4/20 Lucha Underground Results – Dehnel’s Report on LU Title match, Trios tournament, Aztec Medallion, Overall Reax

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Lucha Underground Report
April 20, 2016
Taped in Los Angeles, Calif.
Season 2 Episode #13 aired on El Rey Network
Report by Joel Dehnel, PWTorch contributor

The show opened with a video package featuring Matanza Cueto and the Trios Tag competitors.

Backstage:  Dario told Fenix that he was lucky to survive the fight with his brother. He said he presents a new opportunity for Fenix, Drago, and AeroStar. He said since they failed to win the trios tag tournament last year, they will not be tagging again. Instead, Fenix will tag with P.J. Black and Jack Evans while Drago and AeroStar will face each other for one of the Aztec medallions.

Title sequence rolled.

Announcers: Vampiro welcomed the crowd to the show. Matt Striker hyped Mil Muertes taking on Matanza and one of the medallions being up for grabs tonight.

In-ring: Santos said the opening contest would be for one of the Aztec Medallions. First out was AeroStar, then Drago.

1 – AEROSTAR vs. DRAGO – match for an Aztec Medallion

AeroStar and Drago rolled around the ring both attempting pins quickly. Drago landed a kick to get things going. AeroStar stopped Drago and hit a corkscrew off the top rope. Drago came back with an armdrag and dropkick. AeroStar went up to the rope, but slipped to the outside. Drago threw AeroStar into the barricade, then went back to the ring. But, AeroStar threw Drago to the outside, then hit a swanton. Back and forth in and out of the ring they went until Drago hit a corkscrew on the outside.

AeroStar missed a springboard dive, then Drago came back with a DDT. AeroStar came back with a kick and pointlessly walked across the ropes toward Drago, only to get thrown off. Drago slammed AeroStar. Both exchanged jabs, then AeroStar hit a codebreaker followed by a splash for the win.

WINNER: AeroStar at 6:36 to capture one of the seven Aztec Medallions. Basic Lucha TV match, which was all it needed to be. As Striker mentioned before the match and I’ve said previously, Drago has not been the same as he was before. He’s not solid in the ring like last season and the pops he gets from crowds has greatly diminished. They may play up his shortcomings in a storyline, but that is yet to be seen.

Still to come: The Disciples of Death vs. Fenix, Jack Evans, and P.J. Black.


Backstage: Taya walked in on Johnny Mundo punching some wood thing. Taya asked if it was possible that he looks better today than yesterday and Johnny said it was. Taya said she asked Dario to give Johnny one of the medallions. Instead, next week, Mundo will face Cage for the medallion. Mundo appeared worried, but he said it will be fine because Taya will be there. Taya said it would actually be in a steel cage, but not to worry because he will destroy the machine.

In-ring: Santos introduced P.J. Black, Jack Evans, and Fenix to the ring. Next out were The Disciples of Death with Catrina.

2 – P.J. BLACK & JACK EVANS & FENIX vs. THE DISCIPLES OF DEATH (w/Catrina) – Trios Tag Tournament match

Black started the match against one of the disciples. Black gained control and was denied a tag from Evans. A disciple broke up the pin and chaos broke out, then Fenix hit a corkscrew to the outside. Black got cornered by the disciples as they all beat him down. But, Black eventually rolled through and tagged Fenix.

Fenix hit a standing moonsault. Fenix landed a dropkick, then hit a running kick and suplex. The disciple ran out then back in the ring and hit a superkick followed by a DDT. The good masked Disciple tagged in and beat down Fenix. But, Fenix crawled to the corner and tagged Evans.

Evans took down the disciples, then Fenix tagged in and hit a sunset flip. Fenix tagged Black and hit a huracanrana. Black hit a 450 splash. Black then dove to the outside before Evans hit one of his own. Fenix hit a splash in the ring for the win.

WINNERS: P.J. Black & Jack Evans & Fenix at 9:10.

Still to come: Matanza vs. Mil Muertes


Backstage: Dario met with Havoc, Angélico, and Ivelisse in his office. He said it was amazing how last year they hated each other and now they are champions. Dario said that they are actually in the trios tournament with the winner becoming champion. He said next week they will compete in a match with the winner becoming champion.

The disciples emerged in the back with their ridiculous electricity effect. Catrina told them they failed yet again. She asked for them to give her one good reason for her to not destroy them. The purple masked disciple was shown ripping the heart out of the gold masked disciple, then the black masked disciple. Catrina smiled while walking away. The disciple grunted while clutching the two human hearts while lighting bolt shot out from his eyes.

[JD’s Reax: See, I knew I didn’t have to learn all their names. No, but really, re-read that last sentence. That seriously happened in a wrestling show. I don’t know what to say about what just happened other than killing on a wrestling show is weird, fake, and cheesy.]


In-ring: Santos said the main event is for the Lucha Underground championship. First out was Mil Muertes with Catrina followed by Matanza with Dario.

3 – Lucha Underground champion MATANZA (w/Dario Cueto) vs. MIL MUERTES (w/Catrina) – Lucha Underground Championship match

Both men stood toe-to-toe, then exchanged strikes. Mil beat down Matanza, but Matanza came back with a clothesline. Muertes slammed Matanza, but Matanza got back up and threw Mil into the corner. Mil reversed spots and hit clotheslines in the corner. Matanza escaped and slammed Muertes. Muertes got away and threw Matanza to the outside, then hit a suicide dive.

Dario tried to attack Mil, but Mil grabbed Dario by the throat, but Matanza broke it up. Catrina attacked Matanza from behind and Matanza grabbed her throat. Mil hit Matanza with a chair, then Mil beat Matanza with a metal can. Matanza and Mil walked up the stairs of the temple. Mil and Matanza fought on top of Dario’s office. Mil grabbed Matanza and hit a flatliner that drove the two through the roof of Dario’s office. That was the apparent end of the match.

WINNER: ??? around 7 minutes; Matanza retained the LU Title.

Police station: A man walked into the office of the police sergeant who is investigating The Temple. The man told her she ought to drop the case because of his employer. He said his employer is very powerful and it would be in her best interest to drop the investigation.

FINAL THOUGHTS: The way the show ended was just awful. It was the “wow, what a stunt, how awesome!, but no finish here because that doesn’t matter, see ya next week!” type ending. No, the finish should always matter! Striker and Vampiro should show concern and ask who’s the winner? Then, the referee goes into Dario’s office and comes back to Santos and says the match is ruled a No Contest because neither man can no longer compete. It’s really that simple.

This was the best of Matanza’s matches on TV, but not by much. They are still in the process of getting him over, but that is difficult to do when he is made to seem like he doesn’t belong. He should also be doing more squash matches before he defends his title. The LU Title has been defended five times in 13 episodes, which is way too much. They need to cool it with every week being for a championship and headline the majority of shows with a solid grudge match or a series of matches that lead to the title match so that it builds anticipation instead of them being thrown out every other week.

The disciples act is ridiculous at this point and I’m almost glad from a storyline point two of them are gone. I know the aesthetic of El Rey is borderline cheesy effects, but some of the stuff in LU with the disciples is just a nacho cheesefest. I’m against deaths in wrestling because it just screams fake and the way they did the death looked like a student film. Again, I’m not sure how critical I should because this falls in line with a lot of the programming that is already on El Rey and really blends with that grindhouse style. But, looking at it from a pure wrestling show standpoint, it doesn’t look good on the show and makes it all seem fake. I’d be very curious to know what a person who has never seen Lucha Underground before would think after watching this episode.

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