6/7 MLW TV Tapings Report: Teddy Hart, Released NXT Wrestler debuts alongside Impact Knockout, First Tag Champs crowned in Triple Threat, MVP-Callihan Boiler Room Brawl

By Tom Stoup, PWTorch correspondent

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JUNE 7, 2018

The GILT Nightclub was abuzz, as usual, with wrestler sightings before doors. Rich Swann – with a star shape shaved in to the top of his head – Jake Hager, and MVP coolly made themselves known to fans waiting in the ticket line. Bruce Prichard could be seen supervising lighting tests, and casually waving as fans filed in. Moose – who has not appeared on MLW programming – was spotted leaving the production area in street clothes.

Ring announcer Tim Barr announced tickets for the July 12 taping going on sale tomorrow (June 8) at 10 a.m., and hyped up the crowd while passing out BeIn Sports merchandise.

(1) Kotto Brazil pinned Vandal Ortagun. Ortagun shouted, “Turkey” and kicked Brazil in the gut. Ortagun maintained control through the early phases despite Brazil’s vigor. Brazil went for a frog splash but Ortagun got his knees up. Escaping a pinning predicament, Brazil superkicked Ortagun twice and collected the victory.

“Filthy” Tom Lawlor made his way to the commentary desk, looking dour. He put on a headset and motioned to Rich Bocchini to be quiet.

(2) ACH pinned Rich Swann. Swann danced to ACH’s entrance and said, “That’s hot!” Both wrestlers sought and evaded dropkicks during an aerial feeling out process. Tony Schiavone could be heard saying, “Some guys wear a knee brace just because!” ACH earned a near fall with a German suplex pin and, looking quite relaxed, remained bridged after the kick out to nonchalantly dust himself off. ACH’s strikes became more savage, forcing Swann to fight from beneath. ACH nailed a frog splash for another near fall. Swann surprised ACH with a cutter for his own near fall. From commentary, Tom Lawlor appeared more and more perturbed. After an exchange of chops, Swann earned a near fall with a roundhouse kick. He evaded a frog splash, but found his shoulders leveraged to the mat as his resulting school boy counter was bested.

Tom Lawlor exited to a shower of boos.

As “White Belt” Santiago made his way to the ring to face Trey Miguel, Teddy Hart appeared and attacked Santiago. The crowd chanted “welcome back” as a clean-shaven Court Bauer led Santiago out. Soaking in adulation, Hart demanded a match immediately.

(3) Teddy Hart pinned Trey Miguel. Miguel gained an upper hand on Hart early, culminating with a standing moonsault. Hart surprised him with a sunset flip powerbomb for an incredibly close two count that popped the crowd. Miguel kicked out of a cocky cover following a gnarly DDT. Exhibiting further resilience, he then kicked out of a brutal lumbar check. Miguel was a noodle as Hart perched him atop the turnbuckle, but he countered a superplex attempt in to a top rope cutter. He repeated the maneuver on the apron, spiking Hart. Hart hit another lumbar check, then delivered an insane Canadian Destroyer from the top rope to win the exceptionally entertaining match.

(4) Low Ki pinned Ricky Martinez. Low Ki wasted no time kicking Martinez to the mat and prowling for uppercuts as Martinez tried to regain his base. Low Ki kept on the assault for as long as he deemed fit, finally kneeling on Martinez to mercifully end the contest. Martinez remained out cold on the mat as senior official Frank Gastineau checked on him.

Teddy Hart could be seen taping a backstage interview in the production area.

(5) Simon Gotch (w/“Filthy” Tom Lawlor) defeated Parrow by referee stoppage. Gotch again offered $250 to any challenger who could defeat him in less than five minutes. Parrow entered, draped in a pride flag, to an enthusiastic ovation. Gotch tried running from the big man, then took him to the ground with a leg lock. When Parrow found the rope, Lawlor snuck a hard punch to his head. Gotch seized the opportunity to slip in to a headlock that quickly put Parrow to sleep. Parker immediately called the Dirty Blondes to the ring, and the Stud Stable’s presence drove Team Filthy from the nightclub.

(6) Barrington Hughes pinned a Syrian wrestler. Hughes calmly sidestepped his opponent, and delivered a headbutt to bring the much smaller man to the mat. All 460+ pounds of superheavyweight Hughes leapt in to an elbow drop, smoothly transitioning the maneuver in to a relaxed pin for the easy win. After the bell Hughes demanded, “Where’s my competition?” As publicized on his Instagram account, Hughes had written “Meeka” on his wrist tape in honor of his sister who sadly passed away over the weekend.

(7) “Filthy” Tom Lawlor (w/Simon Gotch) defeated Jake Hager (w/Colonel Robert Parker) via disqualification. Parker introduced Hager as “the man who rules the world.” Lawlor put up more of a fight than Hager’s prior opponent Jeff Cobb, but struggled to bring the lanky Hager to the ground with combinations of holds and strikes. As Hager wore down, he dove at Lawlor and wound up driving his own shoulder in to the ring post. Lawlor escaped an ankle lock, and the Stud Stable – Parrow and the Dirty Blondes – ran in and attacked Team Filthy.

In a post-match interview, Lawlor said the Stud Stable is just like Robert Parker – if you put them out to stud, they wouldn’t be able to get the job done. He said he will become the number one contender at Battle Riot in New York City, a city he hates by the way.

(8) Joey Janela (w/Aria Blake) pinned MJF. MJF threw his gum in a fan’s beard on his way to the ring. Janela Thesz pressed MJF, and raked his back. MJF begged off, instructing Janela to relax. Janela dove to the outside on to MJF, sending MJF in to the crowd. Janela dove once more, but was sent in to the pads protecting the announce desk at ringside. MJF mocked his opponent by saying, “I’m a bad, bad boy,” and proceeded to stomp on Janela’s extremities. When Janela’s hand was beneath MJF’s boot, Blake shouted, “I need that!” When a fan suggested MJF choke Janela, Blake retorted, “Only I can do that!” Janela delivered a trio of knees to MJF’s head in the corner, and scored a near fall. MJF cinched a mean hold on Janela’s left arm, but Janela found the rope. Janela drove MJF’s shoulder in to the ring post from the apron, and hurled him in to a nearby support beam. He then dove on to MJF in a sea of chairs. He hit a swanton for another near fall. MJF crotched Janela and delivered a superplex for two, then hit a nasty hangman piledriver. Blake slid a chair in the ring, but MJF intercepted it. As the referee focused on Blake, Janela superkicked the chair in to MJF’s face for the win. Blake put on her best innocent, angelic expression for the camera after the fall.

In a post-match interview, MJF complained he had been cheated out of a victory and accused MLW of hiring a referee who is blind as a bat. He said Joey Janela is a Jersey dirtbag, and what Aria Blake needs is a real man. Janela flew in and repeatedly attacked his rival as officials tried to hold the wrestlers back.

(9) Fred Yehi submitted Sammy Guevara (w/Salina de la Renta). Salina de la Renta was led to the ring by a hulking member of the ring crew. Guevara took Tim Barr’s hand and said in to Barr’s microphone, “You gonna respect the greatest wrestler in the world? Shake my damn hand when you see me.” Guevara slapped Yehi in the face as he bobbed about the ring. Yehi worked a headlock and flipped off his opponent. Guevara returned finger, as it were, and went for a headlock of his own only to be shoved to the mat. Guevara flipped away from Yehi’s attacks, and boasted to the commentators. Yehi shoulder tackled the braggart and bicycle-kicked him. Yehi raised welts on Guevara’s chest with chops in the corner. Guevara ran the ropes back and forth insisting, “It’s gonna be really awesome” before grabbing a chinlock and sarcastically announcing, “Wrestling!” Yehi sank more chops deep in to Guevara, and double-stomped him for two. Yehi submitted Guevara as Guevara screamed, “Oh, no!”

(10) Ariel Rodriguez defeated Jaye Skye via disqualification. Su Young, with Zeda Zhang, interrupted early and took to the ring with highly cinematic music and crimson strobe lighting. Zeda struck Rodriguez, and Young clocked Skye with a kendo stick. The two pounded on their fodder as the music and lighting continued to blare.

(11) ACH & Rich Swann pinned “Filthy” Tom Lawlor & Simon Gotch. The two teams taunted one another – Lawlor mimicking Swann’s dancing, and ACH saying “[Gotch] still wears Ed Hardy, bro.” ACH and Lawlor showed great chemistry as they jockeyed for position. ACH took a powder and accepted massages from fans. Stud Stable members the Dirty Blondes and Jake Hager appeared at ringside, but the Blondes were quickly taken out by dives from ACH and Swann as Bruce Prichard could be seen looking on. As the referee ousted the Blondes, Hager beat down Lawlor. Swann went for a frog splash on Gotch, and ACH helped increase the impact by pushing his airborne partner down upon his prey. ACH & Swann simultaneously pinned Gotch, then danced with the crowd as the Stud Stable looked on from the ramp with a pleased Robert Parker.

(12) Sami Callihan pinned MVP in a Boiler Room Brawl. Callihan was seen on screen chucking senior official Frank Gastineau in to the boiler room, where MVP was waiting. The wrestlers swing chain link gates in to one another, and soon escaped in to a narrow hallway lined with folded event tables. Sawyer Fulton appeared and pulled MVP in to a nearby room, but was sent flying back out in to the tables. MVP & Callihan brawled to ringside, MVP choking Callihan with a broom. The wrestlers laid in to one another with chairs, and MVP scored a near fall with a side slam on the steel. Callihan found his signature baseball bat beneath the ring. MVP stole it, and warded off Callihan’s interfering cronies. Callihan regained the bat and, after receiving a wad of spit to the face, put MVP away with it.

Tim Barr announced that John Morrison [sic] will be at the July 12th taping.

(13) The Lucha Brothers (Pentagon Jr. & Rey Fenix, with Salina de la Renta) defeated The Dirty Blondes (with Colonel Robert Parker) and Team TBD (Jason Cade & Jimmy Yuta) to become the MLW Tag Team Champions in an anything goes triple threat tag team elimination match.

Colonel Robert Parker introduced the Dirty Blondes. Tim Barr announced the contenders. Leo Brien, Pentagon, and Yuta started the bout. Pentagon signaled “cero miedo,” and Fenix kicked Yuta in the head as Yuta grabbed Pentagon’s gesturing hand. All six combatants then began taking advantage of the anything goes stipulation and a series of wild double teams began. Brien tumbled on to a batch of his opponents at ringside, and the Blondes began singling wrestlers out. Suplexes and sentons were delivered in tandem to the Lucha Brothers before Team TBD recovered to clear the Blondes from the ring. Cade eliminated the Blondes with a frog splash to Mike Patrick. The Lucha Brothers about separated Yuta’s head from his body with a double superkick. Fenix monkey flipped his brother in to Cade, and the Luchadors went for a double pin for two. Pentagon again signaled “cero miedo,” to which and unimpressed Cade responded, “I don’t even know what that means!” As Cade sprang in to a handstand against the ropes, Pentagon took him out with a swift dropkick to the abdomen. Yuta came to the rescue, but was knocked from a pin attempt by Fenix. Cade saved his partner from another pinning predicament and took on Fenix himself, scoring a near fall with an exaggerated codebreaker. Cade and Yuta dove from the top on to Fenix three consecutive times for a very close near fall. After a nearly volatile miscommunication between the members of Team TBD, The Lucha Brothers hit an assisted Fenix Driver and an assisted Pentagon Driver to become the tag team champions. The victors celebrated with bottles of Patron and poured shots of the tequila in to fans’ mouths, spilling some on the hard wood ringside floor.

Pentagon and Fenix could be seen taping a post-match interview in the production area.

(14) Shane Strickland pinned Brody King in a Bounty Match. A furious King pulled a Titus O’Neil, slipping on the Lucha Brothers’ tequila on his way to the ring and taking a facer on the ring apron. King attacked Strickland before Strickland could play to the crowd from the turnbuckle during his entrance. King caught Strickland in midair and powerbombed him on the apron. Strickland hung with King’s ferosity as the wrestlers clobbered one another. King grabbed a fistful of powder, but Strickland kicked it back in his face. Strickland toppled King with a heavy knee to the face for the win.

After the bell, Low Ki attacked Strickland and left him laying at the behest of Salina de la Renta. Low Ki admired the title belt, and draped it over the fallen champion. Low Ki viciously jawed in a fan’s face as he exited.

As fans filed out, Teddy Hart greeted and took photos with them, saying he was extremely gracious for the last-minute opportunity and how well it was received by the crowd. He said to expect him at future events. Outside, Bruce Prichard checked with the production truck as Tony Schiavone signed autographs.

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