Update on Stone Cold’s WM32 status, Austin talks Roman Reigns & more

By James Caldwell, PWTorch assistant editor

Steve Austin comments on Roman Reigns


“Stone Cold” Steve Austin is advancing more toward being involved in something at WrestleMania 32 in Texas.

Austin said in recent interviews that he was not sure if he would be involved until he heard a Creative pitch that worked for him. In his most-recent interview, Austin said he “expects to do something” at WM32.

“As far as my role, I don’t know yet. I haven’t talked to anybody about it. I expect to be in Dallas, Texas, and I expect to do something, I just don’t know what it is,” Austin told Donald Wood for Ring Rust Radio.

Austin also discussed believing that Roman Reigns is on the right path to being a top star, even if the timing is premature at the moment.

“When you’re the main event of the card and all those people come, that’s a gigantic reason to come when you want to see Stone Cold and The Rock, and you know it’s good to be a special moment. Roman Reigns isn’t quite there yet, but he will be one of these days, so he does have a great opportunity,” Austin said.

“I got a chance to talk to Roman Reigns and he is going to be fine. When you talk to him one-on-one, he is a super cool dude. I told him just be yourself in your promos and you are going to be fine. Some people think he has been a little bit entitled or pushed too fast and too hard. It’s just like when Vince McMahon told me when I was going to win King of the Ring or drop the championship on me at WrestleMania 14, what was I going to say? Not so fast, I think I need to earn more, so let’s wait a little bit on that. Roman Reigns has a good body, good looking guy, but he does have to bring the work up and he is starting to develop a little bit of a promo when he is himself. The company is going to him, and with that being said, he does have to bring up his end and that’s in the work and the performance.”

Austin also talked about wrestlers needing to have a good rapport with the Creative team to get the best material for their characters. Austin did not identify Reigns by name, but the suggestion at the end of the interview was for wrestlers (which applies to Reigns) to not be afraid to question the booking.

“You have to develop that relationship first. You can’t just go in there and say that you want this because you will get a door slammed in your face. It’s just like how I talked to Big Show the other day on my podcast, you have to develop a relationship with Vince, you have to develop a relationship with Triple H and you have to develop a relationship with the company in general. They have to get a chance to know you. Once you have gotten in there and they see that you’re bringing ideas to the storyline or your character are ways for you to get over, they are very receptive. As long as you do it in the right process and go through the right protocol, I think they would welcome stuff like that. It’s okay to ask questions and question where they’re going with your character because they are invested in you and you’re invested in your career,” Austin said before identifying the key difference in today’s WWE vs. the Attitude Era.

“I’m great at the fine details to make something better like an angle. They pitch something to me, and I would straight up tell you go ‘f’ yourself. That’s just the way I was, and that’s the way I was wired. I think now because there is only one company to work for, guys are walking on eggshells.”

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