RAW PRIMER 7/3: Final Great Balls of Fire hype including latest on Lesnar-Joe, Reigns-Braun, Balor-Samson, Angle text mystery

By Joey Galizia, PWTorch contributor

Braun Strowman undergoes major surgery
Braun Strowman (artist Travis Beaven © PWTorch)


JULY 3, 2017
By Joey Galizia (@RamJam89), PWTorch contributor


By now you have probably figured out the basic formula for a Brock Lesnar appearance. The man’s mere presence can make any segment feel more important, and his advocate being one of the best hype-men in history helps as well. That’s why the past few weeks have felt much more special than other feuds with The Beast: They’ve broken the formula. Samoa Joe has stood toe-to-toe with Brock and traded blows without hesitation. Last week in particular, he locked in the Coquina Clutch, and had it not been for the security team, may have sent the Universal Champion to nap time. Do these recent occurrences make me think that Samoa is walking out of GBOF with the red belt? No, but it does make me think he has a chance, and that’s all I can ask. What will happen tonight? They seem to have thrown all their chips into this fight, so I expect one more big spectacle to take us to Sunday.


It was awesome being able to bask in women’s wrestling this past week. GLOW premiered on Netflix and was an astounding triumph, combing the best traits of the wrestling industry with the ’80s background in full white powdered bloom. In WWE, the main events of Raw, Smackdown, and NXT were all headlined by the ladies, all in brutally entertaining bouts. However, the success of last week cannot be leaned on forever. Nia Jax had her best outing yet in the no. 1 contendership gauntlet match running through Bayley, Mickey James, Dana Brooke, and Emma in dominant fashion. That wasn’t enough to get her the victory though, as Sasha Banks took advantage of Nia’s exhaustion to challenge for the Raw Championship yet again. While the Alexa and Sasha feud could be a nice change of pace, where the rest of the women’s division goes, especially Bayley, is still the question that really needs to be answered.


-Roman Reigns can’t seem to escape his terrible luck with ambulances. Or rather, he can’t escape from Braun Strowman throwing him into, onto, around, and over said ambulances. The Big Dawg said he planned on challenging for the Universal Championship at Summerslam, but if he can’t defeat the Monster Among Men… well… then that would make things BERRY interesting.

-No Ball family tonight. (I bet you’re super bummed about that.) The Miz will probably be around, as will Dean Ambrose. Perhaps they’ll make this championship rematch for the IC belt official? Not that the belt means anything anymore.

-A rematch that is nearly guaranteed to happen AT LEAST ONCE MORE is the Hardys vs. Shesaro. Matt and Jeff got a W in a six-man last week, but with the roll that the Europeans have been on, will that be enough? Plus, they may not be lucky and have Finn Balor in their corner again.

-Speaking of Finn, he seems to have upset one Elias Samson. Elias was able to get some blows in when he Pearl Harbored Balor two weeks back…but he hasn’t realized exactly what it means to step into the ring with the demon. (#FinnISgonnaKILLyou)

-I would much rather be represented by Titus Worldwide than the Lavar Ball. I mean, at least TWW got Tozawa a title shot.

-The rest of the cruiserweight division is spread between the never ending Cedric Alexander, Noam Dar, and Alicia Fox triangle, and Jack Gallagher having a tiff with Tony Nese. I wish I could say that I was somewhat interested.

-Enzo Amore should probably take tonight off. At first he thought Cass was just lashing out, so he apologized and took the blame. Then Cass attacked him again. If his body isn’t fully broken, his heart most certainly is.

-Someone is still out to make Kurt Angle’s life miserable. Eventually whatever they have on him may put him in a corner, one that he may have to suplex his way out of.

Go home for BALLS. Hope to see you there.

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