6/20 Lucha Underground TV Report (season 4, ep. 2): Pentagon Dark vs. Matanza Cueto, Drago vs. El Dragon Azteca Jr., Trips Championship match

By Joel Dehnel, PWTorch contributor


Lucha Underground Report
Season 4 Episode #2 – “Darkness and the Monster”
June 20, 2018
Taped in Los Angeles, Calif.
Aired on El Rey Network
Report by Joel Dehnel, PWTorch contributor

-Show opened with a recap of Antonio Cueto coming into power, The gauntlet of the gods, the trios championship and hype for Pentagon Dark vs. Matanza. 

-Catrina teleported into a chair in King Cuerno’s home. Catrina expressed her need for the Gauntlet of the Gods to give her life back. Cuerno warned Catrina of it’s danger and how it could strike down the descendents of the seven aztec tribes. Cuerno said he gave the gauntlet to someone for safe keeping. He said he doesn’t know what he did with it and he doesn’t care if Catrina gets her life back. Catrina teleported out of the room.

-Title Card

In ring: Striker welcomed the audience to show. He hyped Pentagon’s title match tonight against Matanza Cueto. Vampiro then threw to Melissa Santos in the ring.

In ring: Famous B came out to the ring and told Melissa she didn’t have all the facts. He went on to promote his phone number to get famous. He entered the ring and said Infamous Incorporated is here with three new clients. He said Texano and Dr. Wagner Jr couldn’t be here because they are doing business for him in Mexico. The first luchador he introduced was Big Bad Steve. Next out was Sammy Guevara. Last out was “The Savage” Jake Strong (Jack Swagger). Striker alluded to him having a history in WWE and said that he brings a “Swagger” to Lucha Underground.

1 – Lucha Underground Trios Champions KILLSHOT & THE MACK & SON OF HAVOC vs. Infamous Inc. (BIG BAD STEVE & SAMMY GUEVARA & JAKE STRONG (Jack Swagger) w/ Famous B and Brenda) – Trios Championship match

Killshot started the match with Sammy. Killshot got the best of Sammy then tagged in Havoc. Sammy took down Havoc then tagged Steve. Killshot, came in the ring and hit a 619 and DDT on Steve. Jake entered the action then fell to the outside. Killshot went for the attack, but Sammy caught him on the apron. Jake threw Havoc into the ring allowing for Steve to hit a suplex. Jake hit his corner splash then Sammy followed with a swanton bomb for a two count. 

Killshot countered Sammy’s attempt of a frankensteiner. Mack helped out Killshot, but Jake took him down. Killshot got Jake onto one knee then climbed the top rope. Jake knocked him off the top rope them put the ankle lock on Killshot who tapped out while the referee was distracted. Mack broke up the ankle lock then hit a stunner on steve. Havoc then hit the shooting star press on steve for the win.

WINNER: Killshot & The Mack & Son of Havoc at 5:27 to retain the Trios Championship.

Post match: Jake Strong attacked both Big Bad Steve and Sammy Guevara. Next, Strong took down Famous B and snapped his ankle. Strong pounded his chest and and chanted “Strong”.


In ring: Santos introduced Antonio Cueto to The Temple. Antonio said many people called Dario a genius and the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. He said that one of his great concepts was the Gift of the Gods Championship. He said that he will start the process of crowning a new champion right now by putting a medallion on the line.

Santos introduced Drago to ring the ring. Kobra Moon accompanied him to the ring. Next out was El Dragon Azteca, Jr.

2 – DRAGO (w/Kobra Moon) vs. EL DRAGON AZTECA, JR. – Match for an Aztec Medallion

Drago went for a handshake then kicked Dragon in the groin. They exchanged moves on each other then came face to face in the middle of the ring. Dragon ran against the ropes allowing for Kobra moon to trip his foot. Dragon rolled onto Drago for a pin attempt. The two ran across the ring and Dragon slide to the outside. Drago dove onto Dragon on the outside. Drago lifted Dragon onto the top rope and started tearing away at the back of Dragon’s mask. Dragon’s face was briefly exposed to the crowd until Dragon got it back on. Dragon gained some traction and hit a belly to belly into the corner. Drago caught Dragon and slammed his face into the mat and went for a pin. Dragon dodged Drago’s attacked, but got caught with a big boot and a DDT. Dragon kicked Drago while he sat on the turnbuckle. Dragon flipped him off the turnbuckle and pinned him for the victory.

WINNER: El Dragon Azteca at 6:07. 

Post match: Kobra Moon scolded Drago in the ring. Mundo came out and taunted her allowing for Taya to attack Moon from behind. Mundo and Taya shared a kiss in the ring.


Antonio grabbed the key from his desk drawer. Catrina teleported into Antonio’s office. Catrina said she wants Mil Muertes vs. Fenix in a Grave Consequences match. She said once Fenix is buried, his life force will belong to her and she will be free. Antonio asked if that means she would have to knock next time. She said yes and Antonio said consider it done. Catrina faded out of the office. Antonio looked around his office frantically then the camera focused on the bull that is at the top of his cane.

In ring: Santos introduced Pentagon Dark to the ring. Matanza came out next.


3 – Lucha Underground Champion PENTAGON DARK vs. “The Monster” MATANZA CUETO – Lucha Underground Championship Match

Pentagon attack Matanza on the outside. Pentagon threw Matanza into a crowd of chairs. Pentagon set Matanza in the corner and hit a chop. Matanza fought back and slammed Pentagon’s head into the barricade. Matanza then tossed Pentagon into a sea of chairs. Matanza picked up Pentagon and slammed him on the ring apron. Matanza rolled Pentagon into the ring then slammed him. He tossed Pentagon across the ring again. Pentagon fought back with a sling blade. Pentagon landed a hard kick then attempted a package piledriver. Pentagon countered Matanza again and hit a backbreaker followed by a codebreaker. Matanza got to his knees and Pentagon landed a hard kick. Pentagon taunted Matanza allowing for Matanza to catch him from behind for a slam. Pentagon landed a super kick followed then headed to the top rope. Matanza caught him at the top  and lifted him onto his shoulders. Pentagon knocked Matanza down then hit two Mexican Destroyers followed by a package piledriver for the win.

WINNER: Pentagon Dark at 7:43 to retain the Lucha Underground Championship.

Post match: Pentagon tried to break Matanza’s arm. Antonio came out with the key which gave Matanza the strength to over power Pentagon. Antonio scolded Matanza and Matanza cowered.

-Antonio walked into his office and set down the key. Jeremiah Crane came in and said that he wants to bury both Mil Muertes and Fenix by himself so he can have Catrina. Antonio then changed the match to be a three way grave consequences match.

FINAL THOUGHTS: Pentagon gave Matanza his first pinfall loss in LU. I’m loving how strong they are booking Pentagon. It’s quite refreshing to see a promotion push their most popular star to the top. A solid second show that didn’t try to overwhelm like last week’s Aztec Warfare. 

I think this week they tried putting more makeup on Antonio. It looked like a bag of flour burst onto his face. They are really working to show the parallels between Antonio and Dario. This makes me think there is a possibility that maybe Antonio is actually Dario in a god form. Then why would Dario call for a hit on himself? 

I’m certain we will know more as time goes on. That doesn’t change the fact that it’s ridiculous people are buying Antonio as anything other than Dario in a wig and makeup.

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  1. I think the fact that the crowd is “buying in” with a wink means they too feel something storyline wise is going to unfold regarding Cueto.

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