10 YRS AGO – 2CW in Gloversville, N.Y.: Kevin Steen (Owens) vs. Eddie Edwards vs. Isis Ephex leads to fans throwing shoes, plus Terry Funk, Spike Dudley

Kevin Owens (photo credit Wade Keller © PWTorch)

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The following was originally published five years ago this week on PWTorch.com…

2CW “Best of What’s Around” show results
May 17, 2013
Gloversville, N.Y. at the Lexington Center
Est. Attendance: 300
Report by Mike of Albany, N.Y., PWTorch reader

The auditorium for Friday night’s 2CW show was about three-fourths-full. The wildest moment of the night was a “Shoe Incident” involving Kevin Steen and Eddie Edwards, detailed below.

(1) C.K. (Sean Carr & Kage) & I.B. Green beat “Supercop” Dick Justice & Peter D. Order & Eric M. Timmins (EMT). The losing team was dressed like the “Big Boss Man.” The guys who looked like actual wrestlers (CK) got the win via pinfall.

(2) “Slyck” Wagner Brown beat A.R. Fox. “Slyck” has the “I hail from Kingston, Jamaica” gimmick. He even came out with a cheap Jamaican-colored tapestry over his ring gear. Really good match that started off slow, and built to a solid finish. A.R. Fox worked the “face in peril” formula. He almost had a comeback at the very end with a 450 Splash, but Brown was able to get his knees up and score the victory. (***1/4)

– Bin Hamin and Milan X present “ZSIII’s Funeral.” My guess is that Bin Hamin was the guy dressed as a Middle Eastern prince. Milan X was a cocky American heel with bleach-blonde hair. He is a “bin Laden guy,” apparently. They taunted the crowd until ZSIII (I guess) came out and attacked the heels. ZSIII was sporting an eye patch because Hamin and Milan threw a fireball in his face at a previous 2CW show. ZSIII spit a fireball of his own at Milan X, but Bin Hamin made the save.

(3) Punisher Vanslyke & Kevin “The Man” Graham beat Planet Fitness to retain the 2CW Tag Titles. Team Planet Fitness’s “Muscle” Marcos came out with a shake weight. Pretty good match. The champions were good at getting the crowd behind them. Vanslyke and Graham survived a flurry of offense before putting the challengers away. (**1/2)

(4) Isis Ephex beat Eddie Edwards and Kevin Steen in a triple threat match to retain the 2CW Hvt. Title. This was supposed to be Ephex vs. Edwards, one-on-one, but Steen came out and grabbed the microphone. He said he would deal with Spike Dudley and Terry Funk later. Right now, though, he wanted another shot at the 2CW Title he recently lost. He forced himself into the match by intimidating the referee.

Shoe Incident: It started when Steen, heeling it up, decided to pick on a young girl in the crowd. She threatened to throw her shoe at him, so Steen tried to call her bluff, saying he would eat the shoe if she threw it at him. She threw it at him. Then, several fans started tossing their shoes to the ringside area. Steen started throwing the shoes in the ring. There were some “Shoe! Shoe! Shoe” chants and my personal favorite: “shoe!”-ing when a wrestler would hit his opponent with the shoe.

There was a lot of ringside brawling and a few chairshots. Isis hit his finisher on Edwards and scored the pin, as Steen was too late to break it up.

[ Intermission. I had a chance to buy a shirt from Kevin Steen. Really nice guy. ]

– Legends Segment. Several legends came out to a standing ovation. They were members of the Pro Wrestling Hall of Fame’s (Amsterdam, N.Y.) Class of 2013. Among them were Dominic Denucci, Tito Santana, and “Leaping” Lanny Poffo.

(5) Guero Loco & his partner beat the French Canadians. This was an unadvertised match, so I’m unsure of the names. They did a bit before the match where the French team spoke in French, and Guero Loco responded in Spanish. Loco reminded me of a smaller El Generico. There was some good action, but the crowd was pretty dead after the intermission. (*1/2)

(6) “Party Peacock” Dalton Castle beat Colin Delaney. Yes, that Colin Delaney. He looked pretty good – short hair and beard, and he wore traditional short trunks instead of his indy-riffic tight pants. Colin had a decent following. Hailing from Rochester, N.Y., he was a hometown hero in this N.Y.-based promotion. I noticed that Castle had a hardcore following as well. He really did look like a star and probably had the most potential out of anyone on the roster tonight. Overall, a pretty good match. The crowd was still out of it, though, with some leaving after the intermission. Castle won with a German Suplex pinning combination. (**1/2)

(7) Spike Dudley (w/Terry Funk) beat “Juggernaut” Jason Axe (w/Kevin Steen). Steen came out with Axe, then Spike came out alone at first. Suspecting that Steen would interfere, Spike called for “Desperado” to start playing. Out came Terry Funk to a standing ovation. It started with some okay action. The more entertaining part was Funk stalking Steen around ringside. The match turned into a bit of a garbage match, as chairs, a ladder, and a table became involved. Steen and Funk brawled through the crowd and ended up disappearing through the emergency exit. Meanwhile, Axe put Spike through a table in the ring. All of a sudden, Funk reappeared through a different emergency exit and helped Spike get the victory. (**)

The show ended with Spike and Funk celebrating in the ring.

All in all, a good show. It definitely exceeded my expectations for an independent show. 2CW returns to Binghamton, N.Y. on June 1 for a women’s wrestling-themed show.

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