15 YRS AGO – 2/5 Ohio Valley Wrestling TV Taping Report: Rhyno, Orlando Jordan, Matt Morgan, Basham, Dinsmore (Eugene)

Rhyno (art credit Joseph Borzotta @ PWTorch)

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WWE Ohio Valley TV taping report
February 5, 2003
Louisville, Ky.
Report by Aaron “Lurch” Wilson, PWTorch.com correspondent

Another great night of Ohio Valley Wrestling with the much anticipated main event as Nick Dinsmore challenged Damaja for the OVW Title in his return match.

(A) Rene Dupree defeated Rob Conway DARK MATCH (I showed up late and was unable to get full details)

(1) Kanyon beat Johnny Jeter in a special challenge match at 5:02. If Jeter could last five minutes with Kanyon, he gets $500. A very good opening match with Jeter appearing in good condition considering his reported partially torn MCL. The match opened as Kanyon ran out of the ring as soon as the bell rang luring the OVW up and comer outside of the ring to take the immediate advantage stomping Jeter in the back when he rolled into the ring. Jeter although managed to gain the early offense despite Kanyon’s attack and delivered a nice flipping drop kick after a series of reversals and continued the assault stomping Kanyon into the corner. Jeter then proceeded to deliver a nice springboard cross body block receiving a nice reaction from the Davis Arena crowd. Kanyon eventually regained the offense pulling Jeter down by his hair followed by a nice swinging neck breaker, but the WWE Superstar only managed to gain the two count. Kanyon continued to issue the assault with a nice one arm lariat, while he held on to Jeter’s arm and followed with an Electric Chair drop, but still only managed to pull off a two count. Kanyon then made the climb to the top rope, but Jeter made his way up and dropped Kanyon down to the mat with a very nice super plex followed by a spinkick and a back body drop as the up and comer signaled for his top rope spinkick. Unfortunately for Jeter the WWE Superstar knew what was coming as Dean Hill announced there was roughly one minute left and ducked out of the way to avoid the kick. >From this point Kanyon continued with attempts to pin Jeter, but to no avail as each attempt only granted Kanyon the two count. After a small package and a backslide Kanyon eventually pulled off the ‘Kanyon Cutter’ and gained the pinfall and the victory. Immediately following the three count Jim Cornette got on the house mic and announce that although Kanyon did win the match he won it in 5 minutes and 2 seconds which meant that he still had to pay Jeter the $500. After beating down on the defeated man Kanyon eventually stuffed Five wadded up $100 bills into the mouth of Jeter and made his way to the back as the cameras went of the air for the first commercial break.

(2) Disciples of Synn beat Orlando Jordan & Chris Cage (dark match). Seven opened off the match with Orlando Jordan with a quick go behind, but Jordan quickly countered to control the pace early on. Jordan eventually tagged in Cage and the two delivered a very nice double hiptoss to Seven as Synn screamed for her team ringside. Seven, although falling victim to a double hiptoss still managed to regain the offense on Chris Cage throwing him into the corner and following up with a snapmare. The match continued as Seven tagged in his partner Travis Bane. Bane came in and delivered a nice stalling suplex and continued the assault on Cage, but the remorseful OVW Rookie eventually made a comeback with a nice sunset flip. Although remorseful, he was not able to avoid Seven coming back and delivering a very stiff lariat sending him down to the mat. Orlando Jordan made his way in eventually after Cage made a quick tag, but eventually fell victim to a huge sideslam by Seven and the pinfall.

(3) Jazz & Linda Miles beat Nikita & Jackie Gayda. This match being set up by Jim Cornette last week as a bit of a payback to Jackie Gayda for quitting OVW told quite an interesting story. Nikita and Linda Miles tied up to open things off, with Nikita the latest addition to the Revolution, pulling the hair of Linda Miles forcing her into the corner, but after an irish whip off of the ropes Linda Miles showcased tremendous athletic ability by doing two consecutive leap frogs over Nikita receiving a nice reaction from the crowd, and polishing things off with a huge hiptoss. Nikita at this point went for the tag to Jackie Gayda, but Gayda pretended to not see Nikita as she fixed her shoe. The assault on Nikita continued as Jazz was tagged in and the two delivered a huge double clothesline to Nikita sending her down hard to the mat. Every time that Nikita was in a position to make the tag to Gayda, Jackie walked away from the corner and went on to taunting the crowd taking her focus away from Nikita begging for a tag in the ring. Eventually, after extreme frustration Nikita pulled Gayda into the ring by her hair, forcing the Tough Enough Two champion, also known as the ‘Hot Tub Ho’ into the ring. Instead of going after Miles or Jazz, Gayda focused her attention on taking down Nikita, showing some extremely bitter turmoil within the Revolution, as the team of Jazz and Miles decided to capitalize on the fight within applying the school boy rollup to the two receiving a double three count and the win.

The next segment was the first ever live OVW TV Segment filmed from the locker room and aired on the Davis Arena big screen that sits above the entrance, which I must admit was very good and I hope to see more of these in the future. The segment consisted of Doug Basham, Damaja and Johnny Spade talking in the back about how the women were fighting, and stated that they were going to set up a bikini match between the two with Spade as the special Referee. Spade turned down the opportunity, but Basham and Damaja talked him into it. Kanyon, the other honorary Revolution member then joined the scene and told Damaja and Doug Basham that they need to worry about who the true leader of the Revolution is, and not the women. Basham stated that he did care who wins the Main event tonight with Dinsmore challenging for Damaja’s OVW Title because he has the winner. Basham told Damaja that he wants him to do whatever it takes to make sure that the fans know that the Revolution is the Number 1 force in Ohio Valley Wrestling. The segment seemed to look ahead to the future possibility of a Basham vs. Damaja match as the two stared each other down as the cameras went to a commercial break, first Damaja must get by Dinsmore, which is next. (For the TV at least)

(4) Matt Morgan beat Mark Magnus (dark match). A good quick match with Magnus showing his improvement with each match, he started off with a quick go behind to Matt Morgan but Morgan gained the immediate advantage with a stiff shoulder block sending Magnus down to the canvas. Morgan continued the assault with a solid head butt to Magnus, but Magnus refused to give up making his way back with a rake to the eyes. Eventually Morgan gained the pinfall and the win with a Spike slam.

(5) Damaja beat Nick Dinsmore in an OVW Hvt. Title match. As Dinsmore and Damaja made their respective entrances to the ring the crowd was split between ‘Go Nick Go’ chants and ‘Damaja’ chants, to get this highly anticipated match underway. The two tied up, but eventually broke cleanly as they stared each other down in Dinsmore’s return to the ring in quite a few months. The two went back and forth with Dinsmore managing to roll Damaja up twice very quickly but only received two counts. Dinsmore focused his work on the shoulder of Damaja throughout the match and managed to apply the early crippler crossface, but Damaja crawled his way to the ropes to break the hold. Eventually after a reversal of the Irish whip, Damaja was able to throw Dinsmore over the top rope, but instead of Dinsmore crashing down to the Davis Arena floor, he was hung by leg caught between the top two ropes, which obviously put some extreme tension on the recently healed knee of Dinsmore. From this point Damaja continued the assault of the recently injured knee of Dinsmore and applied a solid knee wrench on the challenger that went all the way through the commercial break. Just as the cameras came back onto the air Damaja slammed Dinsmore, knee first into the guardrail that surrounds the ring. Damaja then brought Dinsmore back into the ring, but wasn’t able to gain the pinfall on the challenger. Damaja then continued his assault on Dinsmore applying a sharpshooter, but Dinsmore eventually made the remorseful comeback breaking up the hold by grabbing onto the bottom rope. Eventually Dinsmore made the comeback delivering some strong chops and took down Damaja followed by a big back body drop, receiving a great reaction from the crowd. Dinsmore decided to focus his attention on the knee of Damaja and applied a solid Figure four leg lock on the ring post as Damaja screamed in pain. Eventually Kanyon made his way down to the ring, which lead Dinsmore to break the hold and lay out the WWE Superstar to the Davis Arena floor. Damaja then went on to deliver the facebuster to Dinsmore in the middle of the ring and Doug Basham came down to the ring throwing in a chair, while the ref was distracted with Kanyon. Damaja went to lay Dinsmore out with the chair, but Dinsmore saw the attack coming and stopped the attempt and grabbed the chair for himself. Dinsmore then went on to lay out Damaja, but Referee Robert Briskoe turned around to see it, and immediately disqualified Dinsmore from the match. As a result of being upset with the disqualification Dinsmore then proceeded to lay out Doug Basham, Kanyon and Robert Briskoe as the cameras went off the air concluding another excellent week of Ohio Valley Wrestling Television

(6) Nova & Rhyno defeated Chris Nowinski & Doug Basham after Rhyno hit the Gore. Very good match and Rhyno appeared very impressive in his rehab back to the ring.

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