5 YRS AGO – Legends of Wrestling Night: Koko B. Ware, Mr. Anderson, Beefcake, Chavo, Jimmy Hart, Nasty Boys, Garett Bischoff, Wes Brisco, Harry Smith

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The following report was originally published on PWTorch.com five years ago this weekend…

“Legends of Wrestling Night” Results
August 24, 2013
Miami, Fla. at Marlins Park
Report by Greg Parks, PWTorch columnist

The matches began soon after the Marlins game ended. We (the media) were instructed to head down around the eigth inning to get a spot. Many fans stayed around for the wrestling. Throughout the matches, various Marlins made their way to VIP seats to watch, including pitchers Steve Cishek, Jose Fernandez, Dan Jennings, and Henderson Alvarez; and third baseman Ed Lucas.

Jimmy Hart and Craig Minnervini (formerly WWF’s Craig DeGeorge) were on commentary. Minnervini covers the Marlins for the local Fox Sports affiliate. Minnervini also handled ring announcing duties.

Lanny Poffo came out and read a poem. Part of it was in Spanish for the Miami crowd, and it was an ode to his brother, Randy Savage. He took off his robe to reveal a Macho Man t-shirt.

(1) Koko B. Ware beat Chavo Guerrero with a DDT at about 4:00. Koko did some mic work before the match. A handler brought Frankie out, but he didn’t stay out long. Chavo attacked Koko before the bell. Ware had a manager named Howard with him, apparently from the Tampa area. Ware brought a young fan into the ring to dance with him after the match.

(2) Brutus “The Barber” Beefcake beat Mike Knox at 8:05 with a DDT. Lots of stalling and Beefcake working the crowd, taunting Knox about possibly cutting his beard. Knox was billed by his WWE name here rather than his TNA name, Knux. Beefcake used his old WWE theme song (Jimmy Hart exasperatedly gave cues to the music people throughout the show). Not much to this one, as you’d expect.

(3) Harry Smith beat Wes Brisco with a powerslam at 7:03. Smith used his father, the British Bulldog’s WWE music. Bret Hart came out to watch from the announce table. Smith hit his father’s trademark standing suplex. There was a blatant low-blow by Brisco, but no disqualification was called for. The finish came soon after.

(4) The Nasty Boys beat Mr. Anderson & Garett Bischoff in a No DQ match at 6:42. Rough night for the Aces & Eights crew. Knobbs did some pre-match mic work as a babyface. Saggs set Anderson up on a table and splashed him from the apron early on. The other Aces & Eights members interfered, leading to Marlins pitchers Tom Koehler (the biggest wrestling fan on the team – he caught Goldberg’s first pitch) and A.J. Ramos coming out. Koehler had a metal Pepsi sign and used it to bash over the heads of A&E members. Knobbs elbow-dropped Bischoff to pick up the win.

After the match, Bill Goldberg came out to celebrate with the Nastys and the Marlins, and did some brief mic work thanking the fans for coming out.

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