RADICAN’s ROH “Supercard of Honor” Night 1 Review – Lethal vs. Rush for ROH Title, Cabana’s big return, MCMG vs. Young Bucks main event, more


APRIL 1, 2016

– The event is available on VOD at ROHWrestling.com.

Kevin Kelly and Mr. Wrestling #3 previewed the card. Kelly said Bobby Fish was just one day away from settling his feud with Roderick Strong. Fish got a big pop coming out for the opening match against Christopher Daniels.

(1) Christopher Daniels vs. Bobby Fish. Fish went for a leg lock during the early going, but Daniels got to the ropes quickly. Daniels got the upper hand and began working over Fish. Daniels played to the crowd, which greeted him with boos. Fish finally mounted a comeback with a pair of big kicks to the chest. Sinclair backed Fish out of the corner, which allowed Daniels to kick him right in the shoulder. Daniels then tossed Fish shoulder-first into the turnbuckle and he spilled to the floor. Daniels continued to methodically work over Fish’s arm. The fans started a chant for both men as Daniels continued to work over Fish’s arm. Fish finally caught Daniels with a kick to the ear from his back and both men were down on the mat.

Fish ducked a punch from Daniels a short time later and hit an exploder into the corner, but Daniels had his foot on the middle rope. Fish hit an ode to Muta moonsault and favored his arm. Daniels suddenly grabbed a kimura, but Fish managed to get to the ropes. Fish got an ankle lock and the fans fired up huge, but Daniels managed to free himself. He then hit a STO for a 2 count. Daniels missed the BME and landed on his feet. He favored his leg and Fish hit a dragon screw. They went back and forth and Fish hit another dragon screw. They went back and forth with Daniels hitting Fish’s shoulder and Fish kicking Daniels’s leg. Fish got an ankle lock with a grapevine. Daniels struggled, but just couldn’t get to the ropes and had to tap out. Wow!

WINNER: Bobby Fish.

Star rating: (***1/4) – This started off slowly, but there was a reason behind it. Fish went after Daniel’s ankle, but Daniels dominated the action for a long period of time and went after Fish’s shoulder. The match picked up nicely during the second half and the fans got into the finish.

Roderick Strong came on and Fish was supposed to sit in on commentary. Fish said he couldn’t stand being out at ringside with Strong involved in a match. Fish ended up staying in on commentary.

(2) Roderick Strong vs. Moose (w/Stokely Hathaway). Moose tossed a streamer at Strong and went to pose, so Strong jumped him from behind. Moose eventually caught Strong with a huge dropkick and the fans fired up. Moose went for a spear against the guardrail, but Strong managed to get out of the way. Fish did a good job of putting himself over and explaining why he was confident going into his match against Strong. Strong did a lap around the ring and slapped Fish on the head before nailing Moose with a running knee. Fish said Strong was an insecure individual that had proven he didn’t have the confidence to remain a champion in ROH. Moose’s shoulder was busted open from his spear attempt against the guardrail.

Strong put a beating on Moose inside the ring. Strong went for a dive, but Moose caught him. Strong managed to kick himself free. He went for a dropkick through the ropes, but Moose caught him and swung him into the guardrail over and over as the crowd gasped. Holy s—t! They went at it and Moose grabbed Strong off the top and hit a baldo bomb for a 2 count. Moose blocked a leap frog and hit a huge clothesline a short time later for a 2 count. Fish said Hathaway gives Moose the focus he wouldn’t otherwise have. Moose stepped up the turnbuckles and went for a springboard, but Strong nailed him with a big kick for a 2 count. Both men went back and forth exchanging blows. Moose hit the Moose punches and the fans chanted along, but Strong caught him with a jumping knee to cut him off. They ended up on the apron. Strong hit an enzuguri and then a back breaker over the apron and the fans gasped!

Stokely sold concern as both men were slow to get up. Strong rolled Moose into the ring, but only got a 2 count. Moose fired back and placed Strong on the top turnbuckle before nailing him with a huge dropkick. Strong spilled to the floor and Moose slowly rolled to the outside. Moose played to the crowd, but missed a bicycle kick and hit Fish. Strong then nailed Moose with a dropkick through the ropes. Hathaway checked on Fish as Strong ran wild on Moose inside the ring. They battled up top and Strong hit a superplex. Strong followed up with a gutbuster, but Moose popped up and nailed him with a discus lariat and both men were down.

Fish sold anger on the outside and walked around. Moose charged at Strong, but he dragged the ref in the way. Strong used the distraction to hit a gutbuster, but Moose kicked out at 1. Strong hit several knee strikes to the head. Strong took his knee pad down and hit a final running knee to the head and it was good for the win!

Post-match, Fish jumped into the ring and went right after Strong. Strong eventually bailed into the crowd. Fish said his day would come tomorrow. Fish and Moose shook hands and the fans applauded.

WINNER: Roderick Strong.

Star rating: (***1/2) – This was a really good match. Strong got his heel character over. Fish sat in on commentary and built his match up with Strong for the following show. The match was not only good, but it also told a really good story. One of the best undercard segments I’ve seen in ROH in a long time. Everyone played their roles extremely well.

B.J. Whitmer came down to the ring next. Taeler Hendrix and Joey Daddiego were out next behind him. The fans chanted please retire at Whitmer. The fans chanted for Whitmer to shut the f— up. The fans heckled Whitmer and he wouldn’t start his promo. He said everyone was looking forward to competing in the Six Man Mayhem match. Whitmer said he was going to explain why he was in street clothes. Whitmer said he gained nothing by being in the match. The fans started a very loud shut the f— up chant once again. Whitmer said he knows the HOT has an issue with Donovan Dijak. He said he’s not above taking a payoff for his spot in the match. He said Daddiego would be in the match because Martini had purchased him a spot. Whitmer said he was going to do some commentary. Kelly and Mr. Wrestling #3 didn’t seem too happy with that announcement. Whitmer said he would show Corino what a real color commentator sounds like. Mr. Wrestling #3 said clearly Whitmer can’t see the difference between him and Corino.

Page came out next and Whitmer bailed. The rest of the participants then came down to the ring.

(3) Joey Daddiego (w/Taeler Hendrix) vs. Adam Page vs. Donovan Dijak (w/Prince Nana) vs. Frankie Kazarian vs. Cheeseburger vs. Dalton Castle (w/The Boys) in a Six-Man Mayhem match. The fans were really hot for Castle during the early stages. Kazarian wanted to tag out against Castle, who continually nailed him with suplexes, but everyone dropped down from the arpon. Burger snuck into the ring and got a near fall on Castle with a rollup. Both men then faced off and started at each other. They did a comedy spot with both men down on the mat, so the ref counted as they started at each other and then realized neither man had anyone on top of them.

The crowd fell silent as Burger and Daddiego went at it. Dijak caught Burger when he took a suplex from Daddiego and kissed him before placing him on the apron. Page ran wild, but Dijak cut him off. He nailed Daddiego with a big rolling kick a short time later. Everyone took turns getting a low blow. Kazarian strutted around the ring, so everyone kicked him right in the crotch. The Boys then fanned his crotch when he went to the floor. The action continued at a rapid pace. Page wiped out a pile of men with a running SSP off the apron.

Burger went for a springboard splash, but got caught. Dijak then wiped out everyone with a huge flip dive to the floor and the fans went nuts. Everyone took turns hitting moves. Burger eventually wiped out everyone with palm strikes. Castle then ran into the ring and wiped him out with a spinning slam. He then got a bridging pin for the win.

After the match, Dijak went after Daddiego and put a beating on him on the floor. Daddiego fired back with a chair to the back. Daddiego ended up standing tall after working over Dijak with a chair.

WINNER: Dalton Castle – This was a bit disjointed at times, but fine for what it was. Daddiego doesn’t look credible feuding with Dijak given his size.

Kelly said Matt Sydal and Kyle O’Reilly were the favorites to make it to the finals of NJPW’s BOSJ Tournament this year.

(4) Kyle O’Reilly vs. IWGP Jr. Hvt. Tag Team champion Matt Sydal. Both men shook hands before the match started. They had a really nice exchange during the early going and came to a stalemate. Sydal caught O’Reilly with two big head scissor takedowns. He then nailed O’Reilly with a big kick that sent him into the corner. Sydal followed up with a huge running dropkick in the corner for a 2 count. Sydal went on the attack and worked over O’Reilly’s leg. O’Reilly fired back and hit a big knee to Sydal’s face. Sydal fired back and punched O’Reilly’s leg. O’Reilly then hit a leg sweep and Sydal favored his arm after hitting the mat. O’Reilly went right to work on Sydal’s arm. O’Reilly got a nasty double arm submission and he stood on top of one of Sydal’s arms before pinning both of his shoulders to the mat for a 2 count. Kelly said tomorrow would finish the culmination of two feuds as Fish would take on Strong and O’Reilly would take on Cole in a No Holds Barred match.

Sydal blocked a kick and hit a standing moonsault for a 2 count. Sydal favored his arm before going after O’Reilly’s leg. Kyle fired back and got an arm submission a short time later. Sydal fired back and went for a standing moonsault, but he landed right in a kimura from O’Reilly. Sydal got to the ropes quickly to break the hold. Sydal got a couple of pinning combinations, but O’Reilly countered one of them into a cross-arm breaker attempt. Sydal escaped, but O’Reilly nailed him with a series of butterfly suplexes. They went back and forth and O’Reilly hit axe and smash before hitting a Regal-plex for a near fall. Wow! The fans fired up after Sydal kicked out.

They went back and forth exchanging blows. Both men hit kicks to the head at the same time and they went down. O’Reilly got up and hit a tornado DDT. He rolled through and Sydal hit a dragoncanrana for a near fall. Wow! The fans booed and chanted that was 3 at the ref. Sydal hit a big kick to O’Reilly’s head. He went up top. O’Reilly tried to cut him off, but Sydal shoved him off and hit a meteora. Sydal then went for a SSP, but O’Reilly caught him in a Triangle. O’Reilly then rolled through into a cross-arm breaker for the win.

WINNER: Kyle O’Reilly.

Star rating: (***3/4) – This was an excellent match with O’Reilly going after Sydal’s arm throughout the match and Sydal going after O’Reilly’s leg. They built up to a really good second half of the match before O’Reilly finally caught Sydal in a submission he couldn’t escape.

(5) Adam Cole vs. A.C.H. ACH got a big pop coming out to face Cole. The fans then began chanting for Cole. The fans then chanted both these guys. They went back and forth during the early going and came to a stalemate. ACH mocked Cole’s pose and the fans started a chant for ACH. ACH hit a double handspring and nailed Cole with a dropkick that sent him to the floor. Cole tried to call a timeout on the outside, but walked right into a kick to the head from the apron from ACH. Cole reversed a whip on the floor and ACH tried to turn it into a springboard off the guardrail, but Cole nailed him with a superkick to the legs. Holy s—!

Cole tossed ACH back into the ring and began working him over. Kelly pointed out that Cole was wearing all black now with The Kingdom in the past. ACH mounted a comeback and dumped Cole stomach-first over the top rope. The ref then counted with both men down on the mat. ACH caught Cole with a rolling kick and followed up with a sick clothesline and the fans fired up. Holy crap! ACH flipped right to his feet and went for a suplex. Cole countered, but walked right into a snap German for a 2 count. ACH hit a slingshot ace crusher a short time later from the apron, but Cole kicked out at 2. ACH went up top, but Cole ended up dumping him to the floor a short time later.

Back inside the ring a short time later, Cole blocked a slingshot STO attempt from ACH and hit a huge shining wizard for a 2 count and the fans lost their minds. Cole signaled for a new flippy move from the top, but he took forever to get to the top. ACH nailed him with a flipping kick. He then followed up with a sick Air Jordan to the floor and the fans went nuts! ACH went up top for the midnight star, but Cole got out of the way. ACH landed on his feet, but Cole nailed him with a superkick and a neck breaker over his knee for a near fall!

Cole sold shock as ACH was shown up close bleeding from the mouth. Cole went up top and posed, but ACH cut him off with a pair of kicks. He then brought Cole off the turnbuckles with a brainbuster. ACH made the cover, but Cole blocked the ref’s count to three with his hand. Holy s—t! Cole ended up grabbing the ref when ACH was going for a German. He hit a low blow and another neck breaker over his knee for the win.

WINNER: Adam Cole.

Star rating: (****) – This was a great match between ACH and Cole. Cole was firmly established as a dirty heel given the way he beat ACH by cheating and grabbing the ref. ACH showed a lot of growth in terms of how he carried himself during this match and built it up to a hot finish with Cole.

(6) ANX (Kenny King & Rhett Titus) & Silas Young & The Beer City Bruiser vs. The Briscoes (Jay & Mark Briscoe) & ROH World Tag Team Champions War Machine (Hanson & Rowe) in a eight-man tag match. Everyone brawled after shaking hands. Rowe hit a huge leg capture suplex on Bruiser. The match continued at a chaotic pace with men brawling all over the place. The action settled down and Mark ended up isolated in enemy territory. Mark finally mounted a comeback and tagged in Jay, who ran wild on King.

The action broke down and Hanson took a DDT into the turnbuckles from Young. Bruiser hit a frog splash off the top on Hanson, but Mark made the save. Everyone ended up brawling on the floor and Hanson recovered and wiped everyone out with a flip dive off the turnbuckles. Bruiser got isolated and Mark went up top and hit a froggy-bow that was good for the win.

After the match, The Briscoes and War Machine went face-to-face. Kelly said one day soon these two teams would have a match to decide the top dog in ROH.

WINNERS: Mark Briscoe & Jay Briscoe & Hanson & Rowe – This was a fun brawling match. It wasn’t anything particularly memorable, but it was a nice change of pace from the previous matches on the card.

Kevin Kelly said usually the Top Prospect winner in ROH faces the ROH World TV Champion, but because Tomohiro Ishii was in Japan, Lio Rush would get a shot at the ROH World Championship against Jay Lethal. Kelly said Rush had just signed his ROH contract 24 hours ago. Will Ferrara joined commentary.

(7) ROH World champion Jay Lethal (w/Taeler Hendrix) vs. Lio Rush. The announcers put Lethal over strong and said he’s on a heck of a roll. Ferrara said Rush has to have faith in himself in order to get the win. They had a fast-paced exchange and Rush kipped up to avoid Lethal’s cartwheel kick. Lethal then repeated the spot and hit a dropkick to the back of Rush’s head this time. Kelly said Rush winning would be an all-time great upset in ROH. Rush fired back on Lethal with a cartwheel dropkick of his own a short time later.

Things got heated when Rush offered to help Lethal up. Lethal slapped his hand and Rush fired back with a slap to the face. Lethal snapped and slapped Rush across the face in the corner before putting the boots to him. Lethal yelled at the announcers and asked if this is the best they can send at him. Rush suddenly fired back with a rolling enzuguri for a 2 count after a fast exchange. Ferrara said Rush had told him that he wasn’t nervous. Lethal fired back and went for a springboard dropkick, but Rush moonsaulted off the apron to avoid it. Hendrix then flaunted her ample chest in Rush’s face. Rush slapped her on the rear end, which allowed Lethal to connect with a springboard dropkick and a dive through the ropes. Kelly asked Ferrara about the letter Nana had sent him. He said he would have to ask Nana if he could show him the letter. Kelly said Nana’s letter had helped Coleman, Dijak, and Ferrara.

Lethal continued to work over Rush back inside the ring. The fans tried to rally behind Rush, but he ate a big DDT. Rush countered a back breaker attempt into a DDT. Both men were down after that spot. Lethal went up top a short time later, but Rush nailed him with a kick. Lethal spilled to the floor and Rush wiped him out with a huge flip dive. He then stalked Lethal in the corner before hitting a kneeling trouble in paradise for a 2 count. Rush missed a frog splash and Lethal connected with the Lethal combination. He made the cover, but then lifted Rush’s head before he could make the three count.

Lethal taunted Rush and nailed him with a series of punches. He nailed Rush with a huge kneeling superkick a short time later. Lethal set up for the Lethal injection, but Rush wasn’t standing. Lethal taunted Rush and slapped him across the face. He went for the Lethal injection, but Rush grabbed him and nailed him with a series of blows. Rush connected with a roundhouse kick and a reverse hurricanrana and the fans fired up. Rush went up top and hit a huge frogsplash, but Lethal kicked out at the very last second and the fans gasped. Rush set up for the Rush Hour off the top on Lethal, but Lethal countered it into a super ace crusher. Holy s—t! Lethal then hit the Lethal injection. He made the cover and it was good for the win. Wow!

WINNER: Jay Lethal to retain the ROH World Championship

Star rating: (****) – Another excellent match and a star-making performance for Rush. Lethal was great here as a heel and the fans really got behind Rush making a comeback before ultimate falling short in the end. This was a stellar title defense for Lethal.

After the match, Lethal got on the mic. A vocal fan got very excited when Hendrix bent over to taunt Rush. Lethal offered Rush a handshake and they shook hands. That was a great post-match moment. Lethal said he’s the greatest wrestler in the world. He got a mixed reaction to his statement. He told Rush that he’s good. Lethal said in fact Rush is really good. Lethal said one day he might be better than him. Lethal said no matter how good you are someone is there to take your place that’s better. Lethal said that day is not now because he’s beaten everyone in the locker room. Lethal said ROH has run out of ideas for him. Kelly asked if there’s anybody in ROH to beat Jay Lethal. Lethal said Kelly needs to go tell Nigel McGuinness there’s nobody left.

Colt Cabana’s music played and Cabana came out to a huge pop. The fans started a huge Colt Cabana chant mixed with a welcome back chant. Lethal sold concern standing next to Hendrix in the ring while clutching the ROH World Championship. Cabana said he had seen all the champions holding what he’s holding from Aries to Joe. Cabana said he had watched all the great champions rise from the bottom to the top. Cabana said he’s always been okay with his place on the card. Cabana said he’s been fine with dancing and entertaining. Cabana said he believed in Cary Silkin and he believed in an alternative. Cabana said he believed in an alternative today. Cabana said it makes him think about himself and what he wants to be remembered as. He said he doesn’t want to be remembered as somebody’s friend. He loves being independent and that nobody owns him.

Cabana said he’s been fired and rejected in wrestling just like Lethal. Cabana said when that happens you get kicked out of wrestling except everybody still wants to see Cabana. Cabana said these people can’t fire and reject him and the fans went nuts and applauded. Cabana said he should have been gone a long time ago, but he’s not because the fans are still chanting their name. The fans started a huge Colt Cabana chant.

Lethal cut Cabana off and said these people can’t make him the wrestler in the world. He said the ROH World Championship makes him the greatest wrestler in the world. Lethal said Cabana had gone to small shows all over the world to avoid him. Lethal said he was gone because the fans don’t want him here either. The fans booed. Cabana said he had gotten a call to comeback before, but he said no. He said he liked going all over the world to wrestle. He said he did it to be an independent wrestler.

Cabana said he got another phone call and this time they said something different. Cabana said maybe he said something different as well. Cabana said he won’t be able to live with himself unless he’s able to wear the ROH World Title around his waist. Lethal didn’t say anything and left the ring. Hendrix got in Cabana’s face and slapped him. Cabana told her to slap him again. Lethal got back into the ring and backed her away. Cabana said now there’s somebody left for Lethal to face before shoving the mic into his face. What a promo!

The announcers mentioned that Teddy Hart was in the crowd with his cat! The Young Bucks got a huge pop coming out. The announcers mentioned The Young Bucks had just been in Japan 24 hours ago and flew across the world to be at the show. The Young Bucks were wearing their The Elite gear. Both teams shook hands before the match began. The fans chanted back and forth for both teams before the match started.

(8) MCMG (Alex Shelley & Chris Sabin) vs. The Young Bucks (Matt & Nick Jackson). Nick and Shelley both caught each other’s leg going for a kick. They gave a clean break, but Shelley went after Nick when he did a crotch chop. Matt tagged in, but Shelley cut him off right away. The MCMG began working over Matt’s arm. Nick ran in to make the save, but MCMG took him down and nailed him with a pair of kicks. They did a spot where both teams went back and forth going for clotheslines until the MCMG finally managed to connect in opposite corners. The Young Bucks fired back and Nick wiped out Shelley and Sabin with an assisted dropkick. The crowd seemed down after the previous match. Shelley set up for a dive a short time later, but Nick cut him off with a superkick.

The YB then sent Sabin to the floor and did The Terminator pound on the mat before hitting a double dive through the ropes to wipe out the MCMG. Sabin distracted the ref and Matt had Shelley rolled up, but couldn’t get a pin out of it. The YB isolated Shelley and began working him over as the crowd chanted Too Sweet. The Young Bucks nailed Shelley with a nice combination of moves a short time later capped by a twisting neck breaker. Matt and Nick worked over Shelley for a long period of time, but Matt went for a dropkick through the ropes and Shelley got out of the way so he accidentally connected with Nick.

Sabin got the hot tag a short time later and ran wild. Sabin stacked up Nick on top of Matt and hit him with a neck breaker that forced him to give Matt a head scissor takedown. The action broke down and Sabin caught Matt with a tornado DDT for a 2 count. The fans fired up with a ROH chant. Sabin hit a big dive to the floor to wipe out the YB a short time later. Matt fired back and planted Sabin face-first on the mat and both men were down. Nick got the tag and ran wild.

The crowd fired up as Nick hit a springboard x-factor on Sabin and then flipped through the ropes and hit a moonsault on Shelley. The YB then went to work on Sabin with a series of double team moves inside the ring, but he kicked out of an assisted moonsault. The YB set up for more bang for your buck, but Sabin got out of the way. Shelley then suplexed Matt into Nick, who had been hung upside down in the corner. Wow! All four men began trading superkicks! Nick and Shelley got their legs tangled going for a superkick at the same time, but Matt and Sabin wiped them out with a superkick and all four men were down. Holy s—t! Matt hit the suck it punches on Shelley, but he grabbed his groin. This led to another big exchange of superkicks. Shelley capped the sequence by going for sliced bread. Matt countered it into a tombstone. The MCMG got the upper hand and hit a tandem sliced bread on Matt, but Nick broke up the pin at the last second. Holy s—!

Shelley lifted Matt onto his shoulders and Sabin hit a dropkick, but Matt landed on his feet! Nick ran into the ring and The YB threw a superkick party! The YB then hit a Meltzer driver on Sabin for the win. OMG what a finish!

WINNERS: Young Bucks.

Star rating: (****) – This was an excellent match. These two teams were positioned in a bad spot following a hot Lethal-Rush match and a huge return with Colt Cabana coming back, but they did a good job of slowing the pace at times during the early going and then engaging the crowd during the second half of the match. The finish stretch was ridiculous, especially the big superkick exchanges and Matt landing on his feet after a missile dropkick doomsday device. The post-match angle was a lot of fun was well, especially Daniels taking a ton of superkicks from everyone to end the show.

After the match, Daniels and Kazarian ran down and jumped The YB. They hit celebrity rehab on Nick and the fans booed. Kelly said The Addiction had victories over both teams. The Briscoes ran down and went at it with The Addiction. Daniels got isolated and ran to the floor, but Shelley and Nick tossed him back into the ring. The Briscoes nailed him with a double shoulder tackle. The Young Bucks and The MCMG then nailed Daniels with a quadruple superkick. The fans chanted for them to do it again. The Briscoes joined in and hit a six-way superkick on Daniels! Kelly said tomorrow The Addiction, The MCMG, The YB, and The Briscoes would face off to determine a #1 contender to the ROH World Tag Team Titles.

Overall score: (9.0) – This was one of the best ROH cards I’ve seen in a long time. Their house shows had become fairly ordinary for the most part, including their show during WM weekend last year. It seems like the company has picked things up recently beginning with their TV tapings in Las Vegas, which bled into a house show in Philadelphia recently that got a lot of buzz. It’s important that ROH live events that aren’t taped strictly for TV or PPV get a lot of buzz and boy did this show feel special from start to finish.

There were no bad matches on the card. The pacing just felt right. The undercard was highlighted by Fish and Strong both getting victories in a great two match segment that built perfectly towards the blow-off to their feud at “Supercard of Honor X: Night 2.” Adam Cole and Kyle O’Reilly also both got strong wins to build their No DQ match on the next night as well. Cole vs. ACH was a blazer, as was O’Reilly vs. Sydal. Both matches are well-worth going out of your way to see. I thought ACH showed a lot of maturity in the way he carried himself and wrestled against Cole. It would be nice at some point to see ACH start racking up some wins and climbing the card. He’s ready for it at this stage of his career having worked with most of the top wrestlers in ROH.

Lethal defending the ROH World Title against Lio Rush was amazing. They told a really good story with Lethal being overly cocky against Rush and nearly paying for it. Rush made some great comebacks during the match and nearly had Lethal’s number, but Lethal ultimately got the win. It was nice to see Lethal put Rush over after the match, as that’s not something Lethal does often.

Colt Cabana came out to interrupt Lethal’s post-match promo as Lethal was discussing how there was nobody left for him to take out in ROH. Lethal’s promo was intense and fantastic, but Cabana’s promo was a real shocker. He sold intensity and was believable in saying that he wanted to capture the title, as he didn’t want to be known as just someone’s best friend. This was the best Colt Cabana promo I can recall. He nailed it and got a great reaction.

The show ended with an incredible match between The Young Bucks and The MCMG. These two teams tore it up, although the crowd took a long time to get into the action. Down the stretch they had some insane exchanges leading into the finish. My only nitpick with this card is that they should have put Lethal vs. Rush on last and had Cabana finish the show, as the MCMG vs. YB match would have likely had a red-hot crowd from start to finish. The post-match brawl did a nice job of setting up the Four-way #1 contender match for the ROH World Tag Team Championship on the following night.

Overall, this was a fantastic show. It seemed like nearly every match had a purpose building towards something for “Supercard of Honor X: Night 2” or beyond. The quality of matches matched the booking on this night, which isn’t always the case with ROH. I really liked how the show pushed Strong-Fish, Lethal-Cabana, The Four-Way #1 contender match for the tag titles, and the No DQ match between O’Reilly-Cole. This was a tremendous all-around effort from the ROH crew on this night. The commentary was a hoot at times as well with Kelly and Corino delivering a really good call of the action. Thumbs up.

You can purchase “Supercard of Honor X: Night 1” on VOD at ROHWrestling.com. For more information on ROH, visit ROHWrestling.com.


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