MIZ & MRS. TV REPORT 8/14: Sarah K’s report on Maryse giving birth and whether Miz can scheme to get it filmed, Miz seeks praise from his father

By Sarah K., PWTorch contributor


AUGUST 14, 2018

For all the talk about moving, half this show is still shot in California. The show opens with Mike with a GoPro camera mounted to a helmet. Mike apparently wants to document the delivery, Maryse does not. I’ll have to take Maryse’s side on this issue, since she’s having a C-section. Honestly, no one needs to relive that. Just take some pics of the kid in the nursery.

Anyway, Miz and Maryse want some alone time during the delivery, and Marjo is not yet abreast of this idea. For whatever reason, Miz films a promo for the city of Cleveland. Miz then does a radio interview with his father tagging along. Miz’s dad is a tad stingy with compliments and praise when it comes to Miz’s accomplishments; it’s kind of a comedy bit. We get another shot of it here when George proclaims that The Rock is his favorite wrestler.

Moving along, Maryse takes photos of her dogs in a suitcase on her bed. Marjo gets her own confessional here. It’s funny.

Back from commercial, Miz is at the Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland where they have a Miz mural. Paige and Renee Young have brief cameos. Miz tries to get the WWE seamstress lady Julie to camouflage a camera into his shirt. Dolph Ziggler and Tyler Breeze put the kibosh on this idea. Ziggler points out that Maryse said no, so, it’s a no-go.

Maryse has lunch with Marjo, who cannot say “mashed potatoes.” She buys her mom a purse to try to soften the blow of not wanting her in the delivery room. Marjo agrees like an adult, and then suggests that she needs shoes. Moving along, footage of Miz TV from Raw is shown. Brief Bo Dallas sighting. Then Miz goes out to dinner with his dad, which is basically an arranged autograph signing for his dad’s friends. Miz gets a little misty-eyed in that his dad has expressed to his friends that he’s proud of Miz.

Back in California, Miz and Maryse are looking at baby clothes when Miz produces a small box and says he has a surprise for Maryse. Cut to commercial.

He got her a ring inscribed with the baby’s name. Maryse cries tears of joy. They they go to a doctor’s appointment. Evidently Maryse’s water broke. So much for the scheduled C-section. And commercial.

Back from commercial, we get handheld footage of Miz and Maryse waiting to have the C-section at the hospital. “To my little girl: I will do the best I possibly can, to be the best father, to love, respect, and hopefully teach you anything that you want to know,” says Miz in his pre-delivery footage. There is, in fact, some footage of the delivery.

The baby is held up in a towel, and then cleaned up and presented to Maryse. Miz and Maryse are delighted to be parents. They dress the kid in her first outfit and then leave the hospital. As with most people, having a baby changes everything – as in, the kid becomes the focus of your entire world as a parent. All is well. Oh, and they said “Monroe Sky” at least 3-4 times, because it wouldn’t be Miz talking about his baby without that.

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