9/17 WWE NXT in Omaha, Neb. Results – Nakamura & TM61 vs. Joe & Revival main event, Aries vs. Itami, Asuka, Roode, Dillinger

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WWE NXT Live Results
September 17, 2016

Omaha, Neb.
Report by Sean Robbins, PWTorch reader

There were maybe 1,000-1,200 people there. The arena was about two-thirds full.

(1) Rich Swann beat Riddick Moss. Great opening match. Riddick played a great heel and really riled the crowd up. Rich Swann won with a combo of kicks into a pin. Swann appeared to be injured, but didn’t look serious as he was able to continue. Couldn’t tell if it was good selling or something legit.

(2) Tye Dillinger beat Tino Sabatelli. The crowd was super-hot for Tye with chants of 10 throughout the entire match. Tino was another great heel with a great look. Tye won with the Tye Breaker and then the Perfect 10.

(3) Ember Moon beat Peyton Royce. Ember was amazing to see live. She had such a great look and was so athletic. Peyton was a great surprise. She did a lot of stalling at the start to avoid Ember. Peyton used a lot of moves that required a lot of flexibility. She even used an tarantula-esque hold at one point. Ember won with her top rope spiral stunner.

(4) Austin Aries beat Hideo Itami. Hideo came out on fire. Lots of aggression from both men, and the crowd was split 50/50 between the two. Aries attempted a GTS, but Hideo reversed it. AA then won with a low blow when the ref had his back turned. Hideo hit the GTS on Aries to pop the crowd before intermission.

(5) Bobby Roode beat No Way Jose. NWJ came out after intermission to huge applause. The whole crowd then sang in Roode in while Jose mocked him in the ring. Jose gave his shirt to this young girl for a big pop only to have Roode try to snatch it away for big boos. Lots of comedy in this match with Roode mocking NWJ’s dance. Roode won with the Fisherman Buster Suplex.

(6) NXT Women’s champion Asuka beat Daria. Good match. The crowd was super behind Asuka. Daria has an MMA gimmick and their match was about what you would expect – hard hitting and a fun match. Asuka and Daria exchanged heel hooks, then Asuka hit a Fujiwara Armbar into a chicken wing for the tap.

(7) NXT champion Shinsuke Nakamura & TM61 beat Samoa Joe & NXT tag champions The Revival (Dash & Dawson) in a six-man tag match. The crowd was absolutely electric for all the participants. Nakamura came down in a neckbrace, but ripped it off before the match started. Funny spot when Dawson accidently hit Joe on the apron and Dash had to play peacemaker between the three. Long heat spot with TM61 getting beat down in the heels corner. Hot tag to Nakamura and crowd roared. Kinshasa to Dash for the pin to end the show.

No announcement of any future shows. Overall, a great show. I went to Raw in K.C. two weeks ago and NXT is just a better show. Where else could you see the caliber of talent that is on this tour?

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