8/15 Lucha Underground TV Report (season 4, ep. 10): Pentagon-Cage angle, Matanza Cueto vs. Saltador, The Reptile Tribe vs. The Mack & Sons of Havoc, Killshot vs. Azteca Jr.

By Joel Dehnel, PWTorch contributor


Lucha Underground Report
Season 4 Episode #10 – “A Snake Scorned”
August 15, 2018
Taped in Los Angeles, Calif.
Aired on Rey Network
Report by Joel Dehnel, PWTorch contributor

Announcers: Matt Striker, Vampiro

-Show opened with a recaps of The Mack-Mil Muertes, The Rabbit Tribe-Matanza, the Gift of the Gods Championship saga and the Trios Championship.

– Antonio opened an invitation to Johnny Mundo and Taya’s wedding. Antonio said, “It won’t last.” Kobra Moon walked into Antonio’s office and demanded a match for the Trios Championship. Antonio pointed out that The Reptile Tribe has been depleted with Drago now “dra-gone.” Moon responded by saying that now with Jeremiah Snake they are stronger than ever and deserve a shot. Antonio said that he likes scorn in a woman and will grant The Reptile Tribe a shot at the titles later tonight. He told her to be “dra-gone.” Moon slithered away on the floor of the office.

-Title Card

Announcers: Vampiro introduced the audience to the show. Striker said that the Trios Championship would be defended tonight against The Reptile Tribe. Vampiro added that Killshot will have double duty tonight as he will also take on El Dragon Azteca Jr. for the Gift of the Gods Championship. Striker acknowledged what’s left of The Rabbit Tribe was standing in the ring then threw to Melissa Santos.

In ring: Santos introduced The Rabbit Tribe who was already standing in the ring. Antonio came out into the temple and announced there would be another sacrifice. London said that last week Mala Suerte was not able to get the job done, but was hopeful Saltador could. Antonio accepted the challenge and sent out Matanza.


Saltador tried to escape the ring, but London kept him inside. Saltador tried to attack Matanza, but Matanza overpowered him and knocked him down. Matanza grabbed Saltador for a Wrath of the Gods for the win.

WINNER: Matanza at 0:40.

Post match: Matanza stood over Saltador for the sacrifice to the gods. London grinned as Saltador was sacrificed.


-Havoc and Mack spoke with each other in the locker room about Killshot. Killshot walked in and told Havoc that he doesn’t respect him. Killshot said that his focus tonight is on winning the Gift of the Gods Championship. Mack reminded him that they have a Trios Championship match. Killshot put the blame back onto Mack and Havoc saying they only care about themselves and not him even though he has a single championship match. Killshot re emphasized that he would not be helping them in the Trios match tonight. As Killshot walked away, he told Havoc that not only does he not respect Havoc he doesn’t like him either.

Announcers: Striker announced that next week Pentagon Dark will defend the Lucha Underground Championship in a Last Man Standing match. He added that we would hear from Cage later on tonight.

In ring: Santos introduced Killshot to the ring. Next out was El Dragon Azteca.


(2) Trios Champion KILLSHOT vs. Gift of the Gods Champion EL DRAGON AZTECA, JR. – Gift of the Gods Championship match

Dragon landed a few chops followed by a hurricarana sending Killshot to the outside. Dragon went for an attack, but Killshot caught him with a double stomp on the apron followed by a dive. Killshot controlled Dragon’s arm back in the ring. Dragon escaped a pin attempt and landed a kick followed by a hurricarana on the apron sending Killshot to ringside.  They sent each other across the ring. Killshot got back to the apron and sent Dragon to the outside. Back in the ring, Killshot hit a double stomp from the top rope. Dragon kicked out at two then they both exchanged chops in the middle of the ring. Killshot hit a knee strike then Dragon countered Killshot and hit a DDT for the win.

WINNER: El Dragon Azteca at 6:58.


-Drago sat on a rooftop looking out at the city. AeroStar approached him from behind. AeroStar reminded Drago of how a long battle was fought to get him back. Drago admitted that he did a lot of bad things while apart of The Reptile Tribe. AeroStar told him that it was Kobra Moon who was pulling the strings and to not blame himself for everything. Drago said, he doesn’t remember much, but he knows the he is not deserving of his (AeroStar) friendship. Drago told AeroStar that he must go now and asked for forgiveness. AeroStar extended his hand and said he hoped that they would cross paths down the road. Drago shook his hand, but admitted he was not sure they would see each other again. As Drago flew away, AeroStar said, “I am.”

In ring: Santos introduced The Reptile Tribe to the ring. Santos then introduced Son of Havoc, The Mack and Killshot, but only Havoc and Mack came to the ring.

(3) THE REPTILE TRIBE (KOBRA MOON & DAGA & JEREMIAH SNAKE) vs. The Trios Champions THE MACK & SON OF HAVOC – Trios Championship match

They all brawled each other in the ring. Daga and Moon kicked Mack to the outside. Havoc hit a drop kick on Snake. Mack took out Daga then sent Moon to outside. Snake attacked Mack from behind and sent him to the outside. Snake turned around and was met by Killshot. Killshot and Snake fought then a train of triangle chokes began where everyone came in the ring locked in triangle chokes. Daga grabbed the rope to break the hold. Everyone rolled the outside except Mack allowed him to hit a swanton bomb. Havoc then climbed the ropes and hit a dive of his own. Killshot landed strikes of his own on Moon. Snake interfered and tossed Moon on top of Killshot where she hit a hurricarana. Snake and Moon brought Killshot back into the ring and Moon hit a DDT followed by a leg drop. Havoc rolled through on Snake and hit a double stomp. Everyone reentered the ring one by one and was met by a strong strike. MAck hit a Stunner on Moon followed by a Samoan drop and standing moonsault on Snake. Havoc broke up and attack from Snake on Crane then dove to the outside. Striker pointed out that Havoc accidentally hit Killshot in the dive. Havoc went to the top rope then Killshot knocked him down. Snake then hit a pile driver for the win.

WINNER: The Reptile Tribe at 8:45 to capture the Trios Championship.

Post match: Killshot taunted Havoc then hit a double stomp from the top rope. Mack came into the ring to check on Havoc. Mack expressed his displeasure with the attack to Killshot, but did nothing to get revenge for Havoc.


In ring: Santos introduced Cage to the ring. Cage said that next week Pentagon will find out once and for all, “I’m not a man, I’m a…” Pentagon attacked Cage from behind. They brought the brawl to the outside and up the stairs of the temple. Pentagon grabbed a guitar from Metalachi then hit a band member over the head. They continued to fight at the top of the temple knocking over cameramen and bystanders. Cage dangled Pentagon over the edge of the barricade for a moment. They moved onto a platform by one of the TV cameras and teased some big moves. They brought the brawl back back to ring side. Cage went to attack Father O’Shea who was a priest sitting at ringside. They showed him throughout the show and explained he will wed Johnny Mundo and Taya. Pentagon grabbed Father O’Shea and “broke” his arm which was accompanied by a crunching sound effect. Cage and Pentagon continued their brawl as they signed off from the temple.

-Mack entered Antonio’s office and demanded a match with Killshot next week. Antonio said he would like to see that match, but Mack is already booked against Mil Muertes in the first ever haunted house match. Antonio put on a witch’s hat that had a spider dangling from the front. Mack took the hat from Antonio and said “trick or treat mother….”

FINAL THOUGHTS: Lucha Underground must’ve been saving all of their backstage segments for this week. It felt like segment overload compared to previous weeks. One note in particular about the backstage segments is that I feel as though Antonio is getting a bit too cute with the character. He’s getting a little too goofy whereas before he was portrayed as this mysterious old man. Maybe he has to be goofy since it’s already ridiculous that Antonio and Dario are portrayed by the same actor.

Killshot was great in his heel role in the backstage segment with Mack and Havoc. Killshot is great at being that person who distorts the truth to make themselves look like the victim. When in reality they are the cause of all the problems. It’s a shame that the audience doesn’t see those heelish segments so they will tend to cheer Killshot because they like his work and don’t get to see a lot of his heel side. That is a big downside to LU is that the fans don’t see what the TV audience does so their reaction often don’t match what they should be.

Cage vs. Pentagon has been set up well for next week. I’m predicting there will be some sort of appearance by Marty The Moth because as we saw a few weeks ago that he has set his mind on winning the Lucha Underground Title.

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