PARKS’S TAKE: Bray Wyatt could be a valuable chip for Monday Night Raw going forward…as a new character

By Greg Parks, PWTorch columnist

Bray Wyatt (art credit Grant Gould © PWTorch)


With Roman Reigns out indefinitely as he battles leukemia, and with Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn still on the shelf due to injury, there is an opening or two at the top of the card on Monday Night Raw. We saw the deck get shuffled the past few weeks: Bobby Lashley and Dean Ambrose turend heel, while Elias went babyface. One wrestler we haven’t heard from in some time is Bray Wyatt.

Wyatt hasn’t wrestled since his tag team partner, Matt Hardy, pretty much hung up his boots about a month ago. There is no reported injury, so this may be a situation where Wyatt is on the sidelines until creative comes up with something for him. Hopefully, that creative includes a new gimmick, or at least a fresh coat of paint for The Eater of Worlds.

Wyatt’s babbling cult leader gimmick has run its course. There is only so long you can continue to present his incoherent ramblings before fans realize there’s nothing to them, and begin to tune him out. For many, that time has already come. Wyatt’s gimmick allows WWE to flex its creative muscle and go in a number of different directions, but as of late, it seems like they’ve exhausted most of the possibilities with him.

After not Tweeting for about a month, Wyatt in the last week or so has made a number of cryptic Tweets as if he is in some sort of asylum, relaying doctor’s notes about his (or someone’s) behavior:

Is this a bored Wyatt, or is this a directive from creative to start pushing a new angle for his return? The best bet would be to bring him back with the same name, but with a different or slightly altered gimmick. The Wyatt name has value, and Wyatt himself is a good promo and can handle his end in the ring. Those are worthwhile traits for the Monday Night Raw brand at this point. The Wyatt character cooled off a lot when he joined Matt Hardy for a brief tag-team run. Now would be the time to go a different direction with him upon his return.

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