“Future Mr. MITB” Kevin Owens involved in bizarre restaurant battle

By James Caldwell, PWTorch assistant editor

Kevin Owens (Photo credit Scott Lunn - @ScottLunn © PWTorch)


WWE star Kevin Owens got mixed up in a bizarre restaurant battle last week that has spilled over to this week.

Owens felt he was treated unfairly by a Montreal restaurant, prompting him to leave the restaurant with his wife and complain about the service on Twitter.

Owens’s complaints led to negative reviews for the restaurant, which is owned by a friend of MMA reporter Ariel Helwani.

Helwani talked in detail about the incident in this week’s “MMA Hour” podcast, where he framed Owens as over-reacting, misstating the amount of time he spent waiting for food, and hurting his friend’s business by driving people to post negative reviews.

Helwani also relayed a voice-mail message from Owens to his restaurant-owner friend where Owens called from a WWE house show over the weekend asking if he was going to apologize. Helwani noted that his friend is not a wrestling fan and did not know if he was being serious or in-character.

Owens responded with a detailed blog providing his account of events and what lit his fuse that made him the most upset.

“I was there for at least 45 mins. Not 24. Your buddy is straight up lying if he is indeed saying that. I also never said I was there with my whole family. It was just me and my wife and I never claimed otherwise,” Owens posted in response to Helwani.

“I was ready to love your buddy’s restaurant. I live 2 mins from there. I get less than 2 days at home every week. Taking my wife out to dinner is a big deal to me. We were excited to be there and try it. If we had liked it, we’d probably have gone there weekly. But your buddy’s staff handled the whole thing poorly and I took to Twitter to let people know about it, just like I would have done to praise the place if I had liked it.”

Former WWE star C.M. Punk got involved on social media, saying that “wrestling fans need to listen to the last ten minutes” of Helwani’s podcast where he discussed the incident and wrestling fans posting negative reviews. “S— is hilarious,” Punk said.

Notably, Owens signed off his blog by labeling himself “The Future Mr. Money in the Bank Kevin Owens.”

Caldwell’s Analysis: To sum it all up, the root issue is of course the full-time WWE schedule…

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