7/22 SLAMMIVERSARY RESULTS: McMahon’s PPV results and analysis Aries vs. Moose, Edwards vs. Dreamer, Callihan vs. Pentagon, more



JULY 22, 2018

— An opening montage, narrated by Barry Scott, aired.

— Josh Mathews welcomed us to the show as crowd shots were shown.

(McMahon: It’s a good-sized crowd and they’re really into the show at the open. The ropes are bright yellow for Slammiversary.)


Ishimori flew in and delivered a hurricanrana early in the match. Ishimori and Impact squared off one-on-one and the fans chanted, “welcome back!” Fenix flipped Impact to the floor. Ishimori landed head scissors on Fenix. Williams hit a pop-up powerbomb but Ishimori rolled out. Williams tried a sharshooter on Ishimori. Impact landed multiple kicks to all opponents and then Impact and Fenix double-downed after a double kick to the head. Williams kicked out at two on a pin attempt by Impact. Williams hit a Canadian Destroyer on Ishimori. Impact hit Starship Pain on Fenix for the win.

WINNER: Johnny Impact in 12:00 (****1/2)

(McMahon: Well, I wish I was able to see more of this match, because it sounded awesome from the crowd reaction. Unfortunately, the Fite feed is really laggy and the video quality is poor, pausing at least a dozen times during the match — I had to restart it twice — and the picture quality isn’t great. 

From a booking perspective, it’s good to see Impact get the win in his return to the company. He’s a guy that, if booked the right way, Impact can build around. I’d like to see him utilized as a cocky heel, just because I think he can pull off that type of character really well, but it doesn’t seem Impact is moving in that direction after the company sent him as an ambassador to the Blue Jays game earlier in the day to throw out the first pitch).

— A video package aired on LAX vs. The OGz.

— A video package aired on Tessa Blanchard vs. Allie.


Allie and Tessa trash talk before the match begins. Tessa pie-faced Allie but she came back with an arm drag. After throwing her into the railing outside, Tessa rolled back into the ring and Mathews speculated that she wanted a count-out win. Tessa pounced and threw punches while Allie was on the ground. Tessa threw a huge forearm. Allie and Tessa spilled to the floor over the top rope. Tessa tried for a DDT on the floor but Allie squirmed out. Allie hit a Death Valley Driver on the floor. Back in the ring, Allie hit a series of clotheslines and then a dropkick. Allie hit a Codebreaker for a two count. Tessa had Allie on the top rope and hit a top-rope hurricanrana for a two count. Allie hit a Codebreaker and then Tessa rolled to the outside. Allie hit a superkick for a two count.

WINNER: Tessa Blanchard in 11:00 (***1/2)

(McMahon: The top rope hurricanrana looked scary, as it seemed Allie got stuck or something and got spiked on her head — at least it looked that way — but she kicked out and appeared OK. The feed issues with Fite persist, which is making watching the show almost impossible. Every 2-3 minutes the feed goes out for 10-15 seconds and refreshes. Meanwhile, my download speed is nearing 150 mbps and other streaming offerings (YouTube TV) works fine in HD. 

This match was good though, from what I saw. Allie looked strong despite the loss and Tessa gets an important win, considering how 50/50 she’s been booked since her debut with the company. The match itself was really strong, and a good step forward for the division.)

— Moose was interviewed backstage.

— A video package aired on Eddie Edwards vs. Tommy Dreamer.

(3) EDDIE EDWARDS vs. TOMMY DREAMER — House of Hardcore Match

Edwards and Dreamer begin the match immediately as Dreamer charged the ring and locked up with Edwards, but the lockup included punches and elbows. Edwards and Dreamer spill to the outside. Dreamer suplexed Edwards on the outside. Edwards looked for a dive but Dreamer met him with a trash can. Edwards grabbed a staple gun and tried to staple Dreamer’s forehead. Dreamer blocked it and kicked Edwards in the groin. Dreamer grabbed the staple gun and tried to staple Edwards’ head but he blocked it. Edwards tried for a sunset flip but Dreamer held himself up and stapled Edwards’ forehead. The fans chanted, “ECW!” Dreamer went under the ring as the camera cut away to show Edwards being busted open. Dreamer grabbed an ECW Championship belt from the crowd and smashed Edwards in the face with it. Edwards dropped Dreamer on the railing. Callis said that Edwards hasn’t talked to his wife in weeks. Edwards went under the ring and brought out a kendo stick. Edwards battered Dreamer with the kendo stick but Dreamer shot up and hit a quick cutter. Dreamer propped up Edwards on two chairs and then went to the top rope, but Edwards recovered and hit Dreamer with a kendo stick on the knee. Edwards yelled at Dreamer to not talk to his wife. Dreamer hit Edwards in the groin and then hit a Spicolli Driver off the top rope and through the two chairs set up in the ring. Edwards smeared blood from his face onto Dreamer’s. A table got brought into the ring and it was covered in lighter fluid but Edwards hit Dreamer with a low blow to prevent him from lighting it. Edwards hit the Boston Knee Party for the win.

WINNER: Eddie Edwards in 12:00 (***)

After the match, Edwards broke down in tears and began trying to help Dreamer up. Dreamer wasn’t sure if he could trust Edwards and he pushed him into the turnbuckle. Alisha Edwards came to the ring and shouted at Eddie that this was over. Dreamer looked infuriated as they shook hands. Dreamer gave Edwards a kendo stick. Callis said that we were witnessing a passing of the torch.

(McMahon: Good hardcore match, if you like that style. I’m a bit confused by the “passing of the torch” angle after the match, considering how heated everything was prior to this. Dreamer shouldn’t have been so trusting right away, and that’s a story that could play out this week at television tapings. Also, while I certainly don’t want to see someone seriously injured, Edwards preventing Dreamer from lighting the table on fire was a bit of a heel move, was it not? The crowd exploded at the prospect of a flaming table, and Edwards took that away from them. I was not a fan of the spot where Edwards smeared his own blood on Dreamer’s face. That was unnecessary and potentially dangerous.)

— Matt Sydal cut a promo backstage.

— A video package aired on Matt Sydal vs Brian Cage.

(4) BRIAN CAGE vs. MATT SYDAL — X Division Championship Match

After some streaming issues, I was able to pick things up about four minutes into the match. Sydal had Cage locked and tied up in the ropes. Sydal hit a standing moonsault but Cage stood up with Sydal in his arms. Cage hit a discus clothesline for a two count. Sydal tried for a Shooting Star Press but Sydal seemed to get stuck in the ropes and he missed the move. Cage hit a Drill Claw for the win.

WINNER: Brian Cage in 10:00 (***1/2)

(McMahon: Stream update … Fite is offering credits. But the problems persist. 

Due to the stream issues, I missed a good portion of this match at the beginning, but the last 4-5 minutes was really strong. Cage winning the X Division Title should allow him to showcase more of what he has to offer from an aerial perspective. This is a step for Cage, who could be on pace to win the World Title in less than a year.)

— Austin Aries was interviewed backstage.

— A video package aired on Madison Rayne vs. Su Yung.

(5) MADISON RAYNE vs. SU YUNG — Knockouts Championship Match

Madison Rayne charged at Su Yung on the stage. Yung hit a neckbreaker off the second rope. During the match, the undead bridesmaids were watching from the stage, holding the coffin that Su Yung came out of on her entrance. Yung hit a dropkick in the corner. Rayne hit a cutter for a two count. Rayne hit a Rayne Drop for a two count. Rayne picked Yung off the mat and Yung locked in a mandible claw. The referee called for the bell.

WINNER: Su Yung in 7:00 (**)

After the match, Su Yung rolled Rayne out of the ring and called on the undead bridesmaids to put Rayne into the coffin.

(McMahon: Rayne referenced “her husband” in the pre-match package. In the past, Josh Mathews has acknowledged, on air, that he’s married to Madison Rayne. Funny that Josh didn’t seem overly concerned when his wife was getting stuffed in a coffin, other than to say that Su Yung was sending a message. … The match itself was formulaic to a certain extent. It wasn’t really bad or really great. The Allie-Tessa match was far better from a match-quality perspective.)

— Konnan was giving LAX a pep talk earlier today.

— A video package aired on LAX vs. OGz.

(6) The OGz (w/ King) vs. LAX (w/ Konnan) — 5150 Street Fight for the Tag Team Championships

LAX came through the crowd and then charged the ring and the brawl began. Santana dropkicked Homicide. The OGz settled in and had control. They choked Ortiz with a chain and had Santana isolated in the corner. The OGz threw LAX to the outside and Hernandez hit a huge dive over the top rope. King tossed Homicide Drain-O and Callis wondered what they would do with that. Santana hit Homicide with a low blow. Hernandez and Ortiz were brawling on the outside of the ring. Santana was tossed into the guard rail up the top of the ramp. Santana began fighting off both OGz. Hernandez launched a charging Santana into the ring over the top rope. Hernandez caught Santana and then shook the ring with a huge powerbomb for a two count. Ortiz came back with baking sheet shots to the head of both OGz members. Ortiz brought a ladder into the ring, where there were already two tables set up. LAX hit their finisher and nearly retained but Hernandez pulled the referee to the outside. Hernandez threw Ortiz through a table in the corner and Santana came back with a superkick. Homicide hit a dive on the outside through a table that was perched on the railing. Homicide and Santana faced off and began trading punches. Konnan got up on the apron and distracted Homicide, who spit in Konnan’s face. Konnan threw something to Santana, and Santana dumped out thumbtacks, dropping Homicide in the tacks. Santana then hit a frogsplash onto thumbtacks for the win.

WINNERS: LAX in 13:00 (****1/2)

After the match, blood was gushing out of Santana’s head. Konnan celebrated with LAX but King hit the ring with a strap. Konnan and King were about to come to blows but Hernandez hit him from behind. The OGz then attacked Konnan, as King began whipping him with a strap. Callis said it was a long sock with a billiard ball in it. King brought out spray paint and the OGz began tagging the Tag Team Championships and “defacing the titles” as Mathews put it. King painted “OG” on the belts.

(McMahon: Usually I’m OK with just one hardcore match on a show, but both feuds had culminated and called for a more aggressive match. Also, these two hardcore matches were much different. LAX vs. OGz was a lot more athletic with more big moves, while Dreamer and Edwards relied on more weapons.)

— Sami Callihan cut a promo backstage.

(7) SAMI CALLIHAN vs. PENTAGON J.R. — Hair vs. Mask match

About three minutes into the match the action went to the outside. Callihan tried to pry out Pentagon’s eyes with his thumbs. Pentagon and Callihan both missed chops on the outside and hit the ring post. Then they traded strikes outside the ring. Mathews said the rules will be relaxed in this match, as far as DQ’s and count-outs go. Callihan hit Pentagon with a chair as he went for a dive. Callihan threw chairs in the ring and then found a long spike under the ring. Callis said that Callihan was going to try to kill (literally) Pentagon with that spike. Mathews called it a railroad spike. Callihan yanked at the eye hole on Pentagon’s mask as he tried to plunge a spike into him. Callihan hit Pentagon with a spike as the crowd chanted, “Zero Fear!” … Callihan hit Pentagon twice more and then gouged at Pentagon with the spike. Mathews said this was assault, and a criminal act. Pentagon was cut from the spike and bleeding under his mask. Callihan took Pentagon’s mask and took the tie string sand tied his head to the top rope. Callihan grabbed a baseball bat. Pentagon got away from the top rope and grabbed the spikes himself. Pentagon hammered a spike into Callihan’s forehead with another spike. Callihan was busted open and bleeding profusely. Pentagon tried to hit the spike into Callihan’s forehead with a bat but missed (unintentionally) and hit Callihan in the face. Pentagon then hit the spike into his head with the bat again. Now each Pentagon and Callihan have a spike and they’re both digging them into each other. Callihan and Pentagon traded rapid spike shots before falling to the mat. The crowd chanted, “This is Impact!” Pentagon and Callihan sat across from each other in two chairs and traded chops. Callihan hit thumbs to the eye and then they traded chair shots. Pentagon hit a superkick. Pentagon hit a huge Codebreaker for a two count. Pentagon tried to twist Callihan’s arm and break it, as the crowd chanted, “break his arm!” Callihan powered out with a kick. The Crists hit the ring but Pentagon hit them with vicious chair shots to the head. Callihan picked up powder and threw it into Pentagon’s eyes. Pentagon hit the ref, thinking it was Callihan. Pentagon was blinded and threw punches on the ref and then broke the referees arm, thinking it was Callihan. Pentagon realized what he did and looked shocked. Pentagon hit a Pentagon Driver on Callihan but the referee was not making the count due to his broken arm. Pentagon tried to get the referee to make a count. Callihan got up and gouged Pentagon’s eyes, hitting a piledriver on top of a chair. Callihan covered but there was no referee. A knew ref ran in and counted to two before Pentagon kicked out. Callihan set up four steel chairs in the ring. Pentagon and Callihan were both standing on the chairs. Pentagon hit a package piledriver through the chairs for the wi … no! A two count! Pentagon had Callihan this time and snapped his arm. Callis said he heard a pop. Pentagon hit a package piledriver for the win.

WINNER: Pentagon Jr. in 25:00 (****3/4)

Pentagon was about to shave Callihan’s head but the Crists broke it up. Callihan crawled up the ramp and retreated to the back before he could lose his hair. Fenix emerged from the backstage and he chased Callihan back to the ring. Security ran into the ring and pinned down the Crists. Pentagon shaved Callihan’s head as Callihan screamed. The crowd chanted for Pentagon to “shave his beard!” … Fenix held down Callihan.

(McMahon: Wow, wow, wow, wow, wow, wow, wow, wow ….. wow!

I’ve been screaming for months along with Andrew Soucek that Impact needs to do something that will differentiate themselves from the rest of the pack in wrestling. Whether or not you like the “style” of the show tonight — it’s very hardcore — you can’t argue that it’s different from anything else you’ll see on a mainstream wrestling level in the U.S. Callihan vs. Pentagon was the match of the night – so far – and delivered on what I expected it to be. The near falls were believable. This match is one of my favorite matches all year so far, across any promotion. Kudos to Callihan and Pentagon on a heck of a performance.)

— Impact aired a video that said Bound for Glory would take place in New York on Oct. 14. The show will be at the Melrose Ballroom.

— Curtis Granderson of the Toronto Blue Jays was introduced as the carrier of the belt.

(8) AUSTIN ARIES vs. MOOSE — Impact World Title match

Moose hit rapid-fire chops on Aries and then a delayed dropkick. Moose hit an early Go to Hell for a two count. Aries went for a dive through the ropes and was met with a huge Moose forearm. Aries countered a spear into a Last Chancery submission but Moose broke the hold. Mathews wondered how much damage was done, even if the hold was broken. Aries dropped Moose to the outside with a Death Valley Driver to the outside. Aries landed a huge dive through the ropes to the outside. Moose hit a jumping front kick on the outside. Aries pulled the referee in front of him when Moose tried for a running spear. Moose countered a brain buster into his own brain buster. Moose hit a huge spear for a two count after Aries didn’t kick out, but grabbed the bottom rope. Aries began leaving the ring and crawling up the ramp. Moose picked up Aries and tried to get him back to the ring. Aries tried to throw Moose off the stage but Moose picked up Aries and threw him into the crowd. He literally threw him into people in the front row off the stage. The “fans” in the front row were obvious plants, but still, you don’t see that everyday. Moose got Aries out of the crowd and into the ring to prevent a count out. Moose kicked Aries. Moose dove over the top rope but Aries moved and Moose landed on the ramp. Aries hit a discus forearm. Aries hit Moose with a brain buster on the floor. Aries rolled back in the ring and told the referee to count out Moose. Moose rolled back in at nine. Aries ran across the ring and punted Moose’s skull as he crawled back into the ring. Aries grabbed the belt from Curtis Granderson, but Granderson jumped on the apron and took it back. Moose rolled up Aries for a two count. Aries punted Moose in the head and went for a brainbuster to get the win.

WINNER: Austin Aries in 16:00 (***3/4)

Granderson handed Aries the title and walked out of the ring as Moose rolled to the outside. Aries almost immediately left the ring and walked to the back, jawing with the crowd.

(McMahon: That’s a surprising finish. Given the build up to this main event, it seemed inevitable that Moose would win the World Title tonight, but Impact instead kept the belt on Aries which is probably the right move from a booking perspective. There are more heels ready to challenge Aries than babyfaces ready to challenge Moose. Plus, if the end game is to get the belt on Cage at some point, he needs to beat a heel. Still, this felt like it was being set up to be Moose’s crowning moment.)

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  1. Looks like what I’d hope for, a Canadian promotion with an ECW-edge to it. Great storyline development, good angles. I was hoping Aries would win but I thought if AA had been helped by DeAngelo Williams, it could have set up a Williams-Moose storyline. As for Impact, I thought they dropped the ball when D’Amore ran the show (he is much better owning a cement company in LaSalle, just outside Windsor). However, with Don Callis committing to Impact, it has become a legit promotion. Doubt you’ll see WWE recruiting from a hardcore company.

    • A Canadian promotion? That is based in Florida? It always was a legit promotion. I agree that the product is very good under Callis, perhaps better than it has been in years. A couple trips a year to Canada does not make it a Canadian promotion. The homebase is still Florida. The Impact Zone is 1000s of miles from Canada.

  2. I had pretty much given up on Impact and didn’t see the show. But from what I’ve just ready I have had my interest rekindled. I have been watching NJPW which I like and I detest WWE because it is so boring. Hope Impact rebounds and becomes relevant again.

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