VIP AUDIO 6/19 – Bruce Mitchell Audio Show, pt. 1 of 2: State of WWE Address – What would help WWE more – a new star or Raw going back to two hours, Stephanie’s Facebook chat, Raw’s low rating (62 min)


SHOW SUMMARY: In this edition of the Bruce Mitchell Audio Show, PWTorch editor Wade Keller hosts as they discuss in-depth the state of WWE’s businesss now and in the big picture in the wake of a nearly two-decade low rating for Monday Night Raw and other ominous metrics. Where does social media help or hurt? If Vince preparing to sell, as UFC might be, for a one-time big payday to get out of the business, or is he still preparing for his family to take over? Also, talk about the Stephanie McMahon Facebook chat and what it says about her understanding of the industry and her role in it, and more on the dynamic between Stephanie and her brother Shane. Plus, what would do more to help WWE today – cutting back Raw to two hours or creating a new top level star?

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