Sean Waltman – is there a positive trade-off to “Corporate WWE” product?, plus Waltman talks last time he talked to Chyna


In a new interview, former WWE star Sean Waltman identified a key trade-off to WWE’s TV product becoming so corporate and not having the same “wild west” feel as the Attitude Era.

“The outlaw spirit has been extinguished almost completely,” Waltman said on the “Tomorrow Show” with Keven Undergaro.

But, I’ll take it in lieu of watching my friends die one after another.”

Waltman did a hand motion to indicate it’s a scale that needs to balance. “I think I’ll take my friends being alive,” he added.

Waltman talked about his former girlfriend Chyna (Joanie Laurer) being one of his friends who died. He said the last time he saw Chyna was about 2005 when they both needed help and he felt like there was nothing else for him to do.

“She needed help. There was nothing I could do. I was mess – I was messed up too,” Waltman said. “I wanted her to get better. I wasn’t the one that was gonna help make that happen. It was the people I left her with (at Cedars-Sinai hospital in Los Angeles).”

Waltman said he had no contact with Chyna over the past decade. “And, she wouldn’t even take a booking if I was in the same building,” he said.

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