11/9 NXT in Phoenix, Ariz.: Aleister Black & McIntyre vs. Almas & Dream, Royce vs. Kairi vs. Nikki vs. Ember, Cole vs. Strong

Cassius Ohno (photo credit Kyle Niblett © PWTorch)

NOVEMBER 9, 2017


To warm up the Universe, we voted to watch Bayley vs. Sasha Banks from Takeover Brooklyn on th ebig screen. As good as I remember.

(1) The Street Profits beat Wesley Blake & Steve Cutler. Lots of stalling. Audience was asking “where’s Murphy?” “discount Murphy” & “who are you?” Montez sold for most of the match.

(2) Billie Kay pinned Vanessa Bourne. Vanessa was announced as coming from Scottsdale Arizona so she got a nice pop. Good work from both.

(3) Heavy Machinery defeated Sabbatelli & Moss. Nice action. Riddick and Tino heel work was good.

(4) Adam Cole beat Roderick Strong. Cole got a superstar reaction. Back and forth. Crowd was into the action.

(5) Lars Sullivan pinned Kassius Ohno. Great big man hard hitting contest.

(6) Peyton Royce defeated Kairi Sane, Ember Moon, and Nikki Cross in a Fatal Four-Way when Peyton pinned Ember. Tune-up for Houston. Billie Kay came out. After the match, the 3 women laid out the Iconic Duo.

(7) Aleister Black & Drew McIntyre beat Andrade “Cien” Almas & Velveteen Dream. McIntyre pinned Almas. Zelina Vega introduced Almas. Another great match. Afterwards, Drew got on the microphone and talked about how happy he is to be in NXT.


-Audience seemed to be the same size as the last time NXT came to town in May. Estimate 1,000.

-A lot of merchandise. Only main roster shirt was Balor Club. Crowd was wearing all types of shirts. Two guys were dressed up as the Young Bucks.

-A man and his six year old son sat near me. His first time at a wrestling show. The boy repeated all of my cheers.

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