5/4 Riptide Wrestling in Brighton, U.K.: Detailed report on strictly 18-plus show with Mark Andrews, Jimmy Havoc, Jack Sexsmith, Anti-Fun Police


MAY 4, 2018

This was an adults wrestling show, strictly 18+

The show opens with a woman called Rosa-Rose and she introduced the first match which was

(1) Chakara vs. Sierra Luxton vs. Sammie Jayne in a Triple Threat women’s match. Chakara came out first to boos and middle fingers from the crowd, next out was Sammi Jayne, last out was Sierra Luxton… This was then interpret by the fire alarm which was probably set off by the last entrance.. The alarm then stopped and we went back on with the introductions. This started a bit slow but picked up with the two heels in the match, Chakara and Sammi Jayne against the one babyface, Sierra. Sierra was fighting back all match, took heat from both heels and a few hard bumps that looked nasty. Chakara pins Sierra with a rollup after spitting powder in her face. Chakara win via pin fall. Good opener.

(2) Spike Trivet vs. Maverick Mayhew. Maverick came out for to cheers. When Spike came out he came with Chris Ridgeway and Demon Moser, people booed and swore at them, Spike has nuclear heat. The match started with a jump start from the heels, Moser and “Hard as F#*K Ridgeway” as Trivet says, stomp Maverick down then Spike tells the ref to ring the bell after. The match officially begins. After some heat on Mayhew the high flying Maverick pulls out a 619, crossbody from the top rope, flips and dives in his come back but it’s too much with interference from both men outside, Spike Trivet wins with his finisher the “Birth right”. Spike wins via pin fall. After the match the three heels offer Maverick in the group but beat him down again, then put a chair round the ankle of Mayhew and stomped it to cause an injury.

(3) Jack Sexsmith vs. Mark Andrews. The pansexual phenomenon, Jack Sexsmith came to the ring first. Then Mark Andrews comes out to a big pop and everyone sings his song, even after it finishes. Good crowd. This was a hard-hitting, fast-paced, babyface vs. babyface match that the crowd loved. Sexsmith has played a baby face that loses a lot and seems to be worn down by the losses. He plays a slight heel here until he snaps, gets a chair, raises to hit Mark but doesn’t. He then gets hit with a stundog millionaire and a big splash for the win. Mark Andrews wins via pin fall.

Flash Morgan Webster comes out next to “sit in the ring the whole interval”

The second part starts with Rosa-Rose saying “We don’t have any time for your sh..” to Flash, the crowd booed her. All he wanted was a rumble spot, happening June 1st but he didn’t get it. He was taken out by security eventually and dragged off.

(4)  T.K Cooper vs. Drew Parker vs. Elijah vs. Danny Junes. This was a very fast paced match with TK Cooper and Drew Parker the crowd favourites until Drew Parker ran wild on everyone, hitting big dives to the outside, with not much space, until Parker went to dive on TK Cooper who held his arms out to catch him and just walked off letting him crash and burn with a loud thud. A few minutes later back in the ring TK Cooper wins by pinfall after a headbutt “because he’s Samoan”. Good match to come back from interval.

(5) Anti-Fun Police vs. Team Whitewolf vs. Grizzled Young Veterans vs. Kip Sabian & Amir Jordan. In this match we have two face teams and two heel teams with Kip Sabian & Amir Jordan the more over face team and the grizzled young veterans, James Drake and Zack Gibson being the more over heel team. When Gibson tries to talk the place erupts with boos, the crowd then ‘Shhh’ themselves just to boo even louder when Gibson talks again. They wrestled maybe 5 minutes before the bell ring and officially started the match. This match had everything from a very large man DOING A DIVE! Which was insane, comedy heel spots, with a megaphone, dancing, a one man Spanish Fly and a lot more. Amir Jordan pinned No Fun Dunne of The Fun Police for the win. Kip Sabian & Amir Jordan win via pinfall.

(6) Boar vs. WALTER. These are two very big guys. This started with a brawl outside the ring, once the big man WALTER took over early it was downhill for him then on. WALTER would throw Boar (who is a big guy too) across the ring and chop him so hard Boar would believability go down. During the match Boar suplexed WALTER and it shock the ring so much it knocked the ref down. WALTER chopped Boar, Slammed Boar and kicked Boar in the facelooking for a countdown finish with the ref counting to 9 one point. Shortly after WALTER won by Submission. Very fun big man match. Staff tried to help Boar after but he refused water and their aid to the adulation of the crowd.

2nd interval

During the second interval, “Junior,” Mark Andrews band played a few songs

Rosa-Rose introduces the next part but was interrupted by Kurtis Chapman who introduces “The best professional wrestler in the country, he is deliciously evil, Lord Gideon Grey” to face the beach ball throwing fan favourite, Chuck Mambo.

(7) Chuck Mambo vs. Lord Gideon Grey (w/Kurtis Chapman). Gideon cut a promo before the match saying “I’m quite tired tonight so if you don’t do any of your high flying bollocks Kurtis won’t interfere” Kurtis Chapman didn’t seem happy with this when Grey shouted at him “Get out”. Kurtis interfered a few times, putting Grey’s foot on the rope during a pin until Mambo hit a few dives to Chapman and Grey. Mambo eventually hit a big springboard splash for the win.

It’s main event time. This match is an intergender match

(8) Jimmy Havok vs. Jinny. This was a very exciting match with both hitting big moves early and often. Jimmy tried to use a chair early on but was stopped, he also set up a table. Havok going for his finisher, the Acid Rainmaker and swearing at Jinny only for her to reverse the move and hit it herself for a nearfall. Jinny fought hard in this match and had some really good nearfalls and strong offence but in the end Jimmy Havok and his hardcore style wrestling was too much for Jinny and pinned her with the Acid Rainmaker after hitting her with a chair in the face.

After the match the fight continued with Jimmy Havok powerbombing Jinny from the apron to a table set up earlier on the outside, which did not break. Jimmy tried 2 more powerbombs on the table until the legs bent and broke, Jinny hit the table as it slid from underneath her and she hit the hard wood floor. She was helped out after Havok left.

That was the end of the show. Another fun night in Brighton watching Riptide Wrestling.

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