8/8 WWE 205 LIVE REPORT: Detailed results and analysis of the show

By Allan Weir, PWTorch contributor


AUGUST 8, 2017

Announcers:  Corey Graves, Vic Joseph

– The show begins with a video package from the last 3 week’s of 205 Live surrounding the “friendly competition” between TJP and Rich Swann. Two weeks ago the rivalry stepped in to the tag team realm. TJP tagged with Tony Nese, and Rich Swann teamed with Cedric Alexander. TJP and Tony Nese stole the victory and the package ends with Corey Graves adding “in this game of one-upmanship, point TJP.”

– Vic Joseph and Corey Graves preview Summerslam, specifically Akira Tozawa’s opportunity to win the Cruiserweight Championship against Neville. Graves will conduct an exclusive interview with Tozawa later on in the show.

– Rich Swann will once again face TJP tonight in the main event.

(1) Tony Nese vs. Cedric Alexander

Tony Nese was out first, he stopped to pose in the entrance way to show off his physique, Alexander soon followed. Vic highlights both men are of bigger build compared to others within the 205 Live roster. Both men start by tying up but Nese soon pushes away to drop to one knee and show off his bicep size one more time.

Collar and elbow tie-up now with Nese gaining advantage on the arm of Cedric. The vibrant and athletic Alexander escapes with a forward roll into a headspring, then takes down Nese by the leg. Back and forth as both men go running the ropes, Nese goes for the clothesline but misses and is caught by a headscissors from Cedric. Alexander follows it up with a high dropkick, headsprings up and mocks Tony Nese with a pose showing off his own bicep.

Tony gets frustrated and rushes Alexander but is tossed to the outside, Cedric looks to dive but Nese moves initially. Cedric exits the ring to the apron and moonsaults on top of Nese. Even with the high-flying action, the crowd are still very quiet. Nese is tossed back in to the ring and cowers in the corner, Cedric rushes in and is elevated and hung up on to the top rope, split legged. Nese lands a running kick that lifts Alexander right on to Tony’s shoulders who then completes a gut-buster on to one knee, near fall. Tony Nese showing full frustration now with not being able to put Cedric away. Alexander is hung up in the tree of woe as Nese lays in some kicks whilst performing stomach crunches. Tony’s showboating almost costs him as Cedric takes him down with a small package, 2 count and Nese makes him pay with a running back elbow. The punishment continues with a beat down and into a scissors hold on the mid-section of Cedric.

Alexander fights back and down Nese with a spinning head kick. Cedric flies high with a springboard clothesline for a near fall. Crowd still seems uninterested in this bout. Nese reverses the Irish-whip in to a pump-handle Michinoku driver and again gets a near fall. Chants of “Boring!” have now begun. Both men look exhausted. A series of pins ends the match with Tony Nese gaining the win by holding the tights.

WINNER: Tony Nese

(Analysis: A good start to the show. Both men looked good and it looks like the start of a new rivalry on 205 Live)

– After the match, Tony Nese told the fans what they just witnessed is “an example of a great athlete, and a premier athlete.”

– Dasha Fuentes interviews The Brian Kendrick backstage. Footage shows of last weeks 205 Live, Jack Gallagher and The Brian Kendrick faced off and Kendrick won via disqualification. Gallagher also laid waste to Brian after the match. Kendrick tells Dasha he has been right all along and Gallagher doesn’t have what it takes. He had a chance to face him “man to man” but got himself disqualified like a “coward.” As Kendrick says he is moving on, he is attacked by Jack Gallagher. Kendrick manages to get away.

– TJP is shown on screen preparing for his match with Rich Swann

(2) Noam Dar vs. Mark Thomas

Noam Dar makes his way to ring. As he does, Vic and Corey advise Summerslam is presented by Cricket Wireless and KFC. Noam’s opponent is a local talent named Mark Thomas, who was already in the ring. Dar mocks his opponent before the match on the mic. Making his point that he is only 24 years old and already a WWE Superstar. Crowd begins to chant “lets go Thomas!”

Thomas lands some early punches after being mocked by the young superstar. Dar retreats to the outside to gain composure. Noam comes back in, visibly irate, takes down Thomas with a boot to the shin. Dar lands blow after blow on his downed opponent now, the early assault has fired the Scottish Supernova up. Dar moves Mark to the corner and continues the beat down. Before being pulled off by the referee, Noam lands a stiff kick right to the nose of Thomas, which draws some blood. Thomas attempts to fight back again but Dar lands a heavy European uppercut. Noam mercifully ends the match with his ‘Nova-Rolla’ kick.

WINNER: Noam Dar

(Analysis: This match was pretty much just to showcase Noam Dar’s new attitude and run over the local talent.)

– Advertisement for Summerslam now plays and thank you is sent out to Machine Gun Kelly for the official theme for Summerslam “Go For Broke.”

– Corey Graves now standing by in-ring for his exclusive interview with Akira Tozawa. The crowd are the loudest they have been all show and start to chant “Corey! Corey!” Graves welcomes the man who will face Neville at Summerslam for the WWE Cruiserweight Championship, Akira Tozawa. Tozawa makes his way to the ring in a suit, his time with the Titus Brand obviously rubbing off on him. Crowd join him in his “Ah!” chant, finally some crowd involvement. Graves congratulates Akira on winning his opportunity after defeating Ariya Daivari and overcoming his shoulder injury. Before Tozawa can answer a question, out comes ‘The King of the Cruiserweights’ Neville. Crowd give Neville a great response.

Neville addresses Corey Graves. Asks him what he is doing to his show? How long has he known him? Neville tells Corey he was in the back whilst his challenger for Summerslam is being interviewed. As Neville turns his back on Tozawa and addresses Graves, Akira removes his chair, his blazer, his tie and rolls up his sleeves. Akira “Neville, I have a question for you… How are you going to feel when I beat you for your title at Summerslam?” Neville pretends to answer but goes for the sneak attack, Tozawa has it well scouted and kicks Neville in the side of the head. Akira heads to the top for the top rope senton but Neville rolls out and heads up the ramp. Tozawa stands tall with the Cruiserweight Championship.

– Footage is shown of Rich Swann backstage preparing for his main event match against TJP. That match is next.

(3) TJP vs. Rich Swann

TJP is out first, Corey comments on the friendly rivalry and says “its about being the undisputable best.”

Rich Swann makes his way to the ring. Crowd get involved his flamboyant dancing during his entrance. The two tie up early, back and forth transitioning with Swann in a controlling head lock and TJP having multiple attempts to get free. The pace quickens as both men run off the ropes, both men try the same move at the same time and have to break on the rope. Vic comments on how these two know each other so well, almost too well. Stalemate in the early going.

The sportsmanship is forgotten as TJP lands a big uppercut and Swann replies with a snapmare and boot to the back. Swann dumps TJP to the outside, runs to the corner and flies from the outside second rope with a Phoenix Splash wiping out TJP. Rich rolls him back and gets a near fall. Swann now grounds his opponent with a hammerlock in the middle of the ring. TJP gets free with a stiff elbow to the jaw of Swann then takes advantage with a high flapjack to take control. TJP then completes a suplex transitioned in to a back suplex, near fall. “Lets go Swann!” chants echo around the arena, they are halted when Swann is whipped chest first into the turnbuckle. TJP now stretches Swann in a Bow and Arrow stretch, centre of the ring. Swann tried to fight back but again cut off by a springboard forearm, gets a 2 count.

Swann breaks out of an arm lock, his TJP with a back elbow in the corner and goes for a Phoenix Splash on his standing opponent which misses. TJP attempts to follow up with a driving splash from the second rope but also misses, both men down centre of the ring. Both men visibly exhausted from the toll the match has taken. Swann gets on a roll with multiple clotheslines, followed by a stiff body kick then a high jumping leg drop on TJP. Rich catches TJP in the corner and hits the jumping hurricanrana to TJP who was on the top rope, gets a close near fall. TJP counters a double underhook into his patented knee-bar, but he doesn’t have it all and Swann escapes and lands his swinging back heel kick. Rich follows it up with a handspring in to a moonsault, only a 2 count. Swann attempts the Phoenix Splash but crashes and burns, TJP goes for the gutbuster, but Swann counters for a 2 count. TJP somehow finds Swann on his shoulders and electric chair drops him on to the top turnbuckle. Detonation kick connects for TJP, who scores the fall.


– After the match, TJP follows Swann all the way up the ramp and gloats in his face the whole time. The cameras cut to backstage where TJP confronts Swann again, TJP calls Swann a sore loser but Swann said he can handle losing but not the way TJP is acting. TJP replies by saying he is just playing around and he knows who he is, Swan replies “I’m starting to know who you really are.”

(Analysis: A good match but one we have seem multiple times. This is the first I have seen end differently and it was an enjoyable finish. This looks like the “friendly competition” isn’t over just yet.)

I tried to type it up in as close to your Raw and Smackdown Live reviews as possible.

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