7/19 Lucha Underground TV Report: Prince Puma vs. P.J. Black, Dante Fox vs. Son of Havoc, Pendar, vs. Cage in Cueto Cup 2nd Round matches

By Joel Dehnel, PWTorch contributor


LUCHA UNDERGROUND – “Fade to Black” (Season 3 Episode #27)
JULY 19, 2017

The show opened with a recaps of the Cueto Cup, Cage, Son of Havoc-Son of Madness and Prince Puma-Rey Mysterio.

-Puma stood on top of the temple while he had flashbacks of things that have happened to him including being beat by Mil Muertes. Vampiro joined him from behind to tell him he won’t find peace up here. Puma said he has to win the championship. Puma watched as the Worldwide Underground walked by and Mundo flipped Puma the bird. Puma looked up and told himself he has to win the championship for his master.

-Title Card

Announcers: Striker welcomed the audience to the show. Striker and Vampiro built up the Cueto Cup matches for later tonight.

In ring: Santos introduced Pindar followed by Cage.

(1) Trios Champion PINDAR (w/Kobra Moon) vs. CAGE – Cueto Cup second round match

The referee demanded Cage take the glove off his hand. As the ref grabbed Cage’s hand, he hit him with a clothesline. Cage went to attack Pindar then the ref called for the disqualification.

WINNER: Pindar at :32 via DQ to advance in the Cueto Cup.

Post match: Cage grabbed the referee and hit the referee with a brainbuster.

[JD’s Reax: Where the hell was the outrage from the announcers when Cage attacked the ref? They just acted surprised that Pindar is advancing other than how dispicable Cage was to attack the referee like that.]


In ring: Santos introduced Dante Fox followed by Son of Havoc. As Havoc walked down to the ring, he was attacked by Son of Madness who tried to strangle him with a chain. Havoc flipped him over then the two brawled in the crowd. Madness continued to beat Havoc with the chain while Fox looked on expressing content.

Dario walked out to the temple. Dario said that Havoc either forfits or he must continue to fight. People cheered this ultimatum instead of expressing sympathy over a baby face being unfairly attacked. Havoc got up and made his way toward the ring.


(2) DANTE FOX vs. SON OF HAVOC – Cueto Cup second round match

Fox attacked Havoc at the start of the bell. Havoc fell to the outside then Fox leaped over the turnbuckle and onto him. Fox set up Havoc’s head on the ring apron then dropped a leg from the top turnbuckle. Fox continued to dominate then knocked Havoc to the outside again. Havoc finally caught Fox and knocked him into the barricade. Havoc hit a big boot then lifted Fox onto the top turnbuckle. Fox shoved him off then hit a kick followed by a senton bomb. Havoc bounced off the ropes and hit a diamond cutter for a two count. Havoc hit a back elbow in the corner then Fox flipped him over for a pin attempt. They fought on the ring apron. Havoc finally caught Fox and hit an AA onto the outside mat. Havoc tossed Fox back into the ring. He hit a double stomp followed by a standing moonsault. Havoc climbed to the top rope and missed a shooting star press which allowed Fox to hit the fox catcher for the win.

WINNER: Dante Fox at 9:06 to advance in the Cueto Cup.


Backstage Mundo introduced Black to a man named Benjamin Cook. Muno said that he is their representation. Cook kissed Mundo’s ass with comments then got Mundo’s name wrong. He gave back handed compliments to the rest of the World Wide Underground. Black left the meeting to head to the ring.

Announcers: Striker built up next week’s batch of Cueto Cup matches including Mack vs. Texano and Drago vs. Pentagon Dark.

In ring: Santos intrduced PJ Black followed by Prince Puma. Puma wore an all black attire.


(3) PRINCE PUMA vs. P.J. BLACK – Cueto Cup second round match

Puma put on a hammer lock and they traded reversals. Striker over playe Black’s accomplishments saying someday people will try to replicate what he does. Puma finally hit a hurricarana and Black rolled to the outside. Puma looked like he was going to make a dive, but just flipped off the ropes and back into the ring. Black came back into the ring and Puma hit a series of strikes. Black countered Puma and locked on a dragon sleeper hold. Black let go of the hold to land more strikes. Black stretched out Puma’s arms in another submission move. Black turned it into a back slide for a pin attempt.  Black tried an abdominal stretch then tried a pin. Puma came back and hit a spring board clothesline. Puma as able to catch Black and hit a DDT followed by a standing shooting star press. Black fought back and went for a pin, but Puma came out of nowhere and hit a cradle drop. Puma hit several move in the corner then Black caught him and hit a diamond cutter. They traded kicks with each other in the center of the ring. Puma hit a couple suplexes for a two count. Black hit a springboard moonsault.Puma caught Black on the top turnbuckle. Black pushed Puma off of he turnbuckle. Puma then slammed Black and attempted another pin. He climbed the turnbuckle then got caught by Black. Puma hit a standing top rope frankensteiner for anothr near fall. Puma hit a stiff drop kick followed by a splash for the victory.

WINNER: Prince Puma at 15:54 to advance in the Cueto Cup.

Backstage: Dario was on the phone when Black walked into his room. Dario said that Cook as called him 17 times insisting Black deserves another shot. Dario said he will have a chance to redeem himself next week when he faces Rey Mysterio. Cook then called Dario’s cell phone and he threw it in the trash.

FINAL THOUGHTS: Black has been treated like a lower mid card wrestler, but he is very capable of having good matches. This was a great example of that. I’m guessing that next week will be no different with Mysterio except you can assume the World Wide Underground and Mundo will interfere at some point. I like that they gave a reason for them being absent at ringside this week which allowed for both wrestlers to shine.

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