6/3 & 6/5 AAA “Lucha World Cup” Results – USA/Lucha Underground vs. Team AAA finals, TNA represented in men’s & women’s tournament, NOAH, Mysterio, more

Rey Mysterio arrives at Lucha Underground (c) El Rey Network


AAA “Lucha Libre World Cup” 2016 Results

June 3, 2016 – Night 1

Results via PWPonderings/Luchablog.

(1) Women’s Tournament: Team AAA (The Apaches) beat Team USA (Cheerleader Melissa & Santana Garrett & Sienna (Allysin Kay/TNA)).

(2) Women’s Tournament: Team Japan (Aja Kong & Yuki Miyazaki & Sumire Natsu) beat Team Canada (Taya & K.C. Spinelli & Allie (Cherry Bomb/TNA)).

(3) Team AAA (Pentagon, Jr. & Texano, Jr. & Psycho Clown) beat Team Zero 1 (Akebono & Masato Tanaka & Ikuto Hidaka).

(4) Team NOAH (Naomichi Marufuji & Taiji Ishimori & Mayback Taniguchi) beat Team Worldwide (Mil Muertes & Apolo & Rockstar Spud (TNA)).

(5) Team Lucha Underground (Brian Cage & Johnny Mundo & Chavo Guerrero, Jr.) beat Team Mexico Legends (El Canek & La Parka & Blue Demon, Jr.).

(6) Team Mexico Int’l (Rey Mysterio & Dragon Azteca, Jr. & Dr. Wagner, Jr.) beat Team TNA (Ethan Carter III & Eli Drake & Tyrus).

June 5, 2016 – Night 2

Resulta via @LuchaBlog.

(1) Women’s tournament loser’s bracket: Team Canada beat Team USA in a third place match.

(2) Men’s tournament loser’s bracket: Team Worldwide won a team battle royal featuring the losing teams from Night 1. Mil Muertes won for his team by eliminating Tyrus from Team TNA. Also included were Team Zero 1 and Team Mexico Legends. One buzz-worthy spot was Akebono from Team Worldwide getting stuck in the ropes, prompting ECIII to sell concern.

(3) Men’s Tournament: Team AAA beat Team NOAH to advance to the finals. Psycho Clown pinned Taniguchi for the win.

(4) Men’s Tournament: Team Lucha Underground/USA beat Team Mexico Int’ to advance to the finals. Dario Cueto accompanied Team USA. Cage pinned Dragon Azteca, Jr. for the win.

(5) Women’s Tournament: Team AAA (Apaches) beat Team Japan to win the Women’s tournament. This went to double overtime.

(6) Team Mexico Int’l beat Team NOAH in the third place match. Rey Mysterio beat Ishimori to win for his team.

(7) Team USA/Lucha Underground beat Team AAA to win the Lucha World Cup. Chavo Guerrero sold an injury during the match. Pentagon, Jr. also sold an injury, then took the loss against Johnny Mundo. Dario Cueto signed off bragging about his team of Mundo, Chavo, and Cage winning.



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