all spot-on.

I believe Sheamus has the potential to be a JBL-like heel. Initially, JBL had “go-away heat.” In time, through his angle and matches with Eddie Guerrero, he transitioned go away heat into legit heel heat. Hopefully, Sheamus can do the same.  With two solid performances, you would hope that Reigns won at least a few fans over. Unfortunately, too many people are dead-set on not liking the guy no matter how much he improves or how he is booked and presented. … The Undertaker match was pure nostalgic fun. The rest of the card was take it or leave it. I would have left the WWE Divas title match.

– Gary Sartori of Windsor Locks, Conn. (4.0): Best Match: Reigns vs. Del Rio. Worst Match: Reigns vs. Dean Ambrose (length). Another lousy PPV with a lame finish that did nothing to excite me, and many of my friends who were with me. The two Survivor Series matches had some okay moments, but overall, I just couldn’t get into them. The Reigns-Del Rio match was good to start, even though you knew Reigns was going to win. The next semi-final match of Ambr0se-Kevin Owens was good, but nothing special. I can’t get into Owens. He talks well, but he’s just another boring heel to me. I can’t see why most people like him.

The Divas match was surprisingly better than I thought it was going to be. I like Charlotte as the champion. With the loss, it looks like Paige will take a backseat, and hopefully Sasha Banks is next in line, or maybe a Becky Lynch heel turn. … Ziggler-Breeze was totally forgettable. Something has to be done with Dolph’s character. … Taker & Kane vs. the Wyatts was very disappointing because it lasted just 10 minutes. You would have thought a match like this would have lasted longer. I wouldn’t mind not seeing Taker until Mania.

The main event was pathetic because it lasted less than 10 minutes. Good while it lasted, but way too short. The final two matches that were supposed to be the focal point of the night lasted less than 20 minutes?! I suppose if Sheamus were going to win the title at some point, now was as good a point as any. Now that he is champ, what now? Sheamus is hardly the guy who is going to sustain WWE for long. WWE’s product is one hot mess right now, and it doesn’t look like it’s going to get better anytime soon.

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