15 YRS AGO – WWE in Ottawa (5-4-03): Triple H vs. Kevin Nash, Kane & RVD vs. Lance Storm & Chief Morley, plus Dreamer, Dudleys, Jericho

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WWE house show report
May 4, 2003
Ottawa, Ont. at Corel Centre
Attendance Estimate: About half full.
Report by Nathan Steele, PWTorch.com correspondent

The Corel Centre was about half full and the crowd was very into every match.

Howard Finkel came to the ring to “Welcome to the Jungle” and did the usual shill.

(1) Spike Dudley over Steven Richards. Spike hit the Dudley-Dog for the win. Match was pretty short but was still okay. After the match Rico joined Richards in a beat down of Spike until the Dudleys made the save. Bubba then got on the mic and issued a challenge to Rico. Rico returned to the ring with 3 Minute Warning and an impromptu 3 on 2 handicap match started.

(2) The Dudleys (Bubba & D’von) over 3 Minute Warning. The Dudleys got the win with the 3D on Rico. The match was quite long and very fast paced with lots of nearfalls.

(3) Rodney Mack (w/Theodore Long) over Tommy Dreamer. Mack won with a running powerslam about a minute in. Squash match.

(4) La Resistance over The Hurricane & Maven. La Resistance hit their double-chokeslam thing for the win. Before the match they spoke some French to the crowd and were booed heavily.

(5) Scott Steiner over Christian. Before the match the two had a posedown of sorts. They went up the turnbuckles to see who could the bigger reaction. Steiner won easily. Steiner won the match with his new reverse DDT move. Ok match with some high-impact moves.

(6) Jazz (w/Theodore Long) over Jackie and Victoria. Jazz won with a roll-up and some pulling of the tights after Victoria was thrown from the ring. About the usual from these three. On par with the women’s match of late.


(7) RVD & Kane over Lance Storm & Chief Morley. RVD pinned Morley with the Five-Star Frogsplash. RVD received a huge ovation. Very good match with some strong performances all around. Very fast-paced and very long.

(8) Chris Jericho over Test (w/Stacy) in a Street Fight. Before the match Jericho got on the mic and bad-mouthed Ottawa and Canada in general. He dissed the Senators (bad move) and completely turned the crown against him. The match started with some brawling into the crowd and then settled in the ring. Christian came down and interfered heavily in Jericho’s favor. The match ended when Test powered out of the Walls of Jericho and hit a powerbomb. Jericho was able to kick out reapply the Walls for the submission.

(9) Triple H over Kevin Nash. Triple H won with a roll-up after knocking Nash into the exposed turnbuckle. After the match Nash laid out Triple H with a jackknife powerbomb. When Triple H got to his feet the crowd broke out a “Triple H” chant. Triple H got on the mic and told the crowd that he had to come to Ottawa and now he had to listen to us chant his name. He told us to stick our chants up our Maple syrup lovin’, Canadian asses.

Overall a pretty entertaining show that was good, but wasn’t better than the Smackdown! Brand house show a few months back.

Biggest Pops
1. RVD/Kane
2. Dudleys
3. Stacy Kiebler
4. Scott Steiner
5. Triple H

Biggest Heel Heat
1. Jericho (after dissing the Sens)
2. Triple H (after dissing Ottawa)
3. Lance Storm/Chief Morley
4. La Resistance (when speaking French)
5. 3 Minute Warning

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