11/29 NXT TV Taping Report (SPOILERS) from Full Sail including Adam Cole, Aleister, Andrade, Gargano, Ruby Riot, AOP, Sonya, Dunn, Bate

Full Sail University (photo credit Jim Valley)


NOVEMBER 29, 2017


(1) Wolfgang defeated Kona Reeves (with Ming) via pinfall.

EPISODES 1 & 2 (episode breaks unclear; matches seem likely to be rearranged for broadcast)

-William Regal appeared on screen to announce four men’s singles matches, the winners of which will compete in a fatal four-way to contend for the NXT Championship. This video addressed the live audience directly and will surely be redone for broadcast.

-Andrade “Cien” Almas (with Zelina Vega) entered with an updated tron, and strutted around the ring showing off his title. Vega enthusiastically announced the beginning of an historic title reign, and touted Almas as a legend. Almas took the mic to repeatedly exclaim, “I told you!” He gloated, shouted down hecklers, and suavely apologized upon accidentally bumping in to his manager.

(1) Killian Dain defeated Trent Seven via pinfall to advance to the #1 contender fatal four-way (though the match implications were not announced live). Dain entered alone to his own, fife-laden rendition of Sanity’s theme, and displayed the heavy yet agile offense that’s become his calling card. Dain celebrated by making belt motions at his waist, cluing in the crowd.

(2) Sonya Deville defeated Ruby Riott via submission in a no disqualification match. Deville worked an ankle lock that per the stipulation was not broken when Riott grabbed the ropes and eventually used them to creatively counter Deville’s hold. The two exchanged strikes and submission attempts inside the ropes before Deville rolled out and Riott dove on to her. When Riott reentered the ring, Deville looked great using the ropes to help lock in a triangle hold that caused Riott to pass out in an exciting finish.

(3) Johnny Gargano defeated Kassius Ohno via submission to advance to the #1 contender fatal four-way. The crowd was so hot for this match the wrestlers waited out the initial cheers before commencing. Following fleet exchanges in the ring, Ohno took over with his signature striking. Gargano finally rallied to achieve a two-count, and followed up with a swinging DDT to the outside. Gargano kicked out of Ohno’s fierce elbow to begin a searing volley of near falls that culminated in Gargano locking in his submission hold for the win.

(4) Lars Sullivan defeated Roderick Strong via pinfall to advance to the #1 contender fatal four-way. Sullivan entered under a spotlight with the house lights down, as he did at TakeOver: War Games. Strong’s aggressive streak exploded at the bell but was quickly extinguished as Sullivan exerted his dominance. Strong evened the odds upon breaking free of a bearhug, and he hit several impactful maneuvers including a superplex that only resulted in a one-count. Sullivan nailed a pop-up powerslam and the Freak Show for the win.

(5) Ember Moon defeated Peyton Royce (with Billie Kay) via pinfall. Royce & Kay entered with “I love Billie” and “I love Peyton” tees, respectively. Kay was particularly animated at ringside, occasionally helping her compatriot gain a brief upper hand before Moon finished things with an Eclipse.

-Following the match, Kay attacked Moon. Royce joined, and drove Moon’s face in to Kay’s knee. Nikki Cross emerged from behind the barricade to clear Kay & Royce, then stood in admiration of Moon’s title before manically celebrating and fleeing the scene.

EPISODES 3 & 4 (matches seem likely to be slightly rearranged for broadcast)

(1) Andrade “Cien” Almas (with Zelina Vega) defeated Fabian Aichner via pinfall. Almas flew in to connect with a dropkick just as the bell rang. Aichner wasted no time before nailing his impressive top rope springboard to the outside, but Vega’s distractions abruptly turned the tide and led to a quick decision. Aichner enjoyed an appreciative round of applause during Almas’ departure.

(2) Aleister Black defeated Adam Cole via pinfall to advance to the #1 contender fatal four-way. Undisputed Era displayed a new “UE” hand gesture on the ramp before Bobby Fish & Kyle O’Reilly returned to the back. Cole toyed with Black early, taunting him with multiple “Baybay” call-outs. Cole’s cerebral wit maintained even footing with Black’s dextrous striking as the action heated up. A tense series of near falls culminated in Black attaining victory with the Black Mass.

(3) Authors of Pain (with Paul Ellering) defeated Danny Burch & Oney Lorcan via pinfall. Following a flurry of coordinated attacks from Burch & Lorcan, the Authors decimated their prey in short order. Lorcan took the fall.

($) Bobby Fish & Kyle O’Reilly defeated Killian Dain & Eric Young (c) via pinfall to become the NXT Tag Team Champions. Fish & O’Reilly played the isolation game and manipulated the referee as Sanity fed off the crowd. Fish’s trash talk has become a highlight of his matches. After Dain’s hot tag put his team in a winning predicament, Adam Cole intervened behind the referee’s back. Nikki Cross zoomed in from the crowd to viciously attack Cole, only to be pulled away by a squad of officials. Cole rammed Dain in to a ring post, eliminating the big man and stealing enough of Young’s focus to allow Fish & O’Reilly to hit their team maneuver and gain victory. Undisputed Era celebrated as a unit on the ramp.

(5) Ember Moon defeated Sonya Deville via pinfall. The wrestlers worked a relatively slower pace that climaxed in a decisive Eclipse.

-During Moon’s celebration, Kairi Sane entered to her new sing-along theme and peered at Moon through her telescope. The awaited Shayna Baszler then appeared on the ramp in her Affliction clothing, and choked Sane out. Baszler was dissuaded by officials, then stared Moon down.

(6) Pete Dunne (c) defeated Tyler Bate to retain the WWE United Kingdom Championship. These two capped off their 2017 trilogy in a match that will surely be the talk of Network subscribers the week it airs. The affair echoed the rivals’ prior encounters without mirroring them, and was highlighted by Dunne’s joint manipulation as well as an enviable bounty of provocative high spots. After a great many near falls, Bate finally fell to a second Bitter End. As Dunne celebrated, he stood over Bate and casually shrugged.
Street Profits defeated a tag team via pinfall. Ford & Dawkins entered the crowd and took the mic to say that in 2017 they came and saw, but in 2018 they conquer. They called out top tag teams, and said they’re coming for Undisputed Era’s newly won titles.

(7) Johnny Gargano defeated Aleister Black, Killian Dain, and Lars Sullivan to become the #1 contender for the NXT Championship. Chaos reigned early, and Sullivan was practically overwhelmed trying to determine whom of his three targets to destroy first. The ring didn’t stand a chance containing Sullivan’s warpath – the brute busted Dain’s elbow open when slinging Dain in to the stairs, then from atop the ramp chucked a helpless Gargano in to Black near the announce desk. Gargano managed to get Sullivan in a prone position on the desk just long enough for Dain to barrel in, imploding the fixture and taking Sullivan out. Black and Gargano went toe-to-toe back in the ring, then formed an alliance when Dain and Sullivan returned one after the other. Dain and Sullivan eventually cleared the ring and faced off as though reenacting a monster movie. Black reentered with kicks and knees that looked to secure glory before Undisputed Era appeared and pulled him away from a pinfall attempt. At ringside, Adam Cole measured an attack on Black before Gargano dove at Cole. Dain cannonballed Sullivan in to the steps, effectively eliminating both men. Gargano hit a swinging DDT on Black for the pinfall, then celebrated in the crowd. A fan bestowed upon Gargano a replica of the old NXT Championship, much to Gargano’s pleasure.

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