John Cena appears on Series Finale of “American Idol” promoting new Fox TV show

By James Caldwell, PWTorch assistant editor


From American Idol to American Grit, John Cena’s new Fox TV show premieres next Thursday in prime time, one week after the season finale and series finale of the iconic “American Idol” singing competition show.

Cena was in the audience for the series finale Thursday night from Los Angeles after doing media interviews for two days.

IMG_3241Throughout the broadcast, Fox kept a graphic on the screen promoting next week’s series premiere. Fox also ran commercial spots coming in and out of commercial during the show.

Early in the broadcast, Cena was shown standing in the crowd with his girlfriend, WWE Diva Nikki Bella.

Later in the show, Idol host Ryan Seacrest approached Cena for a brief conversation promoting his new show.

IMG_3245The conversation included Season 6 contestant Sanjaya sitting one row behind Cena. The coincidence would not be lost on WWE and Idol fans who recall Sanjaya advancing into the Top 10 because of distinct personality and popularity with portions of the fanbase making up for musical deficiencies the judges routinely pointed out.

The other wrestling tie-in during the broadcast was a clip of Hulk Hogan pretending to attack Seacrest on the stage during a cameo appearance in 2011. Hogan was with TNA at the time.

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