10 YRS AGO – WWE in New York City at MSG (8-23-08): Cena & Batista vs. Jericho & Kane, Punk vs. JBL in a cage, Mickie vs. Beth Phoenix

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The following report was originally published on PWTorch.com 10 years ago this weekend…

WWE Raw house show
August 23, 2008
New York City, N.Y. at Madison Square Garden
Report by Mike Omansky, PWTorch.com reader

Full house; enthusiastic crowd

Return date: Sun. Dec. 28th..tickets go on sale Sat. August 30.

(1) PRIMO COLON pinned WILLIAM REGAL with a backslide, in a solid opener. Good wrestling. Very good crowd reaction for Colon, who was a face.

(2) LANCE CADE pinned D-LO BROWN, after D-LO missed a frog splash. Okay, but uninspired.

(3) BETH PHOENIX pinned MICKIE JAMES with a crucifix to retain the women’s title. Excellent action – these two work well.

(4) JAMIE NOBLE made SNITSKY tap out to a cross between a rolling headlock and a camel clutch.

(5) TED DIBIASE & CODY RHODES pinned CRYME TYME to retain the tag titles. Good action. Prior to the match, heels complained that CRYME TYME had stolen their belts. CRYME TIME came in wearing the belts; ref confiscated them. After the loss, CRYME TIME stole them back.

(6) SANTINO MARELLA (w/Beth Phoenix) pinned KOFI KINGSTON to retain the IC Title, in a very solid match. Excellent wrestling by Kingston, mixed with good comedy by Santino. Finish: Santino was in the corner; Kingston was going to flip him out. Phoenix holds Santino, so Kingston falls backward. Santino then fell forward on all fours to score a clean pin.

(7) BATISTA & JOHN CENA defeated CHRIS JERICHO & KANE in a terrific tagteam match. Red hot crowd. All four worked hard. This time out, Batista and Cena worked well together; Batista took the beating, and Cena got the hot tag. Finish: Cena was about to f-u Jericho, who tagged, so Kane could come in to do the job. Cena pinned Kane with an f-u. First rate, best match of the night.

(8) C.M. PUNK won over JBL in a cage match, by a fluke, to retain the title. Very good match. JBL initially tried quick cowardly escapes, then began battering Punk around the cage. Punk got in some nice flurries, and they worked very well together. Crowd got excited as match progressed. Finish: JBL called for outside ref to open the door; was hitting Punk near the door, but belted him so hard, that Punk fell out of the cage and on the floor to win.

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