10/8 WWE Talking Smack Report – Post-Hell in a Cell Edition: Styles reacts to losing U.S. Title and Sami’s turn, Corbin gloats, Usos say they are done with New Day

By Reyal Pollard, PWTorch contributor


OCTOBER 8, 2017

“What did we just see?”

Renee Young introduces the show and thows to Peter Rosenberg whom takes us through several moments of anxiousness throught the Hell in a Cell match. Renee hits the talking points of Sami’s journey from NXT to the main roster and his rivalry with Kevin Owens. Peter posits that perhaps Zayn was negged into helping Owens. They question how much Shane has in him and what it must put him through to do this in front of his family. Renee runs through the line-up for the show until Baron Corbin interrupts.

Baron Corbin

“I’m here to win championships… this is the first one and I plan to have more of them.”

Baron Corbin brags about shutting up all the “Neysayers.” He brings up how it doesn’t matter if people go and cry to the general manager to get put in title matches. Renee asks about the “Where’s your briefcase?” chants from the crowd, though Corbin says it just gives him feul. He also declares that he will get revenge on John Cena one day for what Cena cost him. He goes on to vow to hold the title forever. Rosenburg says that it must be exciting to have his first championship, Corbin expertly pivots to being there to win championships from day one. Corbin doesn’t believe anyone deserve a title. That’s the problem with “everyone nowaday,” according to Baron Corbin. Baron begins his campaign against everyone who is on the internet that criticizes him. He is going to shove his championship down the people in the crowd’s throat. If people want a shot, they’ve got to earn it. He’s giving away nothing for free. He’s going to go celebrate with some whiskey and a cigar.

As Corbin exits, Renee and Peter debate how much Corbin actually cares about the fans. Until it is time to introduce the Usos.


Where is Daniel Bryan? The Usos say that they will settle for Rosenburg because they are in a good mood. That is until Peter throws Renee under the bus by telling them that she picked New Day to win the match. They feigned like they were going to walk off, but came back and continued to be the happy Usos. Jimmy gave the classic Hell in a Cell pitch saying you don’t come out the same way you went in. He references Jey’s elbow, which is wrapped up in ice and the knot on the side of his head. The Usos begin to do some “freestyling” and wish for Sweet Beetz (Daniel Bryan’s rap name) to come back. Renee has them look at the spot where Big E was raming Jimmy into the cage. The Usos said they are giving the New Day props. But as New Day said, it all ends tonight so that means the Usos are done with New Day. Peter brings up the Usos’ longevity and how they have been underappreciated. They go into a semi-promo about people noticing how “those boys can go” when it’s always been there. Rosenberg asks who’s next? The Usos say New Day goes to the bottom and they stay at the top. They know they have targets on their backs, but they are still going to celebrate.

Rosenberg wonders why everyone asks where Daniel Bryan is. They discus the tag match and how intense of a battle it was.

A.J. Styles

The former United States Champion, A.J. Styles, in as babyface a way as possible, blames the loss on Tye Dillenger being added. A.J. references that he wasn’t the one who got pinned. He is mad that he wanted to prove to Corbin that you have to earn titles, and it was thwarted by Dillenger asking to be added. A.J. puts over the brutality of the match and reminds the world that he has a rematch clause, so he’s not out of the title hunt quite yet. When asked about involking it, he says he probably will. Rosenburg asks for A.J.’s opinion on the main event. A.J., seemed disappointed in Sami Zayn. Especially since he would have loved seeing Shane squash Owens like a bug. Though, he chalks it up to another weird, crazy thing happening in this world. Renee questions the impact of tonight’s events on the landscape of Smackdown. A.J. throws his hat in the ring to aid Shane in the event that he needs help kicking Sami Zayn’s ass as well as Kevin Owens. After Rosenburg wraps the segment, A.J. vows to get his U.S. Title back as well as coming after the WWE Championship next.

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