7/14 WWE NXT in Indy – Detailed Report on Nakamura & Balor vs. Joe & Roode turning into mega tag main event, Hideo Itami, Bayley, Jordan returns home

Shinsuke Nakamura & Finn Balor - WWE Live house show - June 26, 2016 (photo credit Kyle)


WWE NXT Live Results
July 14, 2016
Indianapolis, Ind. at Murat Egyptian Ballroom
Report by PWTorch correspondent Corey Freedman

Full crowd, some standing in the back. There were 10 or so rows all around the ring and two small grandstands on sides of ring.

(1) No Way Jose beat Hugo Knox via pinfall. Nice reaction for Jose. Lots of people singing along with theme song. Slight booing for Hugo, but not too much of a reaction. Back and forth match that Jose won with his two finishers (Knockout Punch and Cobra Clutch Slam).

(2) Andrade “Cien” Almas beat Blake. Dead for Blake; he got Murphy and Bliss chants. Blake took the microphone and told crowd he was “beautiful, blonde, Blake.” Another back and forth match. Cien won via DDT finisher (similar to Dirty Deeds with sweep of the leg) after running double knees in the corner. They messed up the first attempt at the finishing move and had to do twice, so it was a bit odd-looking. The crowd was not super into this match but was overall pro-Cien.

(3) Bayley beat Alexa Bliss. The crowd was hot for Bayley, who got a big pop. Some nice cheers for Alexa as well. They start with Alexa going in and out of the ring to annoy Bayley, who eventually chased her around the ring to the crowd’s enjoyment. Back and forth match, but Bayley got the big comeback to finish. Bayley sort of screwed up the first Bayley-to-Belly suplex, so they had to reset and try again.

Afterward, Bayley brought a young girl onto the ramp to re-create her entrance with her and the inflatable tube men.

(4) Hideo Itami beat Angelo Dawkins (replacing Austin Aries) via pinfall. The crowd was hot for Hideo’s entrance. He got a “Welcome Back” chant when his music stopped. Angelo got a decent reaction and was greeted with “D-Lo Brown” chants, which he eventually obliged with a quick D-Lo head wiggle (which got a quick “Yes!” chant from the crowd.) Hideo with some good taunting of Angelo at the beginning of the match (kicking him and then making an “ouch” face, and mimicking Angelo’s hand gestures). Both men got some of their stuff in, with Hideo getting the final comeback. He hit the Shotgun Kick for the win.

(5) American Alpha (Jason Jordan & Chad Gable) beat NXT tag champions The Revival (Dash & Dawson) via DQ; Revival retained the NXT Tag Titles. It was announced before the entrances that this was for the NXT Tag Titles. Big reaction for Jordan and Gable. The crowd chanted a ton for Jordan since he went to Indiana University. The Revival get a fair amount of boos when they made their entrance. Gable carried the beginning of the match and Jordan got plenty of chants from the crowd. The match included the usual Revival heel-team hijinks including a couple of ref distractions. Jordan and Gable hit Grand Amplitude on Dawson and appeared to score the victory. Hwever, Wilder pulled the ref out of the ring just before the three count. American Alpha were announced as the winners via DQ, but Revival retained the Titles. The crowd was obviously disappointed with finish, but there was a big reception again for American Alpha and some more “Hoosier”chants for Jordan. The crowd was invested throughout the whole match.

(6) NXT Women’s champion Asuka beat Billie Kay via submission. It was again announced before the entrances that this will be for the Women’s Title. No reaction for Billie. Big reaction for Asuka, who did some good taunting of Billie throughout. Back and forth match with Billie getting in a fair amount of offense. The crowd was not totally invested in this match as it went on. Asuka got a big comeback at the end of the match and made Billie to submit to the Asukalock.

They showed a few ads for Summerslam and “Swerved” throughout the show. Tom Phillips talked about NXT returning to Brooklyn for Takeover and mentioned that the show tonight was sold out.

(7) Shinsuke Nakamura & Finn Balor vs. NXT champion Samoa Joe & Bobby Roode turned into Nakamura & Balor & American Alpha beat Joe & Roode & The Revival in an eight-man tag match.

Big pop for Roode. Bigger pop for Joe. Nakamura and Finn tied for biggest reactions of the night. The entire audience was humming Nakamura’s theme song and everyone raised their arms during the spots in Finn’s entrance. Joe and Roode jumped Nakamura during Finn’s entrance. Finn ran in for the rescue, and then The Revival came from the back to join Roode and Joe. American Alpha came out for the save to a monster reaction from the crowd. The four babyfaces eventually knocked the heels from the ring, who walked toward the ramp. Phillips announced that this will now be a four-on-four tag match, which the heels reluctantly accepted.

“This is awesome” chants before the match started. Joe enters the ring angrily to start the match only to immediately tag in Roode. Everyone got a turn in the match, with the crowd chanting for each member of the babyface team. Jordan/Gable/Finn cleared the ring and Nakamura hit the Kinshasa on Roode for the win.  The crowd went wild for the finish. Overall, a really fun main event.

After the match, the babyfaces gathered in the ring to cheers from the crowd. They did a “Too Sweet” as a group and then they all ran to the ropes to mimic Nakamura’s entrance. Finn took the mic and executed a perfect “What?” chant response when talking about not being able to perform the last time they were in Indy. (He had a different way of saying his leg was hurt each time the crowd said “What?”) He mentioned what an honor it was to work with “the best tag team in the world” and “The King of Strong Style” Shinsuke Nakamura. He then thanked the crowd on behalf of the team in the back, and finished with “We Are NXT.”

Overall: This was my first NXT live event, and it was a great time. Each match was given a solid amount of time so the crowd could get a good look at all of the wrestlers (veterans and newer guys). The Tag Title match was a really solid match and the Main Event was a lot of fun. All the faces won, so the crowd went home happy. As we left, everyone sounded very satisfied and happy with the event.

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