10 YRS AGO – PWG in Reseda, Calif.: Young Bucs, Pac (Neville), Steen (KO), and Generico (Sami) all in main event, plus Joey, Ryan, Tyler Black (Seth), String, Chuck Taylor

Kevin Owens (artist Travis Beaven © PWTorch)

The following report was originally published ten years ago this weekend on PWTorch.com…

PWG All-Star Weekend Night 1
August 29, 2008
Reseda, Calif.
Report by Matt Massingham, PWTorch contributor

(1) TJ Perkins & Hook Bomberry beat Ash Riot & Mark Davis. Match started off with standard mat wrestling and neither man getting the advantage until Riot gains control and begins to work over TJ. Davis comes in and is the heavier of the two prompting some “Super Dragon” chants from the fans and responds by hitting Northern lights Suplex and a Running Yakuza kick in the corner for a near fall.

Riot looks to continue the momentum but TJ temporarily stops him and looks for a vertical suplex but Riot avoids it and runs at TJ who is positioned between the ropes only to crash and burn on the floor. Hook bring Riot back in and threatens to break him in half which they nearly do following a double stomp off the top while leaning on Hook’s knees. After a few more minutes of getting double teamed, Riot manages to escape and makes the tag to Davis.

Davis comes in and goes to work on both his opponents with a series of fore-arms and clotheslines but is quickly thrown to the floor. Riot gets back in only to be greeted with a double gut buster, a side kick to the head, and a running dropkick. Davis saves his partner from further damage and throws Hook to the outside only to get tripped up and dragged to the outside allowing Hook to dropkick Riot’s knees out from under him and TJ hitting the superkick and then putting his feet on the ropes for the win.

(2) Jimmy Jacobs beat Vin Gerard. Gerard is the former Equinox and came out to the ring with the mask while Jacobs sang his own entrance music “Victory of Love” since the sound system went out so there was no entrance music for the night.

The two men start off on the mat trying to gain the upper hand but Jacobs looks to frustrate Gerard by putting on the Equinox mask. Jacobs then goes on the attack and hits a running dive onto Gerard who was sitting on a chair on the outside of the ring. Jimmy then takes the action back inside, hits a spear and looks to possibly end the match but Gerard hits Jimmy with an STO and then a running knee in the corner.

Jimmy looks for the comeback but Gerard stops him with a neck breaker and then a superplex off the top followed by the STO forcing Jacobs to reach for the ropes. Gerard drags him back to the center of the ring only to get caught in the End Time forcing him to tap out.

After the match, Jacobs says people compare Gerard to him and he offers to shake his hand out of respect but Gerard responds by spitting in his face and leaving the ring.

(3) Rocky “Azucar” Romero beat Alex Koslov. Rocky is greeted with a big “Welcome Back” chant while Koslov is greeted with chants of “Georgia” instead of Russia. Both men start the match and exchange some nice holds until Koslov stops Rocky for a few seconds only to be baited into grabbing his hand and goes on the attack. Koslov then stops Rocky’s momentum by holding out his hand and leading the crowd in a “Russia” chant. Rocky isn’t a fan of this so he proceeds to kick him a number of times in the chest and slaps across the face forcing Koslov to the floor. Rocky hits a suicide dive to the outside and brings the action back inside and give the crowd his usual “Azucar” dance.

This gives Koslov a chance to recover and hit a power slam and then grab his babushka and do his own Russian themed dance and tells the fans they’re #1 in his book. Koslov then ground Rocky until he reaches his feet and both men have a stand-off trading chops by Koslov and kicks by Rocky inside the ring and then to the ringside area as well.

The referee brings the action back inside as the exchange continues until Koslov hits an ensuguri kick for a near fall. Koslov looks for a Surfboard but Rocky counters it into the Ankle Lock but Koslov escapes only to get greeted with a back heel kick. Koslov avoids another kick and sends Rocky to the outside and hits a senton dive of his own to the outside. Koslov looks for the Russian Leg Sweep but Rocky fights him off and locks in the Cross Arm Breaker for the submission and victory.

(4) “The Dynasty” Scott Lost & Joey Ryan beat “Los Luchas” Phoenix Star & Zokre. Scott and Zokre start off with neither man gaining the advantage and trading some close near falls. Joey and Phoenix gets the tag and Joey SHOCKS everyone by hitting a lucha style head scissors but Phoenix responds with one of his own. This brings Scott in but the Dynasty get caught in a double head scissors and arm drag by Phoenix. Scott responds by tossing Phoenix out of the ring and looks to attach but gets tripped up leading to a double moonsault by both Luchas onto the Dynasty. Joey then recovers and distracts Zokre allowing Scott to hit a superkick.

The Dynasty then isolates Zokre for a number of minutes with frequent tags and high impact moves but they’re luck runs out after a failed Superman spear in the corner allowing Zokre to make the tag to Phoenix. The Luchas go on the attack as they hit a spear out of mid air and then Phoenix dives through the ropes and hits a head scissors on Scott on the floor Joey comes in and hits a running Yakuza but Phoenix prevents him from getting the pin. The Luchas look to finish the match but Scott stops the momentum with a Superman spear in the corner followed by a superplex and the ace crusher on Phoenix but Zokre breaks up the pin fall.

The Luchas go back on the offensive with a double team neck breaker over the knees but Joey stops them from gaining any more momentum. The Dynasty look for the Lost in Space elbow drop but it doesn’t happen. The match then breaks down into a spot fest with a Spear by Joey, a reverse rana on Joey and a Blue Thunder Bomb but that can’t keep Joey down. Phoenix then looks to finish off Scott with a springboard senton but Scott moves and hits a spinning kick to the head for the hard fought victory.

(5) Roderick Strong beat Tyler Black. Both men start off trading holds and near falls which draws a nice ovation from the fans. Tyler then kicks it up and begins to assaults Roderick with a number of hard fore arms and stomps a mud hole in him in the corner. Tyler looks for a dropkick but Roderick holds the ropes and Tyler lands on his feet showing off his athletic ability. Tyler then sets up for a huricanrana out of the corner, but Roderick counters it with a gut buster, some hard chops of his own and a back breaker for a near fall.

Both men then exchange some hard fore arms in the ring leading to Tyler gaining the momentum and sets up Roderick for a kick while on the apron but Roderick fights him off with chops and then a sling shot suplex. Tyler responds and catches Roderick with a springboard clothesline and looks for the Small Package Driver but Roderick counters and looks for the Gibson Driver but Tyler counters him and hits a head scissors and then a snap suplex. Roderick fires back with an ensuguri to the back of the head and a half nelson back breaker for a two count. Tyler shakes it off and goes up top for the Phoenix Splash but Roderick moves and Tyler lands on his feet allowing Roderick to hit a pair of Yakuza kicks, the Gibson Driver, and locks in the Strong Hold for the submission victory.

(6) Chuck Taylor beat Candace LaRae. The match starts and Chuck seems hesitant to wrestle since he says Candace is a girl but Candace tells him to bring it on and hits a number of arm drags which doesn’t sit well with Taylor who then hits her square in the face. Taylor looks to continue the attack but Candace locks in the Octopus only for Chuck to counter it into a back breaker.

Taylor then looks to dish out more punishment but Candace hits a head scissors sending Taylor to the floor allowing her to hit a Plancha Tornado DDT on the outside! Back inside, Taylor regains control and tries to get the crowd behind him as he goes up top for the Moonsault but Candace moves and Taylor gets nothing but canvas. Candace then goes on the attack with a number of chops in the corner but Taylor fights out of it and hits the Awful Waffle and then spikes Candace with the Omega Driver for the win.

After the match, Chucky T looks to finish off Candace but Joey Ryan of all people runs in and chases off Chuck. Candace then extends her hand and Joey accepts and even kisses her on the hand thus possibly ending the feud of the Boobplex vs the Ballplex

(7) Dragon Gate Rules Six Man Tag – “The Young Bucks” Nick & Matt Jackson & Pac beat Kevin Steen & El Generico & Susumu Yokosuka. Susumu and Matt start the match with your usual mat wrestling until Matt uses his speed and hits a head scissors which bring in Kevin and Nick. Kevin takes over using his power on Nick until PAC gets the tag. The crowd explodes as they want some of PAC-Generico. Steen makes the tag and for the first time in over a year.

PAC quickly goes on the attack and snaps off a hurriconranna and then a dropsault tagging in Matt. Matt quickly works over the arm and tags in his brother who comes off the top and hits a double stomp onto Generico’s arm. PAC comes back in and hits a standing corkscrew splash just for Steen and gets a near fall. The Bucks come in and hit a double team hip toss and then a double dropkick. Generico looks to fight back but gets tripped from the outside allowing all three of his opponents to hit splashes from the outside. PAC then hits a 450 splash after being flipped by both the Bucks but Generico avoids further damage and tags in Steen.

Steen comes in and goes on the offensive and rips off Matt headband and says he’s now a Hardy Boy and attack PAC and Nick on the apron as Susumu comes in and continues the assault until Generico is recovered and makes the tag. Generico comes in and hit a drop toe hold as Susumu hits a double knee drop to the back and Steen hits a front flip leg drop but the pin gets broken up by Nick. Steen then goes on the attack with a series of hard knife edge chops and tags in Susumu who comes in and hits a suplex and locks in the STF while Steen and Generic o hold off Nick and PAC but Matt manages to reach the ropes. Susumu and Generico look to double team Matt but he fights them off and hits a standing sliced bread and then a slam through the legs tagging in his brother.

Nick comes in and fights off all three allowing Matt to recover and hit a dropkick through the ropes and then he skins the cat and PAC comes crashing down to the floor with a dive to the outside. Steen looks to responds with a back breaker but the Bucks toss him to the floor and then dive onto him. As they try to roll him into the ring, Steen stops Nick and power bombs him into the ring apron and then goes up top for the Swanton but gets nothing but knees to the back and then a Shooting Star Press Double Stomp by PAC followed by a neck breaker.

The match then breaks down into a Dragon Gate Six Man with spots and more spots including Susumu hitting an exploder in the corner, a modified Flux Capacator off the top and a Super Fly Splash by Generico for a near fall. Nick springs back in with an X-Factor and then all three hit an assisted dropkick and a splash by PAC. Matt then hits a spear and then PAC goes up top and hits a Shooting Star Press for another near fall.

Generico comes in but is greeted with a DDT after PAC springs off the ropes but Steen breaks up the pin. Nick comes in and misses a splash in the corner and eats a Yakuza kick in the corner with his brother and then Steen hits a double Samoan Drop on both Young Bucks. Susumu comes in and hits a sick lariat and then Steen hits the pump handle neck breaker but that doesn’t get the job done. PAC and Matt come in and toss everyone to the floor and hit stereo dives. Nick recovers and hits Steen with a Yakuza of his own and then the Bucks hit the Jackson 5 and then PAC comes off the top with a Corkscrew Shooting Star for the win.

After the match, Steen gets on the mic and says that after three years of being with PWG he needed to slow down his schedule to accommodate his family but people didn’t care about him. He then notes that PAC got a HUGE chant before hand and yet he didn’t and that pissed him off. Steen then says that after all that PAC and the Young Bucks are the future of wrestling and PWG.

(8) Fatal Four Way for the PWG World Championship – Chris Hero beat Necro Butcher, Eddie Kingston, and Low Ki. Before the match even starts, Kingston tries to walk out with the belt but all three faces stop him and he gets hit by all three guys before he bails and tries to leave but Necro is hot on his tracks. Hero and Ki start to have their own match while Necro goes on the hunt for Kingston who is hiding behind someone and trying to avoid Necro. Kingston finally goes on the attack and hits Necro with a number of rights and heads to the ring. Necro grabs a beer from a fan and uses that as energy and returns to the ring.

Kingston goes on the attack and hits both Ki and Hero followed by a belly to belly on Hero. Kingston then turns his attention back to Ki until Hero and Necro come back and go after Eddie. Necro then starts to go at it with Ki as they exchange some hard kicks by Ki and Necro with some straight shots to the face. Hero and Kingston go at it inside the ring and exchange some hard chops and fore arms as neither man gains the advantage. Ki brings Necro back in and avoids another right and hits a rolling kick to the arm.

Ki then grounds Necro and locks in the Dragon Sleeper but Hero comes in and hits Kingston with a pair of roaring elbow giving him the win.

After the match, Hero gets on the mic and tells Kingston to get out of the ring but Kingston wants more and Hero BREAKS the mic over his head as a number of referee’s and Excalibur break up the fight and take Kingston to the back. Hero then says that some people may be mad with the finish but he comes out here each month and puts on his best effort and will continue to do so and says that PWG can send him anyone they want and he’ll prove why he’s the champ He then shakes both Necro and Ki’s hand, saying anytime they want a re-match, they got it.

FINAL THOUGHTS: Even with the sound system being broken for most of the night, it was still a good show. The Rocky-Koslov, Roderick-Tyler, and the Six Man Tag were all GREAT matches. Match of the Night would have to be the six-man tag with Roderick-Tyler being a very close second. Overall, a great show and Night Two should be just as entertaining.

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