9/25 Clash of Champions Live Report – crowd reactions, Roman Reigns, Seth’s reception, MOTN

By James Caldwell, PWTorch assistant editor

Clash of Champions 2016 main event - Kevin Owens vs. Seth Rollins (c) WWE Network


WWE Clash of Champions PPV Live Notes
September 25, 2016
Indianapolis, Ind.
Report by Mat LaVore, PWTorch subscriber

– The crowd was really into New Day. Lots of their shirts were being worn and their chants were going on in the lobbies before the show started.

There were lots of Seth Rollins shirts being worn, too – probably even more than John Cena shirts. New Day was definitely the fan favorite act in Indy, though.

– During the show New Day was probably the most over with the live crowd, but Rollins probably had the best pop of the night for his entrance. Roman Reigns by far had the most heat.

The live crowd booed Reigns very heavily whenever they showed him on screen, and when he made his entrance. No one even came close to the heat he got from the live crowd. During his match against Rusev, the crowd evened out, though, with about 60 percent still booing him and 40 percent cheering him.

– The Match of the night as far as the live crowd went was definitely Cesaro vs. Sheamus.

– I’ve been to a lot of WWE shows over the years and this was definitely one of the best. Much better than the marathon Raw I attended earlier this year. We were all into the matches from beginning to end. Excellent show for us attending live!

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