5 YRS AGO – NXT TV REPORT (5-15-13): Big E vs. Damien Sandow, Natalya vs. Summer Rae, Sami Zayn’s first interview, Neville, Wyatt, more

By Justin James, PWTorch contributor

Damien Sandow art credit Grant Gould (c) PWTorch

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WWE NXT Results
May 15, 2013
Taped at Full Sail University
By Justin James, PWTorch contributor

[Q1] The pre-credits video offers a reminder of the five minute build-up to see Damien Sandow against Big E. Langston. Remember when they would have multi-week builds to matches with Seth Rollins? But, NXT has been focused on the Tag Team and Divas divisions, so it is tough to complain. Tom Philips and Brad Maddox have the call.

Speaking of Divas, Natalya is out first for her match against Summer Rae.


They trade early control at first, and Maddox calls out Rae from trying to mat wrestle with Natalya. Natalya wants the Sharpshooter but Rae gets to the ropes then throws an elbow in response. Natalya comes back. Discus clothesline from Natalya for two, then Rae asks for a breather in the ropes. Rae appears to apologize and Natalya falls for it and gets dumped outside. Rae takes advantage.

[ Commercial Break ]

Rae in the middle of a two count out of the break. She continues to work Natalya over. Rae with a DDT with a roll-through into a mount. Paige decides to make her way down the ring just as Rae kicks free of a Sharpshooter. Natalya bumps Paige from the apron and Rae schoolsgirls Natalya for the win, then goes hustling up the ramp trying to sneak by Paige, who gives chase.

WINNER: Summer Rae in 7:30. The match never really felt like it got out of first gear, likely because of the intended interference from Paige. Another NXT Divas match that was longer than just about every match on Raw.

Backstage, Renee Young interviews Sami Zayn (El Generico) in advance of his debut next week. He’s dressed like a 2011 Sheamus with the flat cap, vest, and long sleeve shirt. He will be facing Curt Hawkins next week. He compliments her clothing choices and Curt Hawkins as an opponent. He says he feels confident and ready for next week.

There is a phenomenal video package pre-commercial for Bray Wyatt. This would make a quality introduction vignette for the main roster should they choose to go that route.

Wyatt cuts a promo on this way out. He’s got a kind of hockey mask and a butcher’s apron on. He explains the mask and says that Jericho made him re-evaluate. “This is the face of the eater of worlds.”

[ J.J.’s Reax: I think the mask is a mistake, he looks like a Mankind knockoff. ]

[Q2] Danny Burch comes out to face Bray Wyatt.

2 – DANNY BURCH vs. BRAY WYATT (w/The Wyatt Family)

Burch with an early flurry, but Wyatt weathers it and dominates Burch. Wyatt puts Burch in the corner and lands a big splash. Sister Abigail ends it.

WINNER: Bray Wyatt in 2:00. Another impressive squash for Wyatt, this time against an opponent who is physically impressive.

Backstage, Adrian Neville is having a random chat when Bo Dallas finds him. He asks if Neville is still upset about the titles, and Neville admits that he isn’t too happy. Neville mentions Grey and Dallas doesn’t want to hear about Grey. He says that time heals all wounds, and quotes John Cena, then mentions his own appearance in the Royal Rumble. He tells Neville to “Never Give Up.” Neville is tired of Dallas and asks where he’s been, and Dallas says he signed up for the NXT Battle Royale in two weeks for the #1 contender slot at the NXT Title. Neville’s in the tournament, too, but Dallas doesn’t seem too thrilled about that.

[ J.J.’s Reax: Dallas is on a slow burn of a heel turn, acting emotionally deaf to Neville. He stumbled into being a tag champ, lost the titles, and doesn’t seem to care about getting them back or even acknowledging that he lost them. This is a great way to use Dallas, who has become the John Cena of NXT, the face everyone wants to boo. ]

Conor O’Brian is out for a handicap match against Samamoto (no longer employed) and Briley Pearce (also no longer employed).


Sakamoto can’t get it done, so Pearce tags in to take some abuse. O’Brian with quicker pacing and a new moveset. Sakamoto lands some chops and Pearce joins in too, but O’Brian ignores it and takes it to them. For some reason they no longer need to tag in and out, and O’Brian dominates them both at the same time. A big double flapjack puts them both away at the same time.

WINNER: Conor O’Brian in 3:00. It looks like O’Brian is being re-established as a force on NXT.

Post-match, someone who looks like he could be in The Ascension comes out to the ramp to stare at O’Brian. It looks like it may be a re-packaging of Rick Victor.

Tony Dawson has an interview with Corey Graves about his repeated disappointments. Graves says that he doesn’t have “ups and downs” in NXT, but his whole life. He dad told him that he can’t succeed without failing over and over again and maybe you can make it. He’s entered in the Battle Royale as well. Bray Wyatt interrupts and asks why Graves is acting cool while there’s a war coming, and says that like Kassius Ohno, Graves will find out what’s going on. Graves doesn’t care what Wyatt has to say, and promises to put the Family down if they mess with him.

[ J.J.’s Reax: I truly feel that Graves has bottled the essence of what makes the Randy Orton or Stone Cold characters “click” for the audience and takes a few sips before every segment he is in. He isn’t a “face” or a “heel” he is a loner out for himself. He stands up against the heels not for “justice,” but because they are in his way or have harmed him. If WWE ever gets serious about “the reality era,” the Graves package would be a good ticket to ride on.

[Q3] As Damien Sandow comes out, Brad Maddox and Tom Philips announce that Corey Graves is booked to face Bray Wyatt next week. Langston has new music, which sounds a lot like Hunico’s music.


Langston easily over-powered Sandow in the corner, then mid-ring. Langston wants the Big Ending early, but Sandow slips out. Langston with five punches to the stomach. Sandow continues to struggle and takes a breather outside of the ring.

[ Commercial Break ]

Langston puts Sandow up for a delayed suplex. Sandow dodges a charge in the corner and immediately capitalizes, then Sandow manages to keep Langston on the mat. Sandow with a double axehandle from the top for two. The crowd wills Langston to his feet, but Sandow takes him down again. Langston with five knees to the mid-section and drops the straps.

[Q4] Langston wants the Big Ending, but Sandow reverses for a nearfall. Sandow with the Side Russian Legsweep, but Langston dodges the Elbow of Disdain. Spinning neckbreaker from Sandow then the Elbow of Disdain for a nearfall. Sandow wants the Terminoose, but Langston shoves him into the ropes and hits the Big Ending off the rebound.

WINNER: Big E. Langston in 11:30. Easily Langston’s best match to date, in no small part due to Damien Sandow. There was unfortunately little drama as it was obvious that they wouldn’t put the NXT Title on a main roster member.

Post-match, Langston lands another Big Ending for a five count.

Final Thoughts: The title match was totally pointless except to give Langston a big title defense while they rebuild the contender ladder. The title really needs to land on Corey Graves at this point. Bray Wyatt doesn’t need the title, though having The Family with all of the gold would make an interesting story. Conor O’Brian is the wrong character for the title. It belongs on Corey Graves, and if it doesn’t end up there, then Graves and Ohno should team up and chase the Tag Titles. Good action all around and nice to see some new feuds budding, particularly Neville and Dallas.

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