NEWS ITEMS: WWE gives away Goldberg-Lesnar cliffhanger, Mickie James update, WWE Network tiers, Sydal trouble

By Wade Keller, PWTorch editor

Brock Lesnar (art credit Travis Beaven © PWTorch)


-Matt Sydal (a/k/a Evan Bourne) was arrested in Japan for possession of drug paraphernalia and synthetic cannabis. According to Puroresu Spirit’s report, photo evidence shows two smoking pipes, four attachments, and three extra vials of synthetic cannabis, recorded as 2 and 12 grams, all hidden in his backpack. This could cause the Japanese government to revote any future work visas in Japan. Cannabis laws are strict in Japan, and a Japanese citizen could face serious prison time for a similar offense. (SOURCE LINK)

-Mickie James at this time is only signed for the NXT Takeover special to face Asuka. No word on if she or WWE are interested in more dates beyond that.

-A subsequent WWE survey sent to fans on their email list includes a wide array of other options than in the list with four tiers were reported on earlier this week. There are tiers such as $12.99, not just $9.99 and $14.99, and they include a completely different mix of options included and excluded. So WWE isn’t set on the four tiers and features listed earlier this week.

-WWE is now advertising Goldberg and Brock Lesnar both for the Nov. 14 edition of Monday Night Raw taking place in Buffalo, N.Y. It’ll be the only time they’re both on the same show at the same time. WWE is essentially giving away what they’ve been teasing as a cliffhanger on USA Network commercials for Raw asking whether Goldberg will accept the challenge. By announcing he’s going to be at future episodes of Raw, it essentially gives away he will say yes. Not that there was much doubt, but in their desire to get p.r. out there to help sell tickets they’re basically giving away something they’ve decided to treat as a cliffhanger and hook for Raw on Monday. They probably assume most fans aren’t aware of local advertising for a show a month from now, but in today’s social media, website, and podcast driven landscape, information like that spreads pretty instantly.

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