10/26 AAW Pro “Dia De Los Luchadores: LA Park vs. MJF, Fenix vs. Guevara in “must see insane match,” Besties in the World vs. Mexiblood, Miguel & DJZ vs. Trevor Lee & Jeff Cobb


OCTOBER 26, 2018

If you attend a live event, please send results in the format of the following report to pwtorch@pwtorch.com. Thanks!

Attendance: 630

(1) Jake Something & Curt Stallion defeated PACO & Steve Manders in 4:24 after something’s black hole slam

(2) Zachary Wentz defeated Hijo De LA Park and Stephen Wolf in 6:42 after a springboard cutter

(3) WRSTLING (Trevor Lee & Jeff Cobb) defeated Trey Miguel & DJZ in 11:14 after interference from David Starr.   Starr’s interference allowed Trevor to throw Trey into Cobb’s tour of the islands.   Cobb goes for the pin but Trevor pushes him off and gets he pin for himself. After, Trevor celebrates but Cobb looks confused. Trevor goes a high five but Cobb walks away

(4) Josh Briggs destroyed Joe Asar in under 30 seconds. This was the AAW debut for Briggs. Briggs got on the mic and says he didn’t come to AAW just for a 30 second match – he wants another match. The popular Ace Romero answers the challenge.

(5) Josh Briggs defeats Ace Romero with a chokeslam at 8:59. Afterward Briggs claims he’s still not done, Jimmy Jacobs comes to he ring to say Briggs has potential and says he’s here to give him opportunity. Jimmy says he’s going to anoint him like he did Brody King and help him. Briggs says to fuck off and die. He pushes Jimmy out.  Jacobs takes out his spike when security, and some boys from the back  and PACO come out to break it up. PACO got spiked by Jimmy and Jimmy further bloodied him up with the spike.

(6) Mexablood (Flamita & Bandido) defeated The Besties In The World (Mat Fitchett & Davey Vega) in 11:56 in an incredible match where the crowd threw money in the ring.  Fitchett and Vega while losing proved they can hang with the best teams in the world.

(7) Kimber Lee &  Scarlett defeated Kylie Rae & Marti Belle at 12:37 when Scarlett tapped out Marti as Kylie and Kimber faught to the back. After the match a woman jumped into the ring and attacked Scarlett – her name is Quinn and she and Something and Stallion left the besties lying.

(8) Rey Fenix defeated Sammy Guevara at 11:06 with the MMD (Mexican Muscle Driver).  You need to see this match. Insane.

(9) LA PARK defeated MJF after a powerbomb into a table at 12:12.  Young MJF came out with a park mask and proceeded to wipe his rear end with it and throw it at Park. PARK gave MJF a beating but MJF showed PARK a thing or two.   PARK after the match got on the mic and thanked the fans and told MJF never to disrespect Lucha Libre or LA PARK.  Very fun match.

(10) Firefox (Hot fire Myron Reed & A.R. Fox) defeated WRSTLING (David Starr & Eddie Kingston) at 17:28 to become the new AAW Tag Team Champions.  After Kingston accidentally hit David Starr with the blackfist, Starr was pinned after a Fox 450 with Myron winning his first championship to close the show.

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