8/8 Lucha Underground TV Report (season 4, ep. 9): Worldwide Underground (Mundo & Black & Aerostar & Taya vs. Reptile Tribe (Cobra Moon & Drago & Saga & Jeremiah), Joey Ryan & Jack Evans vs. Ivelisse & Xo Lishus

By Joel Dehnel, PWTorch contributor


Lucha Underground Report
Season 4 Episode #9 – “A Match Made in Heaven”
August 8, 2018
Taped in Los Angeles, Calif.
Aired on Rey Network
Report by Joel Dehnel, PWTorch contributor

-Show opened with a recaps of Matanza being freed by Antonio, El Dragon Azteca winning the Gift of the Gods Championship and Mundo and Taya murdering Vibora.

-Antonio spoke on the phone in his office. He told the person over the phone that there would be another sacrifice later tonight. Mariposa walked in Antonio’s office acting as if she was trying to seduce him. Despite her actions, Mariposa told Antonio that she isn’t here to seduce him. She said she is here because she wants a Gift of the Gods title match. Antonio told her that she hasn’t earn it yet. Mariposa told Antonio that her family has a lot of money while she flashed two stacks of cash. Antonio grabbed the cash and told her her couldn’t say no to someone as beautiful and dangerous as her. She told him she will never take no for an answer.

-Title Card

Announcers: Vampiro welcomed the audience to show. Striker hyped the main event tonight between The Worldwide Underground and The Reptile Tribe. He explained the atomicos stipulation if The WWU win then Mundo will get one wish. If the Reptile Tribe wins, Mundo must join them. Vampiro threw to the ring.

In ring: Santos introduced The Rabbit Tribe who were already in the ring. 

-Antonio interrupted their introduction and said he is so please they decided to be here tonight, but only one of them will be competing in the match tonight. London offered up Mala Suerte to compete tonight. He said that by failing the White Rabbit, he has failed The Tribe. Now he has a chance to prove himself. Antonio told Mala that he has been chosen as the next sacrifice to the gods.

(1)  “THE MONSTER” MATANZA CUETO vs. MALA SUERTE (w/Paul London, Saltador)

Matanza marched his way down to the ring. Mala kicked Matanza between the ropes then got an early beat on Matanza in the corner. Mala hit a flurry of punches which were accompanied by a sound effect that could be heard in likes of Scooby Doo. Mala then backed off Matanza and hoped over to him with some spring sound effects. Matanza knocked over Mala then hit the Wrath of the Gods for the win. 

WINNER: Matanza at :54. Not a fan of the sound effects. Mala got what he deserved. 

Post match: Matanza stood over Mala as he was sacrificed to the gods. London looked on in pleasure as he embraced Saltador


In ring: Santos introduced Joey Ryan and Jack Evans who were already in the ring. Next out was XO Lishus followed by Ivelisse.


Evans began the match with Ivelisse. Ivelisse took down Evans early forcing him to tag Ryan. Ryan put the lollipop in his trunk s then ran after Ivelisse. Ivelisse dodged the attack and tagged XO. Ivelisse irish whipped Ryan into XO in the corner. XO caught Ryan with his legs and repeatedly pulled Ryan into his butt. Ryan escaped and tagged in Evans. XO hit a series of moves until Ryan came into the ring to break up the pin. XO tagged in Ivelisse who was met by several kicks from Evans. Evans dragged Ivelisse into the corner and tagged Ryan. Ryan kept Ivelisse in the middle of the ring preventing a tag to XO. Ivelisse caught Ryan with a DDT. Both crawled to their corners to tag in XO and Evans. XO showed off his athleticism, but was stopped by Ryan. XO then cleared the ring but him in Ryan. XO hit a standing moonsault but was met by a springboard kick from Evans. Evans locked in a modified gogoplata. 

WINNER: Joey Ryan and Jack Evans at 6:50.

Post match: Evans held onto the submission well after the bell. Ryan tried to get Evans to break up the hold. Ivelisse came back into the ring and Evans fled to ringside. 


In ring: Santos introduced Mariposa as she stood in the ring. Next out was El Dragon Azteca.

(3) Gift of the Gods Champion EL DRAGON AZTECA JR. vs. MARIPOSA – Singles match for the Gift of the Gods Championship

Mariposa hit Dragon with a low blow before the bell rung. She hit another kick nside Dragon’s legs and went for a pin. Dragon escaped and hit a back to the back of Mariposa’s head. Mariposa hit a samoan drop then missed a big boot. Dragon countered with a kick of his own then climbed the top turnbuckle. He hit a 550 splash from the top, but Mariposa kicked out. Mariposa caught Dragon and dropped him on his head. Dragon rolled through Mariposa for a modify pin for the win.

WINNER: El Dragon Azteca at 3:09.

In ring: Santos explained the atomicos stipulation to the crowd. The Reptile Tribe was introduced to the ring. Stiker acknowledged the absence of Vibora. Vibora grabbed the mic and praised Johnny for killing Vibora. She said it only proves that he belongs in her tribe. Johnny may have thought that he had an advantage, but instead he will be introduced to The Reptile Tribe’s newest member, Jeremiah Snake (Crane). 

Santos introduced The Worldwide Underground to the ring. Mundo told Moon that he applauds the last minute change up as he was going to do the same. Johnny walked over to Ricky and told him that this is one job he’s not going to to do. Johnny told him to play with his doll backstage. Mundo described the newest member of The Worldwide Underground to Moon. Mundo announced that their newest member is AeroStar.


(4) WORLDWIDE UNDERGROUND (JOHNNY MUNDO & P.J. BLACK & AEROSTAR & TAYA) vs. THE REPTILE TRIBE (KOBRA MOON & DRAGO & DAGA & JEREMIAH SNAKE) – Atomicos match, If The Reptile Tribe win, Johnny Mundo must join them.

Everyone brawled in the ring to begin. Everyone cleared out the ring except Snake and Mundo. Snake hit a clothesline to Mundo followed by a big boot. AeroStar dove onto everyone on the outside. Taya followed suit by leaping onto everyone as well. Mundo climbed onto the turnbuckle but was caught by Snake. Moon came in and hit a bulldog on Mundo to the outside. Snake ran around the ring to build momentum before he dove onto The WorldWide Underground in the bleachers. Taya met Snake in the middle of the ring. Taya gave snake the middle finger and Snake bit her finger. Taya was able to escape Snake and tag in Black. Black hit a series of moves on Snake then went for a pin that was broken up by Drago. Mundo helped Black to clear Drago from the ring. Mundo knocked Daga and Moon off the ring apron then hit a moonlight drive. Mundo held onto Moon while Snake and Drago kicked him. Mundo fought back against the three of them but was met with a DDT. AeroStar entered the ring to help Mundo. He pointed at Drago then hit a corkscrew onto the wrestlers on the outside. Mundo hit a flying knee strike followed by the End of the World for the win.

WINNER: The Worldwide Underground at 8:44.

Post match: The Worldwide Underground embraced each other. Mundo grabbed the mic and reminded Moon that he is owed one wish. Taya and Black looked at Johnny hoping he would use his one wish to benefit them. Johnny said he would use his wish to help AeroStar. Johnny demanded that Kobra Moon free Drago. Taya was very upset with Mundo that was what he used his wish on. AeroStar walked down to Drago and released him from his chains. Taya told Johnny that he is a complete idiot and he wasted his wish. Johnny said that Moon can’t grant his wish. Only you (Taya) can. Black grabbed around his trunks and handed Johnny a ring. Johnny got down on one knee and asked Taya to marry him. Taya accepted his proposal as pomp and circumstance began to play. 

-Ricky Mundo told his doll backstage that he has one wish as well. He hopes that Johnny and Taya stay together until death do them part. The doll laughed maniacally as they both starred in the mirror.

FINAL THOUGHTS: This was really solid episode. I really enjoyed the opening segment that showed how truly slimy Antonio is. He doesn’t care about who deserves a title shot or even how much money you have. He’s willing to move someone ahead of the line if he find them sexually attractive. 

El Dragon Azteca is starting to come into his own as a fighting champion with the goal of winning the Lucha Underground title.

Johnny has finally gone full babyface. The fans wanted it and now there is no denying where he stands after giving his wish to help AeroStar and proposing to Taya. 

This episode feels like a turning point for LU where a lot of stories have hit that next chapter. Drago will be on a journey to find himself again. Evans will almost certainly disrupt any wedding between Mundo and Taya. It feels like LU is moving away from the big storylines that only forwarded themselves in backstage segments and had little to do with the in-ring action. Now, they are using those segments to enhance and build towards what is going to happen in the ring. Its given the main events more meaning and has helped to get more invested in the characters.

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