9/14 NXT TV TAPING RESULTS (Spoilers): Results of the next four episodes including Adam Cole’s integration, McIntyre’s title run, more in-person notes

Full Sail University (photo credit Jim Valley)


SEPTEMBER 14, 2017

Due to complications in the aftermath of Hurricane Irma this taping was postponed one day. WWE sent an e-mail to fans asking for RSVPs. The bleachers were not as densely filled as usual but the auditorium should still look full on camera.

Communicating with certain talent, I learned a handful of evacuees on the roster may have had trouble traveling back to town. Furthermore, Full Sail’s main campus is closed until Monday the 18th, and only got electricity back earlier today.

The merch truck has now stocked Street Profits cups, displaying them front and center. Associates inform me the new “Undisputed Era” shirts for Adam Cole & friends won’t be in stock there for up to two months.


(1) The returning TM61 defeated Steve Cutler & Wesley Blake via pinfall. “Welcome Back” chants for the victors. Blake & Cutler are sporting a western outlaw look.

-Triple H takes the stage to thank the fans for coming after a rough week with the hurricane. He calls Full Sail “our home” and promises a great show.


-William Regal announces via video that the vacant Women’s Title will be contested in a fatal four way at TakeOver: Houston. He confirms inaugural Mae Young Classic winner Kairi Sane as one of the contenders, and announces “a series of matches” that will decide the other three.

-Sanity emerges from various areas of the arena during the opening title sequence. Eric Young takes the mic to call out Adam Cole for a match, saying he’ll take Cole “to the edge of sanity.”

(1) Lars Sullivan defeated Oney Lorcan via pinfall. Extremely stiff match. Sullivan went for more destruction after the fall but Danny Burch emerged to jaw-jack with Sullivan and rescue Lorcan.

(2) Heavy Machinery defeated an unnamed tag team via pinfall. Jobber with “Scott” on his trunks got lots of laughs with his selling.

(3) Liv Morgan defeated Vanessa Borne via pinfall.

(4) Kassius Ohno defeated Fabian Aichner via pinfall. Scary moment when Aichner attempted a running springboard to the outside and caught his foot in the top rope. He successfully repeated the spot to a standing ovation.

-Undisputed Era came out to their new “Shock the System” stable entrance. Adam Cole grabbed a mic to question how NXT survived without them. He insists they are untouchable, and they will, indeed, shock the system.

(5) Adam Cole defeated Eric Young via pinfall. Cole focused on working a headlock while Young fought from beneath. Chaos erupted frequently between the factions on the outside.


-Pink tape was added to the middle rope for Susan G. Komen breast cancer awareness month.

(1) Nikki Cross & Ruby Riot defeated Billie Kaye & Peyton Royce via pinfall. Nikki Cross did not join the match until the midway point, echoing the last time this match toon place.

-Lio Rush debuts to a massive ovation. Aleister Black emerges for a match but Velveteen Dream attacks Lio. Dream gyrates his hips at Black before finishing Lio from the top rope. Black takes a seat in the ring and from the outside Dream shouts, “What’s my name, Aleister? I’ll make you say my name!”

(1) Kairi Sane defeated Aliyah via pinfall. Kairi received a deafening pop, and entered with a new telescope prop to a nautical-themed tron.

(2) Drew McIntyre (c) defeated Roderick Strong to retain the NXT Championship. McIntyre opened with a cocky big man style and Strong needed to find an opening to sneak his aggressive offense through. As the match spilled outside Strong backdropped McIntyre on the steps to gain the upper hand. A lengthy series of back-and-forth high spots and hard-hitting strikes ensued before the action went to the outside once more. McIntyre threw Strong in to the ring post and poured him back in the ring for a definitive finishing sequence. The two shared a respectful handshake. At the top of the ramp, Strong was surprised by Undisputed Era. Adam Cole exchanged words with Strong while patting his back and motioning to McIntyre, still in the ring, before leaving. Excellent match.


(1) Peyton Royce defeated Nikki Cross & Liv Morgan via pinfall in a triple threat match to qualify for the NXT Women’s Title fatal four way at TakeOver: Houston. Mae Young Classic’s Taynara Conti in new red gear was escorted out by Undisputed Era to distract Cross. Cross scared Conti off, but Conti’s efforts allowed Royce to gain advantage nevertheless.

(2) Velveteen Dream defeated Lio Rush via pinfall. Rush popped the crowd huge with his signature dextrous style. Dream assumed Aleister Black’s signature pose to celebrate.

(3) Lars Sullivan defeated Danny Burch via pinfall.

(4) Street Profits defeated a tag team via pinfall. Montez Ford topped himself with amusing antics, especially when he danced for an infant in the audience to celebrate.

(5) Andrade Cien Almas (w/Selena) defeated Johnny Gargano via pinfall. Incredible match exhausting the extensive repertoires of both competitors. Almas gained the upper hand when Selena distracted Gargano by removing her jacket to reveal a #DIY shirt.


(1) Ember Moon defeated Ruby Riot & Sonya Deville via pinfall in a triple threat match to qualify for the NXT Women’s Title fatal four way. Thrilling match with Deville maintaining an upper hand throughout. Deville fell victim to Moon’s Eclipse while working an ankle lock on Riot, after which Moon pinned the suffering Riot.

(2) Aleister Black defeated Raul Mendoza via pinfall. Velveteen Dream watched at ringside, but not before donning Black’s vest. After assuming his pose in the ring for some time, Black finally gave Dream attention with a glare, much to Dream’s pleasure.

(3) Kassius Ohno defeated Cezar Bononi via pinfall.

(4) Sanity (w/Nikki Cross) defeated Undisputed Era via disqualification in a 6-man tag. Undisputed Era received surprisingly little reaction beyond fans shouting “Baybay” along with Cole. At one point Sanity stood tall against Cole, who tried to beg off before getting triple-teamed. The Authors of Pain suddenly appeared with Paul Ellering and charged the ring to decimate Sanity while Undisputed Era escaped to the top of the ramp. Following the beatdown the Authors posed with Sanity’s tag titles and stared down Undisputed Era. As the show ended, Sanity needed multiple referees’ assistance to exit the auditorium.


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