Interview Highlights: Flip Gordon talks Bully Ray, origins of his wrestling name, the ROH/NJPW MSG sellout, the Book Flip movements, more

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The following are highlights of Flip Gordon’s interview on Interactive Wrestling Radio on Aug. 30 with host James Walsh. The transcripts below were supplied to by the show’s producers. The full interview can he heard HERE.

•On whether the National Guard and the Army helped him in pro wrestling: “Oh, absolutely. I think the ARMY helped me in more than just discipline. It helped me mature as a person. It helped me grow up. It helped me deal with high pressure situations. Wrestling is very high pressure and it is a very fast business. It is always go, go, go!”

•On his quick ascension to ROH: “It has been a fun journey. I wanted as much as I could and that is kind of what I did very early on. I started just wrestling in the Northeast. I always wanted to travel more. I always wanted to go further. I always wanted to wrestle new people. I think while doing that, I got to get into the ring with a lot of good guys probably before I should have had the chance to be in the ring with them. But, I did! I was able to learn at a very fast rate and I think that is what caught Ring of Honor’s attention.”

•On settling in on Flip as his Ring Name: “It is kind of weird. Initially, I wanted to wrestle under my real name which is Travis, Travis Gordon. But everybody at my wrestling school was calling me “Flip.” It was the first nick name that I ever really had. I was in the car traveling and I was thinking, “Flip Gordon. I kind of like that!” I was just afraid of being pigeon holed for just doing flips. So, I went with Travis “Flip” Gordon because “Flip” was really the first nickname I had ever had and I really wanted to use it… And, because of Flash Gordon, it does sound kind of Super Hero-ish! Eventually I just dropped it (Travis) and I’m Flip Gordon!”

•On his present feud with Bully Ray: “It is really cool getting to work with him because he’s a Hall of Famer, he’s been around a really long time, and he knows a lot of stuff! To be able to work with him is a huge honor and I’ve learned so much very quickly. It is different than anything I’ve ever done before! But, I feel like there is a lot of realism to it which is what allows the fans to react, get attached, and actually care about what me and him are doing. Everybody, well I don’t know if everybody’s been bullied but everybody can relate to that. It is story telling! It is what I really want to learn. It is what this business is built on is story telling and not just the wrestling. I’m really excited to do this with him and see where it goes!”

•On the continuous low blows from Bully Ray: “I don’t think anyone wants to keep getting hit in the balls! But, I think it is a testament to who his character is. He wants to keep hitting me from behind… That just shows he’s scared to do it to my face! We’ll see what happens in the next month or so. But, I’m watching my back because I know he likes to jump me from behind.”

•On getting used to working ROH TV versus indy matches: “At first it is very nerve racking and very overwhelming. I remember when I first got to Ring of Honor, I felt like I was having good matches on the indies but I didn’t feel I was having good matches in Ring of Honor because I was over-thinking too many things. I remember, it was my second match at Ring of Honor and afterwards, the booker pulled me aside and he said, “There’s cameras out there. You know that, right?” I was like, “Oh man! I’m sorry. I just keep over-thinking everything.” But now, you just call your matches to the cameras. Like, I know certain moves I have to be at certain buckles. I know how to get there through my moves to make sure I’m where I need to be. That just comes with time, it comes with learning. Eventually, it almost becomes second nature.”

•On challenging Nick Aldis for the NWA Title recently: “It was really cool experience because I had a championship shot! A once in a lifetime opportunity at the NWA World Heavyweight Championship. And, I probably had the most amount of eyes on me that I’m ever going to have until Madison Square Garden! There were so many people watching that match and people wanted to see… Is Flip Gordon going to be All In? Is Flip Gordon going to be the NWA World Heavyweight Champion? There was so much on the line. I was so proud of that match because I think it was one of the best matches I’ve had this year. Even though the outcome isn’t what I had hoped, it was still a huge learning experience for me and something I’ll remember for a very, very long time.”

•On his Book Flip movement: “It has been crazy because everywhere I go now, I hear the chants “BOOK FLIP!” It is at shows I’m not even on! I was in Japan for Best of Super Juniors and ROH was on their United tour and the fans were chanting “BOOK FLIP” at Cody every time he was on TV! It is really cool to see. You look on TV, you see Book Flip shirts everywhere! It has been really cool. It has been really special. But, it hasn’t gotten me booked yet! I’m still not All In. I’m not on the biggest independent wrestling event of all time. So, it has been frustrating but the Book Flip movement has been really cool. But, I feel it has to pay off. I still have to get booked! But, I’m still going to be in Chicago. I’m having an “All Out” pre-show party. It sold out, a little under 2 hours, 2,000 tickets! I’m still going to try my best to get booked. I think it would mean a lot for Ring of Honor to have another one of their superstars on the show!”

•On ROH/NJPW G1 Supercard of Honor Selling Out Madison Square Garden: “It is just insane! Not just from a wrestling standpoint but from an entertainer’s standpoint! Anybody from basketball to comedy to music to wrestling to theater, they want to perform in Madison Square Garden! That is the World’s Most Famous Arena! Like you said, it is the Mecca! That is a dream of mine coming true. I can’t wait! I wish it was April already! (laughs) For Ring of Honor and New Japan Pro Wrestling to put on a co-show, the G1 Supercard, and to sell it out that quick is a testament to how popular wrestling is right now and how much of a variety there is. Wrestling fans want something different. You can have a WWE show across town and have a non-WWE show sell out in the same city! There’s such a variety and it is cool to see how much wrestling is thriving right now!”

•On how ROH has managed to be at the forefront of the wrestling boom: “I think the guys we have in the locker room… We want to go out there and we want to steal the show every night! We want to put on the best professional wrestling we can. Just because people say we’re not the top company that there is, we don’t listen to that. We believe that we can be the top company! We believe we can put on the top matches. I think that is what people are getting behind. It is like that rockstar mentality – They want to see somebody do it from the ground up!”

•On the ROH versus Impact theme of the Jericho Cruise: “I’ve never been on a cruise before so to say that my first cruise is because of wrestling is pretty cool. This year has been insane! To top it all off with a cruise… I don’t really know how it is going to work. Boats are on water… Water moves! So, the ring is probably going to be moving. I don’t know how it is going to work with all my flips and flying… There are a few guys from Impact Wrestling I’d love to get in the ring with like Brian Cage and a guy I’ve been trying to get in the ring with for quite some time, John Morrison )Johnny Impact). I guess I’ll just call those two guys out right now!”

•On taking part in the NJPW Super Juniors Tournament: “It was beyond my wildest dreams. It is crazy how much you get to work when you’re on a tour like that and get advice and feedback after every single match and apply it the very next day because you’re wrestling nearly every single day over there.”

•On his grandmother getting involved with a match he had with Matt Riddle: “Apparently my grandmother was really into the match and thought that Matthew Riddle was hurting me… He was, to be fair! So, she decided to throw a soda can at him… But, she hit me!”

•On future goals with Ring of Honor: “Well, I want to get this thing with Bully Ray squashed… Get that out of the way. And then, you know, I’ve been with Ring of Honor for over a year now… I have just re-signed… Maybe it is time for a TV Title run?”

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