12/21 WWE Raw “Slammys” Results – CALDWELL’S Report


WWE presented the 2015 Slammys Awards show on Monday’s Raw, including fall-out from Roman Reigns capturing the WWE World Title on last week’s Raw episode.

CaldwellStaff_thumbWWE Raw TV Report
December 21, 2015 – Episode #1,178
Live in Minneapolis, Minn.
Report by James Caldwell (@JCTorch), PWTorch assistant editor

Raw opened with a detailed recap of how Roman Reigns captured the WWE World Title on last week’s Raw.

In the arena, Stephanie McMahon started the show to a mild reaction. In the ring, Steph said people must be wondering why she’s so happy the week after Roman Reigns took out her husband, Triple H, and father, Vince McMahon. Stephanie said unlike the people, McMahons do not wallow in self-pity. “Nothing is going to get me down,” she said. “Because tonight is a night of celebration.”

The Shield’s music interrupted Steph’s speech to bring out the new WWE World champion Roman Reigns through the crowd. Reigns made the slow trek into the ring to stand opposite Stephanie. He said everyone seems to be in a good mood tonight, especially because they’re celebrating a new WWE World Hvt. champion.

But, Reigns thinks is a set up. He said the League of Nations might come out here anytime and jump him. Maybe she’s just trying to make him sweat. But, he doesn’t sweat her daddy or her husband. Reigns noted he hasn’t seen Triple H since he laid him out since TLC. Well, that confirms he doesn’t watch NXT. Reigns sent Steph a message to Hunter.

Steph replied, “Get out.” She told Reigns to go right back the way he came and get out of her ring. Reigns laughed. “I said get out,” Steph shrieked. Reigns just kept laughing. “This is my ring!” Steph shouted. Reigns said Steph sounds like a little kid right now. She growled that she’ll make Reigns get out of the ring. Reigns said he’ll leave. But, they don’t want him to leave. Steph shouted that she owns this ring, this building, and Reigns. “I said get out, Roman! Now!”

Reigns asked the crowd if they want to see Steph get really mad. Reigns turned his back, laughed to himself, and played to the crowd from the ring apron. So, Steph shouted at Reigns to get back in the ring and not disrespect her. “Roman! How dare you!” she shouted.

“Fine. Run. Run just like the coward you are,” Steph shouted. Reigns ignored her walking up the entrance ramp to the crowd. Stephanie said Reigns is going to find out what it’s like to be defenseless watching his family be delimitated. So, The Usos will face New Day in a handicap match. And, his brother, Dean Ambrose, will face Sheamus inside a steel cage. Reigns kept smiling and hit the top of the stands. Steph said that because of Reigns, people are going to pay. She stomped out of the ring to the back.

MATCHES BOOKED: IC champion Dean Ambrose vs. Sheamus in a steel cage match and WWE tag champions New Day vs. The Usos in a handicap match.

Down at ringside, Michael Cole, JBL, and Byron Saxton were shown in tuxedos. Well, except for Cole. Cole and Co. told the audience how to vote on the Slammys.


SLAMMY #1 – Breakout Star of the Year

Dolph Ziggler was introduced to the podium to introduce an award. Ziggler gave a speech about the break-out star of the year. He said these five stars did just that.

(1) Kevin Owens
(2) Neville
(3) Charlotte
(4) Tyler Breeze
(5) Braun Strowman

[Commercial Break at 7:18]

Back on Raw, Ziggler was at the podium to introduce the winner. He said the winner is … Neville.

Neville came to the podium to shake hands with Ziggler and give a speech about his win. Neville said it’s safe to say that he did not expect this at all. He said this is a huge shock, but he’s very thankful to the audience for voting for him.

Suddenly, Kevin Owens’s music interrupted. Out came sore loser Owens slowly walking toward Neville with some anger in his heart. Owens leaned against the podium to say it should come as a shock to Neville because he should have won. Owens told Neville to take a walk and get out of here. “Whatever, Kevin,” Neville replied and walked off.

Owens said he’s seen a lot of ridiculous things here in WWE, but that takes the cake. He said he is the break-out star and beat John Cena on his first night. Owens looked over at Ziggler standing off to the side. Are you laughing? What are you smiling about? Owens said what he thinks is funny is the only way Ziggler will win a Slammy is if they have a Hasbeen of the Year award. Ziggler freaked out and charged Owens, setting off a big brawl. Refs spilled out to separate them as both men jawed about wanting to fight.

Suddenly, the Wyatt theme interrupted. The Wyatts were in the ring led by Bray Wyatt. No promo. Suddenly, pyro shot off and Kane emerged from abckstage to meet with the Wyatts for the opening match. And, WWE is back to Kane feuding with the Wyatts. Kane went to shoot off his pyro in the ring, but no pyro happened. He did the whole routine, but nothing. Either he’s lost his power again or they botched the pyro. Bray didn’t react, keeping his eyes on Kane for the match to begin.

1 — KANE vs. BRAY WYATT (w/the Wyatts)

Kane and Bray spilled to the outside, where the Wyatts attacked Kane for a DQ. The Wyatts beat down Kane for a DQ. Suddenly, the ECW guys stormed the ring and a brawl broke out heading to break.

WINNER: Kane via DQ at 0:54.

[Q3] [Commercial Break at 8:30]

Back from break, an eight-man tag match was in progress. Michael Cole said the match was made during the commercial by The Authority. Who rep’ed The Authority – split personality Corporate Kane, Stephanie, split personality Triple H?


After some in-ring brawling, Harper nailed a big lariat on Devon for the pin and the win. Bubba quickly rolled Devon out of the ring for the Wyatts to stand tall after once again defeating an ECW unit.

WINNERS: Wyatts at 2:48. Well, that happened.

Moving on, Santino was introduced to the podium to introduce the next Slammy award.

SLAMMY #2 – LOL Moment of the Year

At the podium, Santino said it’s been a long time since he’s been here. But, Christmas has come early because “I’m baaaaack!” Santino said sometimes the laughs don’t hit, and other times they do hit. He said the latter is what he’s talking about.

(1) New Day-Edge & Christian backstage musical battle
(2) Bushwhackers’s Hall of Fame induction speech
(3) World Premiere of The Miz’s ED commercial
(4) New Day dancing with Stephanie & Triple H
(5) R-Truth interrupting MITB promo battle

[Commercial Break at 8:40]

Back at the podium, Santino revealed the winner(s) as… R-Truth. Santino said he’s going to accept this award on behalf of Truth’s because he’s never won a Slammy before. After all, he knows something about being funny. He said 2016 is going to be fantastic.

[Q4] Suddenly, R-Truth stomped out looking for his award. Santino told him to ask that guy over there. Who? Santino took off running with the award, then Truth gave chase.

Tonight: Kevin Owens vs. Dolph Ziggler is official for tonight.

Santa Mick vignette: Mick Foley, joined by his kids, talked about Christmas. And, the mistake of giving Xavier Woods a trombone for Christmas last year.

Next out to the podium was Paul Heyman, returning to TV in a foul mood.

SLAMMY #3 – OMG Shocking Moment of 2015

At the podium, Heyman introduced himself. He said he is of the opinion that every Slammy should be awarded to his client, Brrrrock Lesssnar, who got a big reaction in Lesnar’s home market. Heyman introduced the Shocking Moments candidates.

(1) Seth Rollins cashing in MITB at WrestleMania
(2) Brock Lesnar destroying J&J Security
(3) WWE Tag Title ladder match at TLC
(4) Wyatts confronting The Undertaker
(5) Sheamus cashing in MITB on Reigns at S. Series

[Commercial Break at 8:52]

Back at the podium, Paul Heyman announced the Slammy winner is … Kalisto with the Salida del Sol at TLC two weeks ago. Heyman even held up the card to the camera so there wasn’t a Steve Harvey moment.

Kalisto said moments like this motivate him to keep flying higher. He thanked the audience and led the crowd in “Lucha, Lucha” chants.

Kevin Owens was already in the ring after the announcement. Dolph Ziggler’s music then played to bring out Ziggler stomping down to the ring looking for a fight.


The fight was on. Owens absorbed Ziggler’s blows, then beat him across the ring before walking into a dropkick from Ziggler. Cole gave a shout-out to Smackdown that this is a re-match from last week’s show. Ziggler then hopped on Owens’s back for the sleeperhold, but Owens rammed them into the corner before landing a backpack slam to break free.

[Q5 — second hour] The fight moved to the floor, where Owens landed chops before chucking Ziggler hard into the barricade. Back in the ring, Owens settled into a chinlock as WWE replayed the fight between Ziggler and Owens earlier in the show. A graphic then quietly flashed on the screen for live Smackdown tomorrow night. Cole followed up by hyping the live show on USA Network.

Owens continued to pound away on Ziggler as Cole talked about Owens being upset about not making as much money as when he was IC champion. Owens continued to take out his anger on Ziggler, pounding on his back. Ziggler tried to mount a comeback, but Owens ran him over with a huge clothesline. Owens talked too much trash, though, allowing Ziggler to spring on Owens with a leaping DDT. Both men sold on the mat heading to break.

[Commercial Break at 9:05]

Back from break, Owens continued to work on Ziggler. He wanted the pop-up powerbomb, but Ziggler jumped into the air, landed on his feet, and superkicked Owens in the mouth. Owens fell through the ropes to the floor, which brought out Ziggler. But, Owens bounced Ziggler face-first across the announce table before rolling Dolph back into the ring.

In the ring, Ziggler surprised Owens with the Fameasser, but Owens kicked out before three. Both men were slow to their feet, then Ziggler charged Owens, who surprised him with an emphatic pop-up powerbomb. Owens covered Ziggler for the win.

WINNER: Owens at 12:05. Nice, solid TV match with a clear issue, strong wrestling action, and a clean finish.

After the match, Stephanie McMahon was re-introduced to near-silence. Steph walked out to the podium all-smiles. She apologized for losing her temper earlier, then said she has regained her composure. The boos came out this time.

SLAMMY #4 – Superstar of the Year

Steph said she is here to present the Superstar of the Year award. And, for the first time ever, every WWE star was eligible for the vote. Steph said the list includes…

(1) Roman Reigns
(2) Sheamus
(3) John Cena
(4) Kevin Owens
(5) Dean Ambrose
(6) Bray Wyatt
(7) The New Day
(8) Brock Lesnar
(9) The Undertaker
(10) Kane
(11) Seth Rollins
(12) Sting

WWE then flashed through a roll-call of other stars, including Daniel Bryan. Cole said the winner will be revealed next.

[Q6] [Commercial Break at 9:15]

Back from break, Stephanie announced the winner as … Seth Rollins. Rollins’s music played, but no sign of Rollins. After a few moments, Rollins returned to WWE TV hobbling out on-stage on crutches. Seth gingerly walked to the podium as Cole noted Rollins’s severe knee injury. Cole added that Seth never lost the WWE Title.

Rollins looked around the arena as the crowd cheered – with absence making the heart grow fonder, even for a heel. Seth said part of him wants to say thanks, but was there really any other option for Superstar of the Year? There was that heel cackle. Seth hyped his accomplishments 2015, including cashing in MITB at WrestleMania to become WWE World Hvt. champion.

But, as quickly as all that success came, one wrong landing and it was all gone. Seth sold becoming emotional. He looked into the camera to deliver a message. “In 2016, I will re-design Seth Rollins,” he said. “I will re-build myself. And, I will come back and reclaim the title that I never lost.” The crowd cheered. He told Reigns or anyone else to keep the title warm because he will re-take what is his. Rollins held up the Slammy award as his music played.

Breaking News: It’s the return of John Cena next Monday on Raw. Cole announced Cena challenging Alberto Del Rio for the U.S. Title in a re-match from the October PPV, which is the last time Cena was seen in WWE.

Back in the ring, Del Rio was hanging out. Jack Swagger was also in the ring.

4 — U.S. champion ALBERTO DEL RIO vs. JACK SWAGGER — non-title match

League of Nations members Sheamus, Rusev, and King Barrett were down at ringside watching the match. Del Rio dominated early on, then knocked Swagger to the floor. Del Rio blasted him into the barricade heading to break.

[Commercial Break at 9:25]

Back from break, Del Rio was still working over Swagger. A light “USA” chant broke out trying to taunt Del Rio and the League at ringside. Swagger was uninspired, though, as he continued to take a beating. DDT for a two count. Del Rio wanted a running superkick, but Swagger avoided and suplexed Del Rio.

[Q7] Swagger wanted a running Swagger Bomb, and he connected for a two count. JBL noted it used to be a Vader Bomb back in the day. He then shouted to to Greg Gagne backstage in AWA territory. Back to Swagger, who tried a corner attack, but Del Rio blocked and hung him up in the corner. Del Rio followed with his corner foot stomp for a three count.

Post-match: As the announcers hyped Cena returning to face Del Rio next week, the League of Nations ganged up on Swagger. Sheamus then lined up Swagger for a Brogue Kick to end his night. The League stood tall in the ring.

WINNER: Del Rio at 7:09. Basic squash to set up Cena facing a difficult task next week.

Next to the podium was Mark Henry to announce a charity award sponsored by Coca-Cola.

SLAMMY #5 – Hero Award

(1) Natalya
(2) Roman Reigns
(3) Big Show
(4) Titus O’Neil
(5) John Cena

[Commercial Break at 9:35]

Back from break, Mark Henry introduced the winner of the award as … John Cena. The pro-Cena fans popped. Henry said Cena is not here tonight, but he’s here. Henry said before he came out here, he talked to some of the guys about this award. He said the guys and gals do work from their hearts, not for an award. So, he will accept this award on Cena’s behalf.

Cole recapped Slammy awards from the Raw pre-show – Brock Lesnar vs. Undertaker for Rivalry of the Year, Stone Cold Podcast for Best WWE Network Show, Damien Mizdow on The Miz for Doublecross, and Roman Reigns destroying Triple H for Extreme Moment of the Year.

Santa Claus was then introduced. Santa tossed out imaginary presents, faking out the audience. Santa hit the podium and said it’s the most wonderful time of the year. He said it’s time for surprises and presents. “Well, surprise!” Santa Dallas said. Bo Dallas pulled down his fake beard to taunt the crowd, then tell everyone to just Bo-Lieve in Santa.

SLAMMY #6 – Surprise Return of the Year

(1) The Dudleys
(2) Chris Jericho
(3) Alberto Del Rio to win the U.S. Title from Cena
(4) Kane to take out Seth Rollins
(5) Sting interrupting Seth’s statue presentation

[Q8] [Commercial Break at 9:45]

Back at the podium, Santa Dallas said the winner is … Sting. Dallas said that unfortunately Sting is not here, drawing boos for another award without a recipient. Dallas thanked the audience for all of their votes and wished everyone a Merry Christmas.

Back in the ring, New Day was standing by with frowns on their faces. Xavier Woods, Big E., and Kofi Kingston had a conversation amongst themselves about not getting any Slammys awards yet, then proclaimed that they are still WWE tag champions. The Usos’s music interrupted. Cole said The Usos were voted Tag Team of the Year. How is that possible when Jey was injured for half of the year?

5 — WWE tag champions NEW DAY (BIG E. & XAVIER WOODS & KOFI KINGSTON) vs. THE USOS (JIMMY & JEY USO) — non-title handicap match

New Day bailed from the ring early on and teased leaving the match. Raw cut to break before finding out if New Day walked or stuck around.

[Commercial Break at 9:55]

Xavier Woods busted out the trombone early on as New Day worked over The Usos heading to the top of the hour.

[Q9 — third hour] New Day continued to tag in and out working over Jimmy Uso. Jey tagged in and cleaned house. The Usos then found themselves alone in the ring looking for stereo splashes, but Big E. yanked them down from behind. Xavier then tried to roll up Uso from behind, but Uso reversed momentum and quick-pinned Xavier for the win. After the match, Cole plugged New Day defending the Tag Titles against Lucha Dragons tomorrow night on Live Smackdown.

WINNERS: Usos at 10:58. Basic deal making it seem like New Day is in jeopardy of losing the WWE Tag Titles tomorrow night.

Back to the podium for R-Truth to announce … Diva of the Year? Random draw for reasons that became apparent after the break.

SLAMMY #7 – Diva of the Year

R-Truth said this year’s Divas have style, grace, and athleticism. He said some of them can probably beat him up.

(1) Nikki Bella
(2) Naomi
(3) Paige
(4) Sasha Banks
(5) Charlotte

[Commercial Break at 10:08]

Back at the podium, Truth announced the winner … Paige. Paige came out on-stage to hug Truth and celebrate her award victory. She said she wasn’t prepared because she didn’t think she would win. Paige said that’s actually quite nice.

Truth then re-approached the podium. He said he made a mistake. Paige is actually not the winner. Here’s WWE’s Steve Harvey reference. He said the actual winner is … Nikki Bella. Out came Nikki wearing non-clothes. Nikki asked Paige to stay behind and stand with her for a speech. They broke character and from their storyline by hugging and acting chummy, telling the audience that their feud is a put-on. And there’s the so-called Divas Revolution.

Back in the ring, Neville and Rusev were standing by for a random-draw match. The Miz was on commentary.

6 — NEVILLE vs. RUSEV (w/League of Nations)

Rusev dominated and Miz yapped heading to an early break.

[Commercial Break at 10:18]

Neville wanted Red Arrow back from break, but Rusev rolled out of the way. Neville jumped off the top anyways, so Rusev kicked him in the face. Rusev then slapped on The Accolade. Miz said Neville won last week, but lost last week without his direction.

Post-match, Miz walked away from ringside as League of Nations celebrated in the ring. The League then held up Neville for Sheamus to deliver a Brogue Kick. They stood tall in the ring as their generic music played.

WINNER: Rusev via submission at 8:03. And the deal where Neville needs Miz to be successful will unfortunately continue.

Back at the podium, The Miz was standing by to introduce the next Slammy Award.

SLAMMY #8 – This is Awesome Moment of the Year

Miz said when he was asked to present this award, he decided to out-do The Oscars. Miz talked about his movie resume, then moved on to the awards list.

(1) Lesnar destroying Rollins’s Caddilac
(2) Randy Orton’s Super RKO on Rollins at WM31
(3) Divas Revolution Intro, centered on Stephanie
(4) The Shield’s mini-reunion
(5) The Rock/Ronda Rousey

[Commercial Break at 10:27]

[Q11] Back from break, Miz announced the winner as … The Rock & Ronda Rousey. And, they’re not here, of course. Miz said that on behalf of his fellow Hollywood stars, he would like to accept the award. Miz held up a DVD of his new Christmas movie.

Back in the ring, Becky Lynch was standing by with Divas champion Charlotte at ringside. Brie Bella was also in the ring (without her sister) in support. Cole said this is a Smackdown re-match.

7 — BECKY LYNCH (w/Charlotte) vs. BRIE BELLA

Brie delivered Yes! Kicks early on. Some of the crowd played along with Daniel Bryan chants, but most were unmoved since Brie is kind of a heel and they remember Bryan as a top face. From ringside, Charlotte tried a rally clap in support of Becky. WWE then cut backstage to show Team B.A.D. watching the match. Back in the ring, Becky rolled through a roll-up attempt into the Dis-Arm finisher for a tap-out. After the match, Charlotte hopped in the ring to stand tall with Becky.

WINNER: Becky via submission at 5:12.

SLAMMY #9 – Match of the Year

Back at the podium, Ric Flair was introduced on-stage for his return to Minneapolis. Flair introduced the Match of the Year nominees.

(1) Cena vs. Lesnar vs. Rollins at the Royal Rumble
(2) Sting vs. Triple H at WM31
(3) John Cena vs. Kevin Owens at E. Chamber
(4) Reigns vs. Ziggler vs. Owens vs. Del Rio #1 contender match on Raw
(5) Lesnar vs. Taker III at Hell in a Cell

[Q12] [Commercial Break at 10:45]

Back at the podium, Ric Flair received the envelope and announced the Match of the Year as … Taker vs. Lesnar. The crowd cheered, then was subdued since they’re not here. Or, are they? Brock Lesnar’s music played and … Paul Heyman came out.

Heyman received the award to a mix of noise, then boos as fans realized Lesnar wasn’t coming out. Minneapolis chanted for Lesnar, then Heyman said he’ll shoot from the hip. Heyman said Lesnar has no desire to accept awards. He said Brock wants to come for a fight. Now, you want Brock Lesnar. But, no one in that locker room is man enough to want Brock Lesnar. He said one man, one phenom, stood up to pick a fight with Lesnar. He congratulated Undertaker for being man-enough to take that beating inside Hell in a Cell. Heyman listed Lesnar’s accolades, including his NCAA Title from the University of Minnesota. Heyman held up the trophy and walked off the stage.

WWE cut backstage to show League of Nations assaulting The Usos. Sheamus called shots to crush The Usos while King Barrett stood off to the side not getting physically involved since he’s injured. Sheamus then delivered a Brogue Kick to each Uso. Sheamus said that’s two down, with one to go.

Back in the arena, Sheamus’s music played to bring out the League of Nations for the main event steel cage match. Sheamus marched down to the ring leading Barrett, Rusev, and Del Rio. Sheamus entered the cage as Cole plugged Big Show appearing on ESPNews SportsCenter tomorrow night. Folks will be tuning into the wrong channel since the graphic showed Big Show on “ESPN” trying to make the segment sound bigger than it is. Raw cut to its final break.

[Commercial Break at 10:55]

Next Monday: John Cena is back in Miami Hurricane colors. It’s Del Rio vs. Cena for the U.S. Title.

Back on Raw, Sheamus continued to wait in the cage until Dean Ambrose’s music played. The IC champion emerged on-stage holding his title belt as Cole announced a title match for tomorrow night: Ambrose vs. Owens vs. Ziggler in a three-way title match. Plus, New Day vs. Lucha Dragons for the Tag Titles.

[Q13 — over-run]

8 — IC champion DEAN AMBROSE vs. SHEAMUS (w/League of Nations) — non-title steel cage match

Before Ambrose even entered the steel cage, Sheamus Brogue-Kicked Ambrose off the ring steps to the floor. The League of Nations beat down Ambrose, then shoved him inside the cage. The bell sounded despite the unfair start. Sheamus continued to beat down Ambrose, drawing a “This is Boring” chant from the hard camera fans. WWE cut backstage to a shot of Stephanie McMahon watching on a monitor.

Back in the cage, Sheamus hit White Noise from the top of the cage. Sheamus tried to climb out of the cage, but Ambrose yanked him down. Ambrose then crawled across the ring toward the cage door, but Del Rio slammed the cage door in Ambrose’s face. This brought down Roman Reigns to deliver a big spear to Del Rio off-camera.

Reigns smashed Rusev into the cage wall, then climbed up the cage wall to intimidate Sheamus. Reigns also tossed a chair over the top of the cage to Ambrose, who received the chair and smacked Sheamus with it several times. Ambrose followed with Dirty Deeds onto the chair. Instead of pinning Sheamus, he crawled toward the cage wall for some reason. Ambrose got to the top of the cage, but Sheamus caught up with him.

Sheamus and Ambrose traded right hand bombs sitting on top of the cage, then both men climbed over the cage wall. Sheamus then delivered a headbutt and Ambrose fell off the cage down to the floor, indirectly winning the match.

WINNER: Ambrose at 11:04. The 50/50 cage match booking of Sheamus getting the final offense, but Ambrose winning by falling to the floor.

Post-match, Reigns waited for Sheamus to climb down to the floor and he smashed him off his feet. Reigns then helped up Ambrose and celebrated with his buddy as Cole hyped Super Smackdown tomorrow night.

WWE then cut backstage to Tom Phillips walking up to Stephanie McMahon. His mic was off, but apparently he asked Stephanie for her reaction to what happened in the main event. Steph abused her power by repeatedly slapping around Tom and leaving him writhing on the floor. They cut back to Reigns and Dean celebrating on the stage to close Raw.


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  1. So, after one moderately good show last week, back to the norm this Monday night.

    We as viewers are supposed to sit there with smiles on our faces and say, “WE LOVE DOUBLE-DOUBLE E!,” and then turn on WWE Network to watch the latest episode of “Swerved” or something.

    McMahon has finally done it. Pro wrestling is dead.

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