15 YRS AGO – WWE in Boise, Idaho (2-9-03): Brock opposite Heyman, Angle vs. Benoit in WWE Title main event, Cena & Dawn Marie vs. Kidman & Torrie, Team Angle, Edge, Kendrick

Edge (artist Grant Gould © PWTorch)

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WWE Smackdown house show report
February 9, 2003
Boise, Idaho
Report by Drew Mayes, PWTorch.com correspondent

(1) Team Angle defeated Rikishi & Edge to retain the WWE Tag Team Titles. Team Angle picks up the win after Benjamin rolls up Rikishi. It was a fun match to start the show as both Haas and Benjamin took a stink face, Benjamin from Rikishi and Haas from Edge with his little black thong to the delight of all the teenage girls.

(2) Redd Dogg defeated Kanyon. Nobody had any clue who these guys were, lots of boring chants. Dogg wins with his arm bar submission.

(3) Jamie Knoble defeated Nunzio and Shannon Moore. A really good match and great mic work from Knoble.

(4) Brian Kendrick defeated Chuck Palumbo. Interesting way to introduce Kendrick as he was selling popcorn in the crowd before the match. Slow to start but these guys got the crowd into it. Kendrick pulls off the upset with a small package.

(5) Brock Lesnar defeated A-Train & Paul Heyman. Pretty intense match from Lesnar and A-Train with Heyman running around the whole time avoiding Lesnar. Brock gets the win and an F-5 on Heyman after the match.

(6) Nathan Jones defeated Bill DeMott. Wow, Jones is huge! The crowd did not know who to cheer during the match and who to boo during the match and the wrestlers did little to help them figure it out.

(7) Billy Kidman & Torrie defeated John Cena & Dawn Marie. Pretty entertaining match and a huge pop for the hometown girl Torrie Wilson. Cenas rap on Idaho needed some work. Kidman’s shooting star is really impressive.

(8) Kurt Angle defeated Chris Benoit for the WWE Title. Team Angle interferes to save Angle from the crossface and help him pick up the win. The crowd was really into the match. Team Angle beats down Benoit till Edge and Lesnar make the save.

Not as good as the Smackdown show that was here a few months ago but still entertaining. I think there were too many “who are these guys” moments that killed a usually good crow. The arena was only about half full compared to the almost sold out Smackdown show.

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