RAW PRIMER 6/12: Brock vs. NBA Finals, two Raw Mysteries continue, Hardys get their match against Cesaro & Sheamus

By Joey Galizia, PWTorch contributor

WWE Raw hits and misses analysis
Brock Lesnar (art credit Grant Gould (c) PWTorch)


JUNE 12, 2017
By Joey Galizia (@RamJam89), PWTorch contributor



Many soldiers have tried their hardest to slay the Beast. The Cenation couldn’t muster up enough Hustle or Loyalty, the Deadman took Lesnar to Hell but was vanquished instead, and Goldberg may have embarrassed Brock in battle, but wars are won by those who persist. Goldberg too would fall at the feet of the conqueror, sparking the question can anyone truly overcome the most dominant athlete in the past four years?

Samoa Joe is certainly making a case that he can. Last week he struck first by attacking Brock’s advocate and well-known confidant Paul Heyman. Attack would almost be an understatement. He choked him out; had it not been for the countless official members (because the entire stadium of people weren’t going to do anything. COWARDS.), Joe may have hurt Paul even further. As for tonight, the Beast makes his first appearance since WrestleMania, and he isn’t going to appear quietly, especially since the Destroyer will also be in the building.


The Hardys have been on a tear of victories since their surprising return at the show of shows, and Cesaro and Sheamus have been their most consistent victims. The Swiss-Superman and Celtic Warrior had to go full on baddie to challenge for the tag titles again, and swept through the division in a single turmoil match to receive said challenge. Now they are champions thanks to some EXTREME cage match rules (as in, there are an extreme number of rules to be followed) which saw Jeff and Matt eat their first L in a while. Fortunately for the soon-to-be broken ones, they have a rematch coming, and it’s happening tonight. Once more onto the breach I suppose.


I hope the WWE has taken the week to focus somewhat on the red-brand women’s division because it’s unfortunately become the segment where many decide to tune out or even change the channel. Raw as a whole has been on par if not better than Smackdown the past two months, but the mishandling of the ladies on Monday night is a problem that just won’t go away. Alexa Bliss escaped her Nia Jax problem by getting the idiotic Mickie James and Dana Brooke (KILL ME) to attack her. Bayley may be in hibernation after getting booed in Baltimore, and Sasha may be pushed further into the 205 brand to garner more viewers. I say this every week, and it’s never been more true now: After Takeover Brooklyn, whether she loses or not, Asuka needs to come lay waste to the entire Raw roster. Men included.


-The Miz may have started his comeback tour, but Dean Ambrose is still a constant threat in his head. These two will also probably go at it one more time since… ya know… REMATCH CLAUSE. Odds are, Elias Samson will be Dean’s next challenger whenever this cross-over feud comes to an end.

-This week on Raw Mystery, will we find out who laid out Big Cass? For the previous two weeks Enzo Amore was the one who was targeted and, to make matters worse, Enzo’s chain was found by Cass when he regained consciousness. The Revival have been roaming around backstage, but something tells me this may be an internal problem between the realest guys. Hell, even the Big Show has had a finger pointed at him.

-The other mystery involves General Manager Kurt Angle. It seems like someone or someones are trying to sabotage the Olympic Hero. With what, we don’t know, but that’s what makes it fun! Corey Graves has certainly tried to pass any new information along to Kurt. I suppose at this point it’s all about the game…and how you play it. WAIT A MINUTE.

-Seth Rollins tried to settle the score with Samoa Joe, but Bray Wyatt decided that he was the one the Architect should worry about.

-Hopefully Finn Balor returns tonight. I mean, he and Roman both seem to be free at this moment.

NBA Finals Game 5 will be competing with Raw tonight. Which will you be watching?

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