COLLECTIBLES COLUMN: Where to Find Items of the Controversial Sami Callihan

By Michael Moore, PWTorch Collectibles Specialist


Ask any wrestling fan his opinion on Sami Callihan, and it’s unlikely anyone will tell you, “Eh, he’s OK.”

People either love Callihan or hate him. He’s either wrestling’s best heel or a dangerous worker. But it’s hard to argue that in 2018, more people are talking about the self-proclaimed “Draw” than ever before.

Callihan has been wrestling for more than a dozen years, first gaining notoriety in CZW in 2008 and 2009. After successful stints in Evolve, Dragon Gate USA and Pro Wrestling Guerrilla, he signed with WWE in 2013 and was rechristened Solomon Crowe. He never quite caught on in NXT, however, and after debuting on TV in January 2015, he was released that same November.

Since leaving WWE, Callihan has competed in CZW, PWG, New Japan Pro Wrestling, Lucha Underground (as Jeremiah Crane), Major League Wrestling and, perhaps most notably, Impact Wrestling.

Throughout his career, Callihan has appeared on a handful of trading cards. The only one that pre-dates his WWE run is a Filsinger Games card from the company’s CZW starter set in 2012. These cards are larger than traditional trading cards and, as gaming cards, can be very tough to come by individually on the secondary market. Callihan also was included in the fifth series of CZW cards from Filsinger in 2017. Full checklists and images are available at

As traditional trading cards go, Callihan was first featured in two Topps products from 2015: Topps WWE Undisputed and the UK-exclusive Topps WWE Slam Attax: Then Now Forever. Callihan (as Crowe) is pictured on card #NXT-13 in the NXT Prospects insert set in Undisputed. The basic card has a red background, and there are several different colored parallels with different serial numbering, from 1 to 99. Both cards can pretty easily be found on sites like eBay or Amazon for just a couple bucks, unless you’re looking for a low numbered Undisputed parallel.

Crowe is pictured on card #96 in 2016 Topps WWE Road to WrestleMania, which notes that he was defeated by Kevin Owens on 5/27/15. Crowe is also named (but not pictured) on two other WWE cards from Topps. In the 2017 Topps NXT set, card #1 notes that Jason Jordan and Chad Gable defeated Neville and Solomon Crowe on 9/2/15, and Card #3 mentions that Apollo Crews defeated Crowe on 9/16/15.

Callihan’s most popular cards are from the 2016 and 2017 PWG Battle of Los Angeles sets. Several collectors have mentioned the 2016 card as a favorite, which shows Callihan sitting in the crowd next to Dave Meltzer while holding a pitcher of beer. The 2016 and 2017 cards can be very tough to find, so putting a value on them is difficult. A limited number of signed 2017 cards were sold by, and the signed Callihan card occasionally pops up on eBay for about $30.

Callihan’s only action figure is in Figures Toy Company’s Rising Stars of Wrestling Line. The figure has black trunks and boots, along with a removable orange vest. It can be purchased for $29.99 at

Callihan has several shirts available at He also has merch available at, including shirts and a signed OVE photo with the Crist brothers for $9.99.

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