10 YRS AGO – WWE in Belfast, N. Ireland: Triple H & Hardy team up in main event, plus Cody, Snitsky, Kennedy, Val, Santino

Jeff Hardy (artist Travis Beaven © PWTorch)

WWE Raw/ECW house show report
October 19, 2007
Belfast, Northern Ireland at Odyssey Arena
Report by Stephen McCabe, Torch VIP member

(1) Cody Rhodes & Hardcore Holly beat Cade & Murdoch. Before the match Regal announced that if Rhodes and Holly were victorious then they would receive a Tag Title match the following night. A decent match saw Holly win with the Alabama Slam. Both Holly and Rhodes were over with the crowd – both received several crowd chants during the match.

(2) Snitsky beat Super Crazy. Not a lot to this match as it was quite short with Snitsky dominating. Super Crazy had a brief flurry towards the end. Snitsky won with his pumphandle slam. The crowd didn’t really seem into the match which is probably not surprising given the lack of TV time both men have received lately.

(3) Tommy Dreamer beat Elijah Burke and The Miz in a triple threat match. The match began with Miz and Burke double teaming Dreamer before finally turning on each other. It was a decent match and they tried to have all three involved during the match rather than one on the floor and two in the ring. Finish came as Burke was thrown to the floor and Balls Mahoney distracted Miz allowing Dreamer to get the win. After the match Elijah Burke seemed to be holding his right arm as he left (to a nice reaction) ˆ not sure if he was actually hurt or just doing a good job selling the arm.

(4) William Regal beat “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan. It is hard to believe but in 2007 Jim Duggan is still really over with the crowd. He did some funny subtle things that were appreciated by those in the first few rows such as punching the head of security in the arm as he walked by and kicking the photograper when he got to close to the ring ˆ he played to the crowd and got numerous chants. The match itself was fairly basic but Duggan’s antics combined with the reactions of Regal made it a surprisingly fun experience. Regal won with a knee to the face. Duggan left to a good reaction.

(5) Harry Smith beat Carlito. Carlito did some mic work before the match to try to introduce Harry Smith to the fans. He got a good initial reaction but the crowd got quieter during the match. Smith won with a running powerslam.

After the intermission Santino Marella was introduced to the crowd and he brought out Layla, Kelly, Candice Michelle for a best body contest. All three girls got amazing reactions with Candice getting the loudest as she poured water over herself. While the three girls were celebrating together, Beth Phoenix came out and attacked all three, chased Santino from the ring and then cut a short promo. Candice returned to the ring and knocked her down and then left with the other two girls.

(6) Mr. Kennedy beat Val Venis. Kennedy got a huge reaction as he came out and had the crowd chanting along as he did his own ring intro. He then got a lot of heat as he refused to finish his intro. The match was decent with Kennedy winning with his rolling firemans carry slam from the second rope.

(7) Triple H & Jeff Hardy beat Randy Orton & Umaga. This was the best match of the night by some distance. Umaga got a good reaction, Orton got a huge reaction of cheers which then turned to boos while Jeff and Triple H both had insanely loud reactions (Triple H had the bigger reaction but the difference between the two was not as great as you might think). The match was good and saw everybody hit all their signature moves. The finish came as Triple H hit the pedigree on Randy Orton.

Notes: The crowd was really into this show for the most part and done their best to be both loud and involved all night. I have to give Triple H and Jeff a ton of credit as they spent a lot of time after the match meeting people, signing autographs and ensuring the night was really special for many fans.

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