15 YRS AGO – WWE Ohio Valley TV Tapings in Louisville, Ky.: Who was in Developmental in October 2002?

WWE Ohio Valley TV tapings
October 16, 2002
Louisville, Ky.
Report by Aaron “Lurch” Wilson

Another interesting night of Ohio Valley Wrestling wrestling action. With the first match of the Run for the Rumble to be a very exciting and interesting bout, along with the in ring return of B.J. Payne, in the TV Main Event.

(1) Matt Morgan beat Lance Cade in a dark match. The usual pre-show dark match to check the lights and cameras took place and actually had some good crowd heat. The much larger Morgan knocked Cade right down to the mat after the opening tie up, with the crowd erupting into a huge “Big Bird” chant directed at Cade. It was overall a decent match, your typical opening Dark match, nothing too special. Matt Morgan ended up gaining the pinfall after a running chokeslam.

(2) Badd (Formerly Redd) Dogg pinned Mark Jindrak. Apparently the man formerly known as Redd Dogg is now Badd Dogg, coming out to “Another One Bites the Dust”. Prior to the match Badd Dogg chained his Southern Tag Titles to the turnbuckle post making sure no one got ahold of them. Jindrak managed to get the early take down of Badd Dogg gaining the early offense. At this point in the match two refs attempted to unwrap the chain that was holding the belts onto the post, but weren’t able to as Badd Dogg saw them and stopped them from taking them. I’m not sure why the refs didn’t just unbutton the belts and take them instead of unwrapping the chain, I guess common sense wasn’t much of an issue here. The refs continued to try and get the belts, but to no avail. Badd Dogg eventually gained the pinfall after a double underhook powerbomb. Afterwards he delivered the same move to the referee and then another to Mark Jindrak, and left with his belts.

(3) Johnny Jeter & Mark Magnus beat Orlando Jordan & Johnny Spade in a dark match. A very good dark match, with Spade and Magnus opening things off working on each others arms, with a series of reversals. Magnus finally gained the early control with an armdrag, and eventually went on to tag Johnny Jeter in. Spade and Jeter went on to trade chops back and forth, from corner to corner, as Spade eventually went to tag in Orlando Jordan as the tag to Mark Magnus was made by Jeter as well. The two went at it, with Jordan getting some cheap shots in on Magnus, with Jordan eventually eye raking Magnus, gaining the unfair advantage. Magnus although managed to counter Jordan with an eventual sunset flip, but only managed to gain a two count out of it. With Spade and Magnus in Magnus managed to pull off a successful facebuster to Spade and gain the hot tag to Jeter. Jeter then came in and cleared house using all of his offensive kicks and eventually gained the pinfall after a huge spinkick off of the top rope.

(4) Nick Dinsmore beat Rob Conway in a Run for the Rumble match. This being the first round of the “Run For the Rumble” with two current tag team partners squaring off against each other to decide who would advance one step closer to wrestling in the 2003 Royal Rumble. Rob Conway came out to an odd reaction and a chant of “Conway Sucks”, which was actually encouraged by his partner Nick Dinsmore on his way to the ring. The two opened up the extremely technical and very good match with a tie up, which went no where, as it appeared the two knew each other two well.

Eventually, Conway opened off on Dinsmore with a waist lock followed by a head lock takedown gaining the early offense. The two kept it up, working their way back to their feet. In one very noticeable and impressive spot, Dinsmore went for an armtwist and Conway managed to roll out of it, almost simultaneously, an absolute must see. The two continued, turning up the pace a bit, with a series of moves which ended in Conway landing a second rope springboard cross body block to Dinsmore, sending him down to the mat very hard.

Nick Dinsmore although managed to eventually mount a come back with a series of all kinds of atomic drops, followed by an overhear suplex, but couldn’t manage to gain the three count. Dinsmore then applied the Crippler Crossface as the cameras went to a commercial break. During the break Conway actually managed to gain the upperhand applying a sleeper hold on Dinsmore and eventually went on to deliver a suplex to Dinsmore only gaining a two count. The two started brawling and fell outside of the ring, and continued brawling on the outside. There was then a double ten count and the bell rang, but senior referee Robert Brisko then came out and stated that this match was too important and that there had to be a winner.

The match then continued with Robert Brisko as the referee and the two continued inside the ring. The two then seemed to be at the end of the tunnel, trying everything they could, but only managing to gain a two count, putting the Davis Arena crowd on the edge of their seats. The two, showing their last bit of energy began chopping each other at their attempts to break each other down, but still to no avail. Eventually Dinsmore started hitting his moves that he usually hits before his finish the German suplex. The Flying Forearm and the Missile Dropkick had hit their target or Rob Conway dead on, but Conway managed to make his way out of the ring.

Conway then lead on towards his old days, loading his fist, which is the reason he is known as the “Ironman.” He went into the ring and went for the big blow to the head, but the ringwise Dinsmore ducked his tag partners cheap shot and delivered his finish, the German Suplex, for the three count and the victory. After the match Conway acted like he was going to hit Dinsmore with the “Iron Fist” but instead offered to shake his hand, receiving a respectable applause for both wrestlers, in one must see match.

Winner via pinfall: Nick Dinsmore who will go on to face the winner of next weeks match between Doug Basham and The Damaja

After a short break to fix a technical problem Kenny Bolin and Jerome Croney made their way to the ring to introduce Rene Dupree for an interview segment with Jim Cornette. When Dupree made his way to the ring, he got on the mic claiming that he’s never really worked a day in his life outside of professional wrestling, as Jerome Croney went on to brush his hair for him. Shortly into the segment, Lance Cade, who has been referred to as “Big Bird” lately, made his way to the ring to discuss a bone he had to pick with Bolin and Croney. He was upset that Croney always ended up interrupting his match. I’m unsure of what was said after this as the crowd was a bit rowdy, but it ended with Cornette laying the law down to both Croney and Bolin.

(5) B.J. Payne beat Seven (w/Synn) via DQ. As soon as Seven was introduced B.J. Payne stormed the ring and the brawl began. Almost immediately the two took it to the outside going right towards the crowd area and actually brawled right into the fire exit doors knocking it wide open. The outside brawl continued even longer as they went into the concession stand area, which was actually the first fight in the new concession area. B.J. Payne grabbed one of the cookie sheets laying there and drilled Seven hard in the back of the head, showing his very enraged aggression that must have been boiling for months. The match eventually made its way into the ring, with Payne showing little to no ring rust after being on the shelves for months, impressive in his in ring return.

The match came to an end as B.J. hit the Sky High on Seven, as well as the top rope Frog Splash. Synn then made the run in breaking up the three count, and the referee called for the bell awarding B.J. Payne the win via DQ. B.J. although did managed to get his revenge on Synn delivering a huge Sky High to Synn. This was immediately interrupted by the run in of Travis Bane, who is apparently somewhat aligned with the Desciples of Synn, as they all attacked B.J. Payne. As the cameras went off the air Synn was hitting B.J. Payne repeatedly with her whip, which was eventually stopped by Jim Cornette as he got on the house mic. He announced that if Synn or anyone hit B.J. Payne one more time that each one of them would be fined $1000. Eventually the referees helped B.J. Payne out of the ring and back to the back concluding another excellent, and must see week of Ohio Valley Wrestling.

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