JAMES’S NXT TV REVIEW 10/26: Kota Ibushi & T.J. Perkins vs. Lince Dorado & Mustada Ali, plus Asuka, Tye, DIY


OCTOBER 26, 2016

[Q1] #DIY start the show with a Dustry Rhodes Classic match against Tian Bing and Hoho Lun. Lun is from the CWC, and Bing is WWE’s first Chinese signee.

1. #DIY (JOHNNY GARGANO & TOMMASO CIAMPA) vs. HOHO LUN & TIAN BING – Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic Match

Bing and Ciampa to start, about matched in size. They bounce off each other on a shoulder block, then Bing takes Ciampa down. Big kick puts Ciampa down again and he gets cornered. Lun tags in but loses control of Ciampa. Lun fights out of the corner but still gets double teamed, team move gets a two count. Gargano with a sick chop in the corner. Lun with a burst of speed and tags in Bing. Running knees from Lun and Bing to Gargano, more team work gets a two count. Bing grounds Gargano. Stiff kicks from Bing but Gargano respond with a dropkick for a double tag. Ciampa takes it to Lun. Ciampa wants a powerbomb but Lun fights out. A superkick and a knee to Lun to end it.

Winners: #DIY at 4:11. Fine match to make #DIY look good, and introduce Lun and Big to NXT. #DIY faces The Revival in Round 2.

Earlier today, Kota Ibushi and TJ Perkins are asked about their partnership. Ibushi says respect did it, Perkins says that Ibushi is the best and brought out the best in him when they faced each other.

Philips confirms that Shinsuke Nakamura will defend the NXT Championship against Samoa Joe at Takeover Toronto on November 19.

Backstage interview with Samoa Joe. Why did he not attack Nakamura last week? He says he was not there to attack Nakamura, but to evaluate the results of his actions. He says that he has broken Nakamura’s confidence.

Aliyah comes out to face Billie Kay.

2. ALIYAH vs. BILLIE KAY (w/Peyton Royce)

[Q2] Kay is running at Aliyah even before the bell and knocks her down. Jawbreaker gives Aliyah space, but Kay wheelbarrows her onto the ropes. Kay jaws at Aliyah who comes off the mat with forearms. Running blockbuster sends Kay to the corner, followed by a running kick. Enziguri stuns Kay, but she breaks a whip and hits an elbow. Liv Morgan comes out to attack Peyton Royce, giving Aliyah a chance to rollup Kay for the win.

Winner: Aliyah at 1:47. Aliyah has obvious athletic potential, but we don’t ever get to see enough of her to see what she can really do.

Post-match, it turns into a four woman brawl. Where’s Teddy Long to book next week’s match? Royce and Kay end up standing tall.

Noah Potjes is out for a match against Tye Dillenger, which will likely be used to enhance Dillenger unless Roode interrupts.


Quick wrestling lets Dillenger flash the tens, angering Potjes. Dillenger steps on his foot, but a right lets Potjes get the edge. Potjes taunts the crowd, letting Dillenger recover. Dillenger manhandles Potjes. Ten stomps in the corner, and Dillenger drops the kneepad. Tyebreaker for the win.

Winner: Tye Dillenger at 1:40. Fine match to put over the more-serious Dillenger.

Post-match interview with Dillenger on the ramp. Dillenger starts to cut a promo on Roode until Roode suprises him to deliver a beating on the ramp. DDT on the stage. Roode accepts the match to the knocked-out Dillenger.

[Q3] Backstage interview with TM61 asking aboout their match with Austin Aries and Roderick Strong. They say that Aries and Strong used to be a good team, but not anymore. TM61 have been together for a long time.

Thea Trinidad is in the ring waiting for Asuka.

4. NXT Women’s Champion ASUKA vs. THEA TRINIDAD – Non-title match

Persistent theme lately is that people get credit just for entering the ring with Asuka. Massive hip attack demolishes Trinidad after some early action. Asuka shrugs off Trinidad’s attacks. Asuka catches a kick, ankle lock, transitions into a suplex, rolls through into an armbar, Trinidad taps.

Winner: Asuka in 1:39. Another quick win for Asuka, using a different submission to show off her skill.

Post-match, William Regal comes out, he congratulates her on her success. He has scoured the world for her next opponent, and he brings out… Mickie James! James says that Asuka has beaten lots of people, but Asuka hasnt beaten anyone until she beats James. Asuka looks psyched to be getting this matchup.

[ J.J.’s Reax: It’s good to see James back in WWE, and it’s nice to see that WWE, particularly NXT, have evolved enough for it to be a good environment for James to be working there. ]

Backstage, Paul Ellering gives the Authors of Pain a pep talk. Interviewer interrupts. Ellering says that he had a vision, and the picture is clear and the Authors of Pain will execute his strategy. Mr. Jose and Mr. Swann have a fine future in NXT but they will not get past the Authors of Pain.

5. WWE Cruiserweight Champion T.J. PERKINS & KOTA IBUSHI vs. LINCE DORADO & MUSTADA ALI – Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic Match

Perkins and Dorado start the match with chain wrestling for a moment, then they shift to showing off quick moves. They have super fast one count covers and more chain wrestling. They shake hands and Ali tags in, so does Ibushi. Test of strength with Ibushi forcing Ali into a trio of three counts. Ali bridges but, Ibushi jumps on him but can’t force him down. Great athletic from Ali, but Ibushi lands a dropkick to put Ali into the corner.

[ Break ]

[Q4] Perkins get a two count not long out of the break Kneebar to Ali, but Ali gets to the ropes. Forearm lets Ali tag Dorado. Teamwork lets Dorado jump over Ali onto the ramp, in the ring top rope crossbody yields two. Ali is back in.

Perkins can’t get a tag. Ali with a somersault into a neckbreaker for two. Ali heels it up a bit to offset his exciting moveset. Wheelbarrow DDT for a double tag. Knees keep Dorado and Ali down. Ibushi wants a powerbomb but a slap stops it. Double Pele kick sends Ali out of the ring, but Ibushi runs into a superkick. Ibushi with a powerslam, mooault, tag, Perkins with a frog splash but Ali breaks up the cover. Super exciting sequence here. Springboard moonsault to the outside from Ibushi to keep ali out. Perkins gets caught by Dorado for two. Ibushi breaks up another two, tag to Ali. Ibushi get nailed with a spinning heel kick. Kneebar gets a tapout.

Winners: Kota Ibushi and T.J. Perkins in 9:03. Very, very exciting action here. Great match, with Ali doing just enough heel work to give us a reason to boo his team. Perkins and Ibushi face Sanity in round two next week.

FINAL THOUGHTS: The injection of talent from the CWC has been a real breath of fresh air for the Dusty Rhodes Classic. If NXT-only talent was able to enter, it would be a thin field. Very excited for the return of Mickie James.

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