15 YRS AGO TODAY – WWE in Champaign, Ill. (11/9/17): Lesnar vs. Big Show, Shelton, Simmons, Edge & Mysterio, Guerreros, Cena & Dawn Marie, Hardy, Benoit

Big Show (artist Travis Beaven © PWTorch)

WWE Smackdown house show report
November 9, 2002
Champaign, Illinois
Report by Chris Askins, PWTorch.com correspondent

The show was very good from the WWE, but a disappointing showing from the folks in Champaign. The arena wasn’t even close to being half-full and those that were there lacked enthusiasm.

(1) Albert beat Rikishi. A weird ending when Rikishi was apparently injured after a botched scissors kick by Albert. It appeared that when Albert’s foot came down it caught Rikishi in the nose or occipital bone. The match did restart after Rikishi appeared to be okay and gave Albert the stinkface. Rikishi left the ring dazed and holding his nose.

(2) Eric Angle & Shelton Benjamin beat Bull Buchanan & Doug Basham. Not too much to get excited about here. Buchanan has a different look, but is still saddled with being himself.

(3) Nathan Jones beat Val Venis. Good action from these two. Nathan Jones is huge in person.

(4) Chuck Palumbo & Crash beat D-Von & Ron Simmons. Decent action and about what you’d expect from this bunch. Line of the night came from D-Von when he told a loud, obese man to shut his fat mouth and sit down.

(5) Brock Lesnar beat Big Show. A slow match highlighted by a three or four minute bear hug by the Big Slow. Lesnar accidentally knocked the referee out cold when Big Show reversed the Irish Whip into the corner. While the ref was out, Lesnar nailed Big Show with a steel chair and scored the pin.

(6) Jamie Noble beat Tajiri. Very good match. Nice pace throughout with all signature spots employed. Great to see the cruiserweights.

(7) Billy Kidman & Torrie Wilson beat John Cena & Dawn Marie. Another very good match. The woman are both very beautiful in person and carried their own in the match. John Cena has potential to be a huge star. He worked the crowd well and kept the match interesting throughout.

(8) Chris Benoit beat Matt Hardy. Both guys worked extremely hard throughout the match. Crowd was into Chris Benoit.

(9) Edge & Rey Mysterio beat Eddie & Chavo Guerrero. Great match. They all worked hard and certainly delivered for the small crowd. Eddie is at his best right now and it was great to see him live. Rey is incredible and I am starting to believe that Edge is a huge star.

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